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How To Style Faux Leather Trousers | Part 2

First part I styled casually because it is the first thing that pops into my mind when I think anything (faux) leather. How it turned out, check out How To Style Faux Leather Trousers - Edgy Look post. I thought of how it would be if I created a look opposite of the first. So I went for pumps and a blouse. You could say I managed to turn the look a dash more elegantly or that I dressed down an elegant look. Either way, I like how it turned out and I think you can find many other options to create a chic look around (faux) leather, don't you think? 

1. Feminine top
As you can see, I went for a blush blouse but you can try on oversized jumper for a chic look or striped tee or even a plain one with a black blazer. 

5 Ways of Revamping A Grey Sweater

Hope you're well. This week I have went to shops to check out the new collections. Was I away for too long or do shops somehow appear smaller? I got used to checking everything online and when I showed up to the store to get the chosen items, I found out half of them weren't available (they were available online though). At least I know one main reason why everything moved to virtual shops- there is not enough physical space in stores to present everything new that comes each season. If only trying out clothes would be possible from sofa. Until next post, xx Maja"

1. Accessory
If you prefer to wear a casual ootd, you can prep it up with accessory and even bold makeup. Add a pair of pumps, chic handbag or make sure you wear a noticeable bling.

2. Skinny jeans
Anything goes well with skinny jeans, I say. In case where the jumper is baggy, skinny jeans are a good way to obtain your figure and make it a nice contrast against the oversized top.

How to Style Faux Leather Trousers | Edgy Look

With unstoppable rain drops on their way, two days were the only option to go out and take photos for new blog posts. I got the idea of styling faux leather pants- one look edgy and another chic. Today, I am sharing five tips on what you can include to the look for highlighted edginess. Keep reading, xx Maja"

1. Graphic tees
Even if they appeared firstly because of the trend, they are also a good way to express your style with a little help from printed words on tops. I think 'bonjour' was a great background display of my mood and sunshine that day. Can you tell? 😁 I do have in mind to write a separate post on graphic tees so keep your eyes open for extra styling information. 

Note: plain tees are a good way to style faux leather too because jewelry can be stocked on and be clearly visible while sending a stylish message.