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Syoss Absolut Oil Beauty Elixir | Beauty Muffin

Contains: 100ml
Price: 9,79 € (cca. 10€ in other stores)

That's the only product I didn't get for 1+1 gratis. I needed a hair oil for my dry hair and I read plenty of good reviews on this Syoss absolut oil. It is said to be perfect for dry and damaged hair. It nourishes and refines them. If I had to put my hair dryness on a scale from 1 to 10, mine would be either 10 or above. The product does work fine and for someone who would have normal or normal to dry hair, one pump of hair oil would be enough. For me, I need one pump after another. I cannot believe how quickly my hair absorbs oil. Not just hair oil, also my hair lotion, my hair mask… I did try to apply two pumps at once to see how long it would last and if I could prevent reapplying hair oil. The difference was obvious and the product is fine satisfaction (from 1 to 5, I'd give it 3,8). However, don't expect the smell to be rich and beautiful. Would I recommend it? Yes. Would I repurchase it? I will keep searching for a perfect hair oil (maybe Moroccanoil?) but for this price I might not find a better product. 

I'd love to know what do you use for your hair routine, from shampoo to hair serum? 

*This post isn't being sponsored and all opinions are my own. 

Tomorrow I will upload one more post and then I will be gone for a week or longer (spring holidays!) and there is no internet where I am going (can you believe it ;)).


Essie | Beauty Muffin

Would you believe if I told you this was my first ever Essie purchase? It was a year (or two?) since essie came to Slovenia and I got excited. Then I saw the price: cca. 10€ and I sort of never got to buy one. I went by essie stand uncountable times and for some time I forgot about it. Until recently, when I saw a broshure with great offer (1+1 gratis). I immediately wrote essie down on my shopping list and here it is! Two nail polishes for 10€, how happy they made me.
I went for bright pink/coral in a shade 'cute as a button' (that name!) and 'dive bar' in darker shade so I can easily choose between them. I'm glad I can use only one coat of nail polish and go if I want. I only wish we had bigger selection. Um, we do have numerous shades of nudes and pinks and reds but I'm missing out the dark tones.  I think this green is the darkest one beside black one.

Does your local store stock up darker shades?

Stay tuned for one more review tomorrow and that will be the last one for some time (fashion posts are coming forward). 



Syoss Oleo Intense Permanent Intensive Oil Colour | Beauty Muffin

I went to dm drugstore the other day. They were having 1+1 gratis offer that I couldn't refuse (that’s figure of speech, I could refuse, of course). I had a few things in my mind that I needed to purchase and that weekend’s offer came in just the right time. I've picked up Syoss Oleo Intense Permanent Intensive Oil Colour (price: 6,44€ I believe) and I got two for a price of one, so I don't have to worry about that for some time. 

I was first worried because I haven't exactly gotten around trying out Syoss brand before although it has been on the market for a very long time and the reviews are very different. This product promises many things like colour intensity & lastingness, up to 90% more shine and 40% softer hair, no ammonia…

I doubted all this could be granted. However, I wanted to try it out. The coverage is amazing, I expected the colour to be exact as my natural colour but it was a shade or two darker. The intensity: certainly high. I had to spend much more water and time to wash the colour out as I expected. But if we turn to the best part now… After I air-dried my hair I had the softest, the shiniest and the silkiest hair ever. I was sure I was going to get dry and damaged hair, I was actually nervous about it because my life mission is to get my hair in perfect condition (and it doesn’t look so well at the moment).

Right now I like to have that one extra hair colour I got with this one :) I am curious to try out the Schwarzkopf Perfect Mousse next! Just the application seems super easy. And Syoss recently came up with Keratin hair care product line, ahh, temptation…

Your thoughts? Do you colour your hair? (I, unfortunately, need to.)

*This post isn’t being sponsored and all opinions are my own. Syoss is a german brand but you can find their products on Amazon or Ebay

However, I do have a short notice for those who are into these things: Dressale is having a Facebook Promotion at the moment. After you like their page (here) and register a Dressale account (here), just leave a message "Done+Dressale account" on their Facebook page and you will get 5$ coupon. You might also get picked out and get a free gift. 

Thanks for reading and I will talk to you soon.


Beauty Muffin | This Week

Here is what you can expect to read about this week; mostly reviews and first post is coming up tomorrow already :) 
I came up with an idea of posting more often and of posting new series on my blog, one called Beauty Muffin and the other one called Fashion Muffin. I have in mind to focus on these two topics the most. This way I will also try and post lot of outfit posts since I got lovely reponse in my last two outfit posts. I am thankful for your feedback and if someone would like to add anything else, my survey is still open here, which is quick and anonymous. 

SLO To je kar lahko pričakujete ta teden; večinoma ocene o izdelkih in prva objava bo tu že jutri :) 
Prišla sem na idejo, da bi objavljala članke pogosteje in jih tudi razdelila na dva dela, en se bo imenoval Beauty Muffin, drug pa Fashion Muffin. Nameravam se osredotočiti predvsem na ti dve temi. Tako bom tudi poskusila pogosteje objavljati outfite glede na to, da sem dobila veliko pozitivnih odgovorov iz zadnjih dveh outfit objav. Hvala vam za vaše informacije in če nekdo želi še kaj dodati, je anketa o blogu na voljo tukaj, kratka in anonimna. 

SRB Ovo je što možete očekivati ove sedmice; veči dio će biti o ocjenama produkata i prvi post će biti na blogu več sutra :) 
Došla sam na ideju, da bi češće objavila postove i takodje ih razdelila na dva dela; jedan će se zvati Beauty Muffin a drugi Fashion Muffin. Nameravam se fokusirati na ti dve temi. Ovako ću i pokušati češće da stavljam outfit postove, još posebno kad sam vidjela toliko pozitivnih odgovora. Zahvaljujem se na vašim informacijama i ako želi netko još šta dodati, anketa o blogu je još uvek otvorena ovde, kratka i anonimna. 

Hope you had a joyful weekend!


Prom Night

Prom night. Not my prom of course. I was attending my sister's prom. I am ashamed to say my prom nights are long gone. A little update on Slovenian proms for those who would like to read it. Final year in high school is celebrated (or ends) with a prom evening that are usually in March, April and May. Each school gets different date. Everyone gets a partner at the beginning of final year (that is fourth/senior year) and soon (in October or November) every school starts with dancing classes. Not jazz balet or anything similar. Proms are very formal and students are dancing classic dances like waltz, quadrille etc. An entire event is set up in a hall with 'stage' in the centre and there are tables around the stage where students sit with their families between the pauses or for a dinner that is also prepared. There are also included each class's representation, they either make a short movie which is played on that evening or they can make their own play. Each class makes a speech and gives a bouquet of flowers to their class teacher. The enitre evening ends with the final dance and a big cake.
I would like to know about your proms? Are they similar? Did you already attend your prom or are you still waiting for this to come? What is the most exciting thing you're expecting/your best memory?

SRB Maturantsko veče. Ne moje veče, naravno. Prisustvovala sam na sestrinoj maturantskoj večeri. Moram priznati, da su moji dani srednje škole davno prošli. Da malo napišem o slovenskoj maturantskoj večeri. Zadnja godina srednje škole je proslavljena sa matur.večer koje su u martu, aprilu i maju. Svaka škola ima drukčiji datum. Svaki student bira partnera na početku zadnje školske godine i uskoro (oktobra, novembra) sve škole počinju sa kursom plesa. Ne mislim jazz balet ili slično. Matur.večere su veoma formalne i učeniki plešu valtz, kadril itd. Celo veče traje u hali sa binom u sredini, a okolo su postavljeni stolovi gde studenti sjede sa familijama medju pauzama ili dok traje večera. Uključene su i prezentacije svakog razreda, to može biti ili kratka igra ili kratak video. Svaki razred takodje drže govor i daju buket cjeća razredniku. Veče se završi sa zadnjim plesom i velikom tortom.
Kakve su vaše maturantske večeri? Šta je najlepše što će ti ostati u sjećanju?

SLO Maturantski večer. Ne moj maturantski večer, seveda. Udeležila sem se sestrinega večera. Moram priznati, da so moji dnevi 'maturanca' daleč mimo. V angleški verziji zgoraj na kratko povem o tem kakšni so slovenski matur.večeri, vendar tu lahko raje omenim moje opazke in kakšen je bil večer. Celoten dogodek je nekaj posebnega. Všeč so mi bile prezentacije razredov, nekateri so bili zelo izvirni. Ravno tako prezentacija razrednikov na koncu. Zelo pohvalno in pozorno, da so združili skupne moči in naredili lasten video za vse razrede. Vem, da so do sedaj vse šole/razredi ob koncu svojih govorov razdelili darila svojim razrednikom, vendar je sestra rekla, da so profesorji izrecno rekli naj ne kupujejo ničesar, tako da je tokrat vsak razred imel s seboj 'le' šopek rož. Edino kar mi pri teh večerih ni toliko všeč je trajanje. Po večerji, po govorih, po prezentacijah… vmes so vedno neki plesi s starši, starši s starši, kar toliko zavleče celoten večer. Grem stavit, da bi vsak bil veliko bolj zadovoljen le s programom, saj so prišli gledat svoje sinove, hčerke, sestre, brate. Lahko bi vsaj dali proste plese na koncu programa, tako da lahko gredo tisti, ki so videli dovolj, domov in ostanejo tisti, ki želijo malo daljšo noč.

Kaj ti meniš o maturantskih večerih? Si ga že imela in kaj je bilo tisto, kar ti je najbolj ostalo v spominu? 

Here's my sister! :) (her blog here)

I was wearing: 
Blazer: Mia Fashion
Dress: H&M
Shoes: Bershka
Clutch: New Look
I wish you all a great day, 


Touch of Pink | Spring Lookbook

Photos by: Leja (here)

Here it is- the first outfit post after a long time. I got so into beauty and reviews this last month and I am not sure what posts to put forward first. Because I don't know what you guys like to read about and what you'd like to see more on this blog I created a short survey with 7 questions (already mentioned in previous post). You don't have to sign in to answer the questions and it is anonymous as well. I'd love it if you could take a minute or two to answer it here

I wanted to wear something on an elegant side but since my 'elegant' clothes are mostly in black I decided to add a bit of colour- pink. It wasn't difficult to match the right colour to this outfit since black and white are the easiest colours to match with others (is that a rhyme?;)). Then I thought, "Let's try on the shoes for the first time". If you remember it, these boots are Anne Christine ones, purchased whilst in Klagenfurt. I am definitely not used of wearing high heels, not for long whatsoever. One hour, two hours tops. As someone who is used to walking fast this 'high heels' exercise is very much needed if I want to learn how to walk at the same speed. How are you with high heels? Can or can't live without? 

[SLO] Za to objavo sem želela nositi nekaj kar je bolj na strani elegance, ampak moja 'elegantna' oblačila so vsa v črnem, pa sem se odločila dodati malo barve- roza. Ni bilo težko usklajevati s črno in belo, saj sta to dve barvi s katerima je najlažje delati. Zraven tega sem pomislila, "No, da obujem še nove čevlje". Če se spomniš, tile Ann Christine škorenjčki so bili kupljeni v Klagenfurtu. Nisem se naučila hoditi v visokih petah, vsaj ne za dolgo. Eno uro, dve največ. Kod nekdo, ki je navajen hitre hoje, je vaja 'hoditi v visokih petkah' zelo potrebna, če želim tudi z njimi hoditi z isto hitrostjo. Kako se pa ti počutiš v visokih petah? Si nekdo, ki ne more ali lahko živi brez petk? 

[SRB] Za ovaj post htela sam nositi nešta što je na strani elegancije, ali moja 'elegantna' odjela su u glavnom u crnoj boji, pa sam odlučila dodati malo žive boje- roza. Nije bilo teško kombinovati sa crnom i bjelom pošto su to dve najlakše boje koje se mogu kombinovati sa ostalim bojama. Onda sam si mislila, "Daj da več obučem ove cipele". Ako se sjećaš, ove Ann Christine čizmice su bile kupljene u Klagenfurtu. Nisam naučila hodati u toliko visokim potpeticama, bar za dugo ne. Jedan sat, dva najviše. Kao netko ko je naučen hodati brzo, je vježba 'hodati u visokim potpeticama' veoma potrebna ako želim, da naučim hodati u istoj brzini. Kako je tebi sa visokim štiklama? Možeš ili ne možeš živjeti bez njih? 

Blazer: H&M 
Blouse: Primark
Jeggings: BikBok
Bag: Mia Fashion
Boots: Ann Christine

See you next time :) 


Flawless Couture Eyeshadow Palette | BeautyBay

Before I get into this post I just wanted to quickly remind you of a quick survey that contains 7 questions. It's about my blog and it would mean the world to me if you could answer it, it only takes 1-2 minutes! 
I wanted to show this palette seperately since I might try it out first and let you know how I feel about it. I have purchased this one from beautybay.com when it was on sale. It is interesting that the regular price now is the same the sale price was then! If you'd like to see the palettes, click here for more info. 

The palette is called Flawless Couture Eyeshadow Palette. It has twelve eyeshadows and they all come in natural, brown shades. Some of them are matte and some are shimmery. I think shimmer eyeshadows are more appropriate for an evening or a night out (glam look) when matte eyeshadows are great if worn during the day. I have already tried out a few make-up looks and I already like it. The best part is they are quite pigmented; some of them are not as much as I'd want to but those are bright colours and they can't be more visible ;) They also blend in easily with the rest of the colours. They stay on long- you can easily go to school or work without any touch-ups. Do I recommend? Certainly. 
I would go for matte eyeshadow anytime since it's more visible and stays on longer. But what about you? Are you team matte or team shimmer?

[SLO] Na koncu te objave je link, ki vodi do kratke ankete s 7 vprašanji in veliko bi mi pomenilo, če bi jo lahko rešili, vzela vam bo največ 1-2 minuti! 
Ne tako dolgo nazaj sem kupila paleto senčil na spletni strani beautybay.com (za več info klikni tukaj). Imenuje se Flawless Couture Eyeshadow Palette in ima dvanajst senčil v naravnih, rjavih odtenkih. Nekatera so svetleča, nekatera matirana. Preizkusila sem nekaj makeup look-ov in že mi je všeč. Najboljše je, da so dosti pigmentirane; nekatere sicer niso toliko kot bi si želela, vendar gre za svetle barve in te že na splošno ne morejo biti bolj vidne ;) Ravno tako se zlahka zlijejo s preostalimi barvami. Na vekah ostanejo dolgo, brez skrbi greš lahko v šolo ali službo brez kakršnih koli popravkov (»touch-upov«). Priporočam? Seveda.
Katere tebi bolj odgovarjajo, matirane ali svetleče senčke?

[SRB] Na kraju ovog posta ima link koji vodi do kratke ankete sa 7 pitanja i bila bi presretna ako bi je ispunili; uzeće vam najviše 1-2 minuti! 
Pred kratkim sam kupila paletu senki za oči sa beautybay.com (za više info klikni ovde). Zove se Flawless Couture Eyeshadow Palette i ima dvanest senki koje su u prirodnim, braon bojama. Neke su sjajne senke a neke su bezsjajne. Isprobala sam nekoliko makeup look-ova i več mi se svidja. Dobro je što su senke dosta pigmentirane; neke nisu koliko bi željela, pogotovo svetle boje ali pošto su svetle, se i ne mogu toliko videti ;) Takodje se lako spoje sa ostalim bojama senki. Na kapkima ostanu dugo, komotno možeš ići u školu ili na posao, drže nevjerovatno dugo. Preporučujem? Definitivno.
Kakve senke tebi više odgovarjaju, sjajne ili bezsjajne?

You can barely see number 1. and 2. but I am very satisfied with the rest :)

Also, a new video on my channel: Spring Lookbook that you will be seeing in a post edition as well :) 

Thanks for stopping by :) Stay tuned for an intersting DIY.