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Once Upon a Day (Belgrade #2)

Skadarska street/Skadarlija (1st- 4th photo)
Day 2 and end of day 1- can't believe how many things we saw on the first day! On day 1 we extended our physical powers to the fullest, second day was so-so and the third morning was a disaster, haha. You should've seen us, we were like a group of sloths. We have seen all those attractions from the previous post including Josip Broz Tito Mausoleum, Museum of Yugoslav History and passed by Partizan Stadium on a big game night (never again, I hope). Some of our relatives came to pick us up for dinner at their place in the evening.

Day 2: We had a late start of the day, went for breakfast first then went back to a hotel room. We started with a walk (we did our entire sightseeing on a walk) to St. Sava Temple. Turning back, we headed for Tašmajdan park where St. Mark's Curch stands (and one of the most expensive hotels in Belgrade, Metropol Palace). After lunch we passed Skadarska street, that reminds me very much of Montmartre in Paris, and arrived in Kalemegdan park where you can visit the zoo and Kalemegdan Fortress. We opted for the second option. We managed to conquer our fears and climb on the wall of fortress where the view of rivers Sava and Danube joining together is most beautiful. We ended our day at our relatives again.

SLO/SRB: Drugi dan v Beogradu.
St. Sava Temple
Front entrance to the Tito Mausoleum
Tito's office (or part of it)
Couldn't function without coffee (and none of us is a coffee drinker)
Part of the Kalemegdan fortress
The view from the fortress
xx Maja


  1. What a wonderful photos!! :)
    Can we follow each other??

  2. I hope that you have a great time in my city! :)))

  3. I love the photos of the buildings! Everything looks so amazing!


  4. Kalemegdan <3 Mene so komaj stran od tam spravili, ker mi je tam res noro lepo :P

  5. Amazing photos! This place is such a wonderful!

  6. the paintings on the buildings make them look so pretty ^^
    where is this place? is it Yugoslavia?


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