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bebe More 'Brighten-up'

[This post is written in English only due to its length]
Do you remember me showing you this moisturising creme? I bought it in Austria when I had a skin situation. It surprised me because I never expected to actually work for my skin. I have combination dry/sensitive skin as some of you might already know and every creme I tried stopped working after a week. It's like it wasn't up for work and decided to take a holiday. But this one is finished. I scraped every last bit of it. That's where the new one 'bebe More' comes up. I was in Müller the other day, looking for it. And yes, the shelf was empty. All the bebe products were there expect for the one I was searching for. I've seen an advert of this one, it is a new range and I tought: "Well one bebe worked for me before, maybe this one will be fine too." I immediately crossed out the ones for oily, normal and every type (hah, these never actually work for every skin type). 

About the product: Brighten-up is a moisturizing creme and it doesn't say for which skin type is actually for. 'Moisturizing' and described results made the decision for me. It was the closest I could find for using in the meantime until the previous bebe creme is back in stock. I wanted to really try it out and I left my skin untouched for a day, two. The red patches just stared to come out and I applied the product on my face. It soakes in quickly and at first you're wondering if this is going to work becasuse the product dissapears almost the same second. I haven't noticed when it started to work, I just know when I looked myself in the mirror, my skin was clean, no red patches, no flakes and it felt baby soft. I will use it all to see if my skin will reject it after some time and when I'm done with it, I might purchase it again. Or I'll stick with the old one. I'll see. 

Would I recommend it? Certainly. But we should have in mind that every skin acts differently. 
Price: 4,99 €
Where can you find it? Online: Amazon, Drugstore: Müller
*All opinions are my own and nothing was sent to me in this post. 

Hope your first day of school was nice (schools in Slovenia start on the 1st September). 

Have a lovely day, 
xx Maja


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