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Winter Skincare Routine | Face

As temperatures are dropping, winter is coming nearer and that means heavy skincare protection against it. I divided Winter skincare routine into three parts: Face, Hair&Hands and Body. In this one I am going to show my winter routine which includes a lot of moisturizing. I'll go through steps in the afternoon when I get home because in the morning I only apply face creme and then makeup. So, after my day in Uni (which is the only life I have at the moment, how fun) I take off my makeup first with bebe makeup wipes and then Garnier micellar cleansing water on cotton pads. I never forget to use a lip balm and mine has a SPF in it which is great as winter can be insidious when it comes to the sun. We all have at least one acquaintance that came from a skiing trip all burned in the face. Therefore, don't forget to put on a sun creme if you plan on staying outdoor for longer period of time.
On my problem-free skin day I might apply bebe More face creme or B├╝bchen Milk (it protects against dehydration in mild version) as a finishing touch. If not, I go for Jardin Naturel body creme/vaseline which provides some heavy moisturizing that my face longs for. Once a week I use my recently purchased ES Basic Beauty face cleanser (read more about it here) with Balea wash gel. Face mask is also scheduled for once-a-week treatment. I'm using Afrodita Hydra Thermal moisturizing face mask at the moment and I find it very nourishing. 

This was my quick go-through skincare routine in winter. I want to put one extremely important thing out there and that's: keep yourself hydrated. In winter times we often forget to drink plenty of liquid and that loves to show on our skin. Always keep a bottle of water with you. Or if you like to take care of your health at the same time then- tea :) 

Let me know your skincare key ingredient in winter. 
Talk to you tomorrow,
xx Maja


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