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Winter Skincare Routine | Hair & Hands

This is part two of Winter Skincare Routine. The first one can be seen here.
Even though I cut my hair a few month ago and got rid of split ends I don't want to repeat the story. Before washing my hair I first let Red Cat hair mask on for about ten minutes before rinsing. For my hideously dry scalp I find nothing more helpful than Head&Shoulders shampoos. But they sometimes irritate my scalp and appear too harsh. If anyone knows a good dandruff shampoo, please let me know. As for the conditioner I'm using Garnier Ultra Doux Repairing conditioner for dry and damaged hair. I apply it only on my ends and never on the root of my hair otherwise I get oily hair (surprise here) and increased hair loss. Before brushing my hair I spray Bumble and bumble tonic lotion first.
I always leave my hair to air dry. Then, I use Syoss (or Afrodita Great Burdock oil) Beauty Elixir hair oil on my ends again and Alverde hair butter (or got2be hair lotion, depends on what's at the reach of my hand) to tame flyaways.

I get tempted to wash my hands under hot water especially on a cold day. If possible, avoid that! Your hands will severely crack, become tight and not to mention pre-age. Nothing is wrong with lukewarm water and you can always heat your hands under a blanket or with a cup of tea (as long as it's not boiling hot). Wind is also an enemy for your hands. Cold razor sharp wind dries your hands and create tiny wounds that sting if you don't wear gloves. I get panicky if I only see redness around my knuckles. Best prevent than heal, I say. Use hand creme every few hours and you can also get a set of hand creme and a pair of gloves for a night treatment. I suggest moisturizing creme or a vaseline and if you don't find that enough you can also try body lotion or body butter.

Stay tuned for the last Winter Skincare routine post before some outfit posts come back in the game :) 
xx Maja


  1. I use some of this products too! Love your blog! :)
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  2. Great pieces! Have a nice Sunday!

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  3. Lovely products!

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  5. Tudi jaz uporabljam Garnier Ultra Doux balzam, ampak za barvane lase, in mi je zelo všeč! In sovražim, ko imam čisto razpokane roke (še posebno zaradi treningov plezanja), zato jeseni/ pozimi porabim kar nekaj krem. :)

    Sara Wallflower

  6. Predivan post :)

  7. Thank you for the tips! I always get so dry in the winter. Much appreciated!

  8. I have the same brush. I adore it.
    Great post.

  9. The hair spray looks interesting, I also have oily hair so will try this product!
    Great review!

  10. Cool products!



  11. I love using hair butter from Alverde with Avocado too :)

  12. I have some of these products and love to use them. Great post! Keep in touch!


  13. Such great products - great post :)


  14. I like Garnier and argan oil :)
    very nice!

  15. I love Garnier Ultra Doux :) Has a very nice smell <3
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    Kisses from Poland :*

  16. Zanimivi izdelki, tudi jaz imam isto krtačo za lase in je super,
    tudi sama sem imela podoben problem z lasiščem in mi je ta
    Head&Shoulders bil preveč agresiven zato sem kupila nek naraven
    šampon v D&M, pa se ne morem spominiti imena, deloval je super,
    plastenka je bila pa bela z zeleno nalepko :)

  17. Nice ideas for winter!

  18. Nice blog :)
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  19. Great post!I I love Garnier Ultra Doux :)
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  20. Thank you for your very nice comment;) This hair conditioner Garnier is great;) I like it. I follow you;) Keep in touch.

  21. I like the Garnier product. nice tips ;)


  22. Thank you so much for your lovely comment! Your blog is amazing, I'm following you too :D
    This post is great, I've used some of those products and loved it!

  23. Super products doll, I have a lot that I use in the colder months as my skin gets very dry. I hope you have a great week :) xx


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