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Drugstore haul

I have so many photos that were taken long time ago (more than a week) and now I've been trying to squeeze them in my posts. 
DM drugstore is Germany based store but has its shops in other countries as well (Germany, Slovenia, Slovakia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia, Bolgaria, Hungary etc). It is no.1 to shop for beauty products when needed some. For me at least. Müller is also a drugstore, based in Germany, and quite popular where I live as well. The difference is not big and I could easily say they actually share first place. When I cannot find something in DM I go look for it in Müller. DM might have slightly cheaper products and that's an advantage. 
This time I went for some necessities, like shower gel. Balea's one with almond blossoms and orchid smells so nicely and lovely scent stays on you for some time after you've taken a shower. That's what I like the most. It also comes in a large packaging- 750 ml that can last for ages. Not literally. Maybe two months. 
Next I wanted to try a hair mask also from Balea; with Mango and Aloe Vera extract. I've got only a sample and it's not enough to tell you if it's a good one, at least on long terms. I will be purchasing a whole product soon unless my eyes catch another appealing mask. 
I bought three tiny products, travel size to be precise because I'll be going in Sweden in a few days. One (the blue one) is a makeup remover which I'll desperately need :) The other one is just a toothpaste, nothing special. It goes the same for third product, hand sanitizer. 
However, I was out of eyelid primer (I've been using the one from Alverde) and I decided to buy Essence one 'I <3 stage'. For low cost cosmetic brand Essence did amazing again. The brush provides easy application and it's creamy enough for eyeshadows to stay on. It doesn't crease easily, that's a huge plus. 
You've already seen the new Bourjois eyeliner. I did a post on it- sort of a review. If you want to see it, click here
The last one doesn't need mentioning, it's Milka chocolate (the best chocolate in the world!) filled with Oreo cookies. 

EXTRA: In this post (clik here) I showed you purchased products from Essence limited edition 'Me & My Ice Cream'. Now I quickly wanted to show you how the stickers look like. I can add they are very easy to apply, they last long (I had them on for about five days) and are easy to remove- use nail polish remover and they come off in one piece, how cool is that :)

I hope it wasn't too tiresome reading this post. I sometimes write too much. I know some like to read a short explanation of the photos and not an entire essay. Still, I hope you've enjoyed the photos at least :) 


H&M haul

It's only tiny H&M haul but I still wanted to share it with you. So you can decide if you like any of the purchased pieces :)
(Owl necklace is the only thing not coming from H&M.)

Next up will be either another haul (from beauty section) or outfit post. Will see :)


Bourjois Liner Effacable

This Bourjois eyeliner is a novelty. It came in drugstores (Müller) three days ago. I decided to buy it because it supposed to provide precise, straight line and eraser in case you make an uneven line. So I wanted to try it out, to see how promising the product is. 
The brush is thin enough to make a straight line and the liquid inside is dense which makes it perfect to apply. Eyeliner dries quickly and that is also one of the benefits- you don't need to worry about smudging. It says on packaging it lasts 16 hours and I wanted to try that as well. I can easily says it lasts a very long time. I had it on for an entire day to see the results. No smudging, no creasing. That left me with one more feature to try- eraser. It says you need to wait for eyeliner to dry before erasing- that's true, otherwise you'll ruin the line. Anyways, it works just fine. The shape of an eraser makes correcting accurately. However, there is one downside- you need to press a bit harder. I corrected the end of the line and I wouldn't use that pressure on my eyelids. 
For a conclusion I'll quickly mention the price- for Bourjois cosmetics it's not pricey (9,15 € in our stores, on Bourjois French web site I've seen it for 13,95 €!). But for 2,5 ml it's maybe a bit on the pricey side. All in all, I like the product a lot and I'll be using it... a lot ;) 
I want to know if any of you used it already and what are your thoughts on it? 

I'll be gone for the weekend, but I will see you soon. 
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. 


Bled again

It's been exactly one year since last time I was in Bled. The place is enchanting as ever. It's one of my favourite places to visit. It's away from all the noise we are all so used to. Bled is very close to Alps ad its surroundings is what makes it special. You can relax here, enjoy the walk by the lake (which can occupy you for quite a long time) or have a picnic in the park (or anywhere by the lake). Its colour can charm you easily and so can its inhabitants (fishes, ducks and swans- they look funny walking on lake's shore like it's no one's business, hehe). 

Last photo collage: 
1) inside of the castle (courtyard)
2) still in the courtyard, stairs like an amphitheater
3) wine cellar
4), 5) in the museum
6) breathtaking view from the castle
7) in the city, boat rides
8) castle in the background
9) a short stop for a Bled symbol- delicious cream cake

I hope you've liked this post. Until next time,