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October was a month of chaos. I had everything piling up, couldn't keep up with anything and my routine was completely thrown off track and I had nothing organized. To top it off, I was starting to feel a bit down, uninspired and ready to give up. All of that was shown in my bad writing and disastrous posts but some of you might not admit it because you're too kind:) I was impressed (and I still am) how you kept up with me on these dreadful days. So thank you all for this support. I, on the other hand, was feeling even worse because I always had that thought in the back of my mind, saying how I am letting all of you down. Until yesterday. I took notes, notebooks, markers, post-it notes and whatnot to seek ideas and inspiration. After Saturdays test I am going with full steam on. I have some really lovely things prepared for you and I'm hoping you will love it. 

Now that words of apology and thanks are out, let's move on to the topic: positivity. In my days of darkness (a bit of drama doesn't hurt) I was searching for light. It was a long journey but I managed to collect a few pieces of brightness along the way. It starts with saying and setting your mind to these words: 'I can do it' or 'I need a change' or even 'I'm done sitting around and feeling sorry for myself. Let's do something!' Of course you can't just dive right into your goals; you need to set them first. Clear your mind, get rid of negativity. You can do that by simply going out. Go for a walk, somewhere in the nature, take a deep breath and see where your thoughts take you. I would suggest to take a mp3/ipod/phone with you and listen to some music but you don't want to get distracted. Leave music for when you're at home- that's when your thoughts can get sometimes out of control. That just brought us to a second important point- listen to music. Not just any music, bring some beat. We all have days when slow music perfectly expresses our depressive moments but now it's not one of them. We need pep in our step (and in our brains). Little Mix- Move, Taylor Swift- Shake It Off and MKTO- Classic (listening to it right now!), 5 Seconds of Summer and many others can be just the right thing. Oh, and don't forget to turn the music up ;) I think neighbours can survive one or two loud songs. 
When something bad happens, get it out. I don't mean on others, in form of anger. Talk to your friends, surround yourself with positive people and go for a coffee and a good gossip if that makes you feel better. A note: »Just make sure people of your topics aren't in the same café.« It can happen that no one is available when you need them, even on the phone. In that case, I suggest you to turn to a good old friend- a diary. Why not? It's also effective, however, it may not talk back to you but you will let your feelings and emotions out. The last thing you want is to keep it all inside you until you burst out. 

This one cannot be more emphasized: Take time for yourself. When you turn off the outside world and stop worrying about anything, that's the time when you can truly relax. Physically and mentally if it's possible. Make it possible! You got a gift for pampering from your friend and never used it? Now is the time. Words such as 'I'm busy right now' or 'I can do this tomorrow' aren't acceptable. Take a bath but first go in Lush (or any other store), ask the salesperson to assist you in finding a perfect bath bomb for relaxation- »inhale exhale« sounds interesting but you're choosing now:) Evenings in bed, cup of tea and a good movie aren't bad either. I watched The Women (1939) just recently and had a good laugh. And besides, women in the early 20th century really knew how to dress and behave and do everything with such glamour. 
Plan ahead. That came great when I felt disorganized and had no routine. I bought myself a planner, two notebooks in which I'm writing ideas or anything worth checking or considering, and monthly calendar. I'm writing down which posts come first (outfit, beauty etc.) so I don't forget and have time beforehand to write it if the post is not yet written. You can also create a new file on your desktop, label it »Inspiration« and put in photos or quotes you feel inspired by or makes you motivated. Note: Pinterest is addicting. 

I hope I haven't bored you all to death. These are my go-to steps when I'm feeling discouraged and 'out of tune'. Sometimes we all have bad days but we don't count those. We count days when we did something excellent, days that are worth looking back at and remember them. We should all have in mind; such days don't come by themselves, we make them. 

P.S.: Please share your thoughts on this topic. You can invite your friends to debate it as well. What do you do when feeling sad? Do you like these key points I included or are there some more I should know about? Let me know. 

Stay positive,
xx Maja


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