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Please excuse my no-make-up face in the photos
Photos by (as always) Leja: her blog here

Jumper: Primark
Jeans: Primark
Jacket: G Star
Necklace: BikBok
Bag: old
Boots: Jello

As you all have probably read uncountless blog posts about bad, cold and gray weather lately, therefore I won't be bothering you about it ;) I'm just satisfied when it's not raining, gray or not gray. 

I wanted to try on new clothes from Primark, at least peach(y) jumper and printed jeans. Everything suits me fine since I hadn't had any time to try on the clothes in the shop- I consider that extremly lucky since most of the clothes (almost) never suit me. I'm just tiny and usually clothes look drapy on me. 

Do you have similar problems when trying the clothes on in the shop? 

Until next post, 


Beauty Feast

I 'nicked' Tesco and Boots Christmas Gift Guides for inspiration and ideas. Now I'm hooked ;) 

I'm late on showing you magazines freebies I got whilst in London. Considering this month's magazines are already out! But the point are products and I thought it would be great to share them with you. In first magazine (Company) I got two nailpolishes from Company brand itself. I'm always fond of new nail varnish. 

It's a shame I just found out about this brand of skincare products (but suddenly I keep coming across blog posts about REN Skincare). I'm glad I came across it though. It is one of the best facial care I ever tried. When I first used Cleansing Milk (photo above) my skin felt calm and purified. That day I haven't had any make-up on and yet only after use of Cleansing Milk I truly had clean and refreshed face.
As goes for Day cream, it made my skin soft for the next (two) day(s)- without reuse in those two days. The products leave quite a lovely scent afterwards. Firstly, it reminded me of pharmacy then of baby products. You would think: "All right, not exactly what I want to smell of." But the scent is gentle and it contains a  fraction of chamomile.
As goes for using Day Cream and Cleansing Milk I use a small proportion on my hands. I rub it gently between my hands and then apply (and massage) onto my face. The same goes for Eye Gel, except you apply small amount around the eye area. With Day Cream you wait untill absorbed. And with Cleansing Milk you rinse it off with (warm) water. My skin feels absolutely hydrated and soothed afterwards, just like described :)

Little extra: I picked up two Kate Moss Rimmel lipsticks. Shade 110 is orange (not shown well on photos) and shade 01 is a bit dark red. Both exceeded my expectations. They are matte and longlasting- by far two most important qualities I seek in lipstick :)

What do you pay attention to when buying lipstick?

See you soon! Until then,


Primark Purchase

I just wanted lo let you in on a few beauty details. I will be doing first impressions on all the beauty things I bought and that's why I don't want to reveal all just yet. Instead enjoy these photos of purchase from Primark and New Look. 
Jumpers, each £8

Coat, £25

Printed jeans, £13

Primark, £5

I got a few magazines and with that, freebies! I will show you everything in a good time :) 
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