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Autumn Nail Polish | 2014

I'm a girl who likes to wear nail polish depending on the mood but when seasons change I like to include tones that express the current time. For autumn, I like to go for dark tones. 

Maroon: My favourite nail polish choice, no matter the season. It not a colour you see often. I love the way it makes my hands look and it comes with many undertones. Manhattan Cosmetics has an amazing two tones, 410T (here) and 65W (here). The one on the photo is long gone limited edition from Essence. 

Rusty purple: A little bit of sparkle doesn't hurt. It's a glam look but not attention-seeker and that's where the dark shade steps in.This one is 'Purplelized' from Catrice. 

Deep blue: Is for those times when I like to bring a bit of summer back but not in full amount. Great for that is dark blue from Essence, 'the boy next door'. 

Black&red: Are classic colours, just wanting to be worn all the time. While black can bring out a hint of rebel in you, the red wants glamour. IsaDora's 'True red' (here) and 'Black Laquer' (here) can do that. 

Rose&nude: We have to keep up with trends and that includes the soft pink and nude. Which I'm all for it, especially on a bright day. Deborah Lipmann shows it with 'Break 4 Love' (here) and 'Build Me Up Buttercup' (here).

Light purple: it's a nice substitute for a vivid summer nail polish. Wear it everyday for a fresh and subtle look. The one I got is from Manhattan. Other pick: Deborah Milano in 33 (here).

Which of the mentioned nail picks do you like the most? And what is your favourite nail varnish for this autumn?

xx Maja


  1. I prefer darker shades for autumn!

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  2. Perfect choice of colours for Autumn <3

  3. I love nude and pink and deep blue :)

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    Kisses :*

  4. I'll have to go with the maroon one. Great choices.

  5. Die Farben sind alle wunderschön und perfekt für den Herbst!

  6. Such an interesting post, I love it (:
    Have a nice Sunday x

  7. Wonderful colors!
    I like light purple! <3

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  8. yes, I use this colour too! in particular the nude and maroon :) they are perfect for fall and winter season!
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    I really appreciate your opinion :)


    xoxo Marta

  9. really like the maroon one
    Happy sunday

  10. Great review!! I love these colors!

  11. Čeprav ne maram preveč temnih barv, jeseni najraje uporabljam temno vijoličen lak ali pa kakšen temno rdeč lak. Vseeno imam raje poletje in živahne barve. :)

    Love,Sara Wallflower

  12. I love maroon and light purple this time of year! Love this helpful guide

  13. I love pink, red, and navy for this time of year! All the colors you included are beautiful!


  14. For fall, I like burgundy, dark green, navy blue, some glitters and kind of brownish, darkish colours :)

  15. Great post

    Love Vikee

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  17. Such nice colors, love the maroon one!


  18. All of these are stunning, love the blue shades :))) xx

  19. I like all the colors of these nails polish!!


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