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My day today

Right now: holding a cup of tea and youtube video playing in the background. That's a perfect end of the day, especially on a week night. I thought of bringing you a tiny bit of my day in a photo diary. I started with a test in Uni, luckily it took place in the morning so I had the rest of the day off and managed to convince my sister to come to town with me. We first went to have lunch before setting off on a long walk (on a shopping lane). I needed a few supplies for quite a special DIY for which you'll unfortunately have to wait until the end of this month (you read correctly, I'm organized person now; planning so long ahead :D). We stayed some time in a craft store, you know how it is. Anywhere you turn you wish to add another item to your shopping basket. We stopped in dm drugstore as well, did some window shopping, went through market place (very busy!) and then headed home. We prepared and crafted for a DIY post- you can see a couple of things we used in one of the photos above. The day ended with a cup of tea and a good book read (Lisa Jewell, The truth about Melody Browne, Amazon). 

How was your day?
xx Maja


  1. Hi there!! Thanks for dropping by my Blog..
    I followed you on GFC G+ and bloglovin!! Lovely post! keep in touch girl!! xx

    Sherina - ChocoChipChic.

  2. Can't wait to see your DIY post, I love all of your stationary.

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  4. pizza is love))
    DIY is more love^^

  5. a cup of hot tea and youtube vedios , perfect day :)
    keep in touch

  6. great pictures!

  7. Beautiful pictures

    Love Vikee

  8. That pizza looks so delicious!


  9. Aw this sounds great! And my day has only just started so we'll see how that goes c:

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