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Hair masks

1) Profi Line Hair Culture(3,49 €)
= is meant for damaged and dry hair. It is supposed to repair and restore your damaged hair back to healthy. It should also provide easy combing, bigger volume and shine. You suppose to apply it to damp hair, leave it on for about 1 minute and then rinse it off. The package contains 250 ml of hair mask and it's practical- easy to use and it allows you to scoop every last drop of hair mask. I've been using Hair Culture hair mask for about a month now. I started to see the results after two, three uses. My hair is pretty dry, not really damaged. Hair mask works all right, it provides volume and my hair feels very soft after shower. However, it does not exactly restore my hair to its previous (healthy) state. I should say it is a very good product, meant for normal to dry hair, just not very dry. 2) Garnier Fructis Intense Repair Mask- Goodbye Damage (4,90 €)= a mask that should reverse almost one year of damage in one week. It says your hair should have ten times stronger lenghts and four times fewer split- ends. This hair mask also has the same application just the time differs. You apply the mask on your damp hair, leave it on for about 3 minutes and then rinse it off. I used it only two or three times. I noticed the same results- better volume, very soft and detangled hair. The second or third use might made my hair less dry. It's not exactly visible repair, not just yet anyway. Both masks are good products (especially for that price) and I cannot expect tremendous results from them, at least not without a good or matching complementary products (shampoo/conditioner/oil/etc.) or in such a short time. 

Let me know which products do you use for your hair :) I'll see you in a week or so since I'll be leaving for London soon. And I promise to post more outfit posts in the future :) xoxoMaja

Goodies from Sweden #BikBok

I found out about BikBok through Scandinavian bloggers just like some other shops (Gina Tricot, Acne, nelly.com). Even though I went through lots and lots of stores while I was in Sweden, my main goal was to go to BikBok for a specific item and that was a very lovely bag/clutch from MK Collection. First time I went to a store I said 'I still have plenty of time (days) for this to purchase, I'll return another day'. And when that day came, the store I went to (it was another BikBok, in another location) apparently didn't stock limited collections, only regular pieces. Just my luck. However, I did purchase a few other items (for a consolation price). I was really glad I came across those amazing pants, which are leggings in reality. The thing is, I don't exactly like wearing leggings (for a few reasons), but these ones are made from thick material and they don't seem like ordinary pair of leggings. And talk about prints, this baroque print is another reason I bought the piece. And because BikBok had sales at the time. I got these 50 % off; they were around 130 SEK (cca. 15 €). 
Another thing- jewellery. The red- detailed ones came together and were 99 SEK (cca. 11 €). The silver chain one (bracelet) and the matching necklace were 70 % off, and the original price was 99 SEK for bracelet and 149 SEK for necklace. 

I'm going to London next week! And I'm visiting for the first time (can you believe it, at my 22 age). I already made plans for the entire trip, however, if any of you knows a good spot that shouldn't be missed, let me know in the comments below :)
What is your favourite place to see when you're in London? 
Links to London photos since I do not take any credits for taken photos (all found through Google): 1st photo, 2nd photo, 3rd photo, 4th photo

Thanks for reading :) 
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Sweden photo diary

I went to visit some of my relatives in Sweden along with my parents and two others (uncle & aunt). We stayed there for full five days and we saw lots of things. On the first day our flight was pretty late so our trip officially started on the second day. We went to Stockholm which was around one hour away from the place in which we stayed, Eskilstuna. We had only little time and decided to go on foot to the city centre. It's very interesting because it's on an island and it's even better because you don't even acknowledge that. It's like a little treasure in the entire city you don't know about. If that makes sense. 
On our third day we walked through a town we stayed in- Eskilstuna. Everything is amazing, the way buildings, parks & streets are positioned. There is a lot of open space, buildings are not crowded and streets are wide enough for everybody to walk casually (without the feeling of claustrophobia). 
On the fourth day we decided to stay in. Not exactly. Some of us went to a one-day cruise, some of us decided to stay with our dear great-aunt and -uncle since we've seen only little of them in the first days. I was part of the second group. I spent the morning in their house and in the afternoon my cousin and I went to the nearby shopping centre. Which reminds me, I will show my purchases in the following post. 
The fifth day was spent in my cousin's and her mum's appartment in a town called Västerås. Can I just say how amazing that day was. We had a lovely and delicious lunch. I've never tried so many tasteful goodies. Also, the appartment is so clean and bright and there is a perfect amount of furniture and decorations. In short, it's like my dream appartment. 
On Monday (our sixth and final day actually) morning we said our goodbyes and drove to the airport. I'm glad I went otherwise I would definitely regret staying home.

Prepare for lots of photos! :)

Hope you liked this post.
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