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It's late and I'm trying to keep up with my posting schedule. I said I have to write another post today and I will. I am. I've been at the sea today and tomorrow I'll go again. And on Monday I'm leaving to Austria for the whole month! I'm so excited. And scared. And nervous. But looking forward to it. I shall write more when I'm there but for now I will leave you with these photos while I go and pack a few things (and some tomorrow. But I'm sure in the end it'll be this situation: 'Oh, I'll just pack tomorrow.' aka- last hour). 

Good night or good morning or good day- whatever time is in your country:) Talk to you soon. xx Maja

SLO: Je že pozno in poskušam biti usklajena z urnikom objavljanja. Rekla sem si, da bom danes napisala novo objavo in jo tudi bom. Jo že. Bila sem na obali danes in jutri grem spet. V ponedeljek pa se odpravljam v Avstrijo za cel mesec! Kako vznemirjenje. Sem pa tudi živčna. Malo me je tudi strah. Vendar pa komaj čakam. Več bom napisala, ko bom tam, za sedaj pa te pustim s temi slikami, medtem ko grem pakirat za ponedeljek (čeprav sem prepričana, da bom pustila vse za zadnji trenutek). 

Lahko noč oziroma dobro jutro ali dober dan- kadarkoli že to bereš:) Se slišimo kmalu. xx Maja

SRB: Več je kasno i pokušavam, da se držim rutine objavljivanja postova. Rekla sam si, da ću danas napisati novi post i to i hoću. Več pišem. Danas sam bila na moru i sutra opet idem. A u ponedeljak krečem za Austriju za celi mesec! Kakvo uzbudjenje. Ali sam i nervozna i uplašena ali jedva čekam. Napisat ću više kad budem tamo a za sad te ostavljam sa ovim slikama dok ja idem pakirati za ponedeljak (na kraju znam, da ću pakirati sve u zadnje vrijeme). 

Laku noć ili dobro jutro ili dobar dan- zavisi u koje vrijeme to čitaš:) Čujemo se uskoro. xx Maja


  1. Lovely everything sweetie ...
    but especially those shoes am dying to have .


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  2. This is so chic and cool look. Love how you match everything and they compliment each other! Thanks for your visit. Sure we can follow each other. I just followed via gfc and bloglovin. Hope you follow me back soon :) xx

    Kiss me Sunday // Bloglovin

  3. I know it's hard to write posts when we're too busy and too tired to do so. I was doing the same last night. My head was bobbing in front of my laptop and I was drifting between conscious and sleep. Ha! Anywhu, I hope you have loads of fun in Austria.

    Great photos. I love the all black outfit. Looks so sexy.

  4. thank you for lovely comment on my blog! of course we can follow each other :)

  5. odlična kombinacija! jako šik! sviđaju mi se ti suptilni uzorci i izrezbarenost....savršene hlače, top i torbica, divno ukombinirano!

  6. Hey Maya!!!
    The cut clutch looks amazing!!
    You've done a very intriguing black outfit, there are so many details that it can't look boring or old... how perfect!
    Austria!!! I went there.. it's a nic country ^_^
    Have a nice weekend

  7. You look stunning!

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  8. This clutch is pretty !

  9. Odlicno :)
    New outfit post is on my blog :) Check out :)

  10. I hope you have a great time in Austria.
    Btw your clutch is really cute!

    I'd love to follow each other, so I am your new reader :)

    Love, Ceyda

  11. Gorgeous look dear! Love the textures!

  12. I really love this! Love the all black and the mixed textures!

    xo, Kenya

  13. So gorgeous, love this look xx

  14. This combo is beautiful! I love your black lacey top and nude heels. It all works so well together.

  15. amazing look very nice blog im following you
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  16. You look absolutely stunning
    Gorgeous top and clutch

    Love Vikee

  17. Amazing outfit

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  18. super cool and beauty feeling,unique look!
    such awesome outfit,I love it
    pretty girl always do a good job in matching,love you
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  19. amazing!!! :) love the pants and heels together!!! :D so fab!

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  20. What a fabulous all black look, I'm a huge fan of your leather pants! What a cool summer outfit! Enjoy your trips and feel free to stop by anytime ;-) xoxo

  21. Absolutely love your outfit and accessories! Have fun in Austria! Can't wait to read more!

  22. odlična kombinacija ! Res super outfit :)


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