Food Diary

Every day.
My favourite spice: cinnamon. Only in desserts or drinks, that is.
Sometimes best dinner is finger food (^^ tiny croissants filled with cheese, tomato, origano and salami- like mini pizzas).
Tomato soup.
You have to indulge in sweet goodies every now and then.
My sister made these cookies. Don't judge by the look- they taste magnificent!
I've incorporated more healthy food in my meals.
Keeping up with the promise I made to myself - healthy breakfast.
That's what I usually snack on inbetween classes.
I haven't posted this last month because I simply forget to keep my food diary (whaat) and I kind of remembered throughout November that I should probably be better this month. Hope you enjoy! 

SLO: Prejšnji mesec te objave ni bilo, preprosto zato, ker se nisem spomnila, da bi zgrabila fotoaparat vsakič, ko je bilo kaj okusnega. Tudi sedaj sem se sredi Novembra predramila in opomnila, da bi se lahko tokrat bolje potrudila. Uživajte v slikah!

SRB: Prošli mjesec ovog posta nije bilo, prosto zato što se nisam sjetila uzeti fotoaparat u ruke. I sad sam trebala, da prodje pola Novembra, da sam se opomenila malo više potruditi za ovaj mjesec. Uživajte u slikama!

Happy Friday!
xx Maja

Looking for Christmas outfit ideas

Blouse: here / Skirt: here / Cape: here / Shoes: here
Sweatsuit: here / Shoes: here
Trousers: here / Blouse: here / Shoes: here
I'm already looking for Christmas outfit ideas and checking online stores like Dressve. I hope I'm not the only one. It's not too early is it? I shall be doing my own version of Christmas outfits in December (be on the lookout for that) in form of a blogpost as well as yt video. But for now, we need clothes to prepare for that post.

I've split the ideas into three outfits. First one is something I would wear on Christmas Eve: Dressy red top, very elegant pencil skirt with fine details, black cape to stay warm when going to church and black pumps.
The next one is for Christmas morning: I'm all about being comfy when I get up, have breakfast with my family and then going to the Christmas tree. Not necessarily in this order :)
The last outfit idea is for Christmas day when you have your relatives over (or you go visit them): nothing too classy but still dressy enough to look pretty for this lovely day.

You can also go for knitwear (check ones on Dressale Fashion Knitwear) which is sort of a-must in winter time.

What would you choose to wear for these days of Christmas holidays?

xx Maja

Winter Skincare Routine | Body

Keeping up with the Skincare Series... You can see here part one and part two.
As for the rest of my body I tend to take a special care as well. I use Fruttini body lotion and Balea body oil (mixture between oil and lotion actually) the most. Soap&Glory body butter hasn't been used in ages and I have the small version of this product. Now that's winter I intent to use it all so I can try something else.

SLO: Med zimo čimbolj skrbim tudi za celotno telo in ne le za obraz ter lase. Največ uporabljam Fruttini losjon za telo in Balea olje za telo. Soap&Glory maslo za telo nisem uporabljala od-ne-vem-kdaj pa še v manjši verziji ga imam. Zdaj, ko je zima ga nameravam celega porabiti, da lahko kupim in probam še kakšen drug izdelek. 

SRB: U zimi što više brinem o njegi celog tela i ne samo o obrazu i kosi. Najviše upotrebljavam Fruttini losjon za telo i Balea ulje za telo. Soap&Glory body butter nije bio upotrebljen od-ne-znam-kad a još u manjoj kutiji ga imam. Nameravam ga potpuno potrošiti sad kad je zima, da mogu kupiti i isprobati neki drugi proizvod.

See you tomorrow with an outfit post,
xx Maja

Winter Skincare Routine | Hair & Hands

This is part two of Winter Skincare Routine. The first one can be seen here.
Even though I cut my hair a few month ago and got rid of split ends I don't want to repeat the story. Before washing my hair I first let Red Cat hair mask on for about ten minutes before rinsing. For my hideously dry scalp I find nothing more helpful than Head&Shoulders shampoos. But they sometimes irritate my scalp and appear too harsh. If anyone knows a good dandruff shampoo, please let me know. As for the conditioner I'm using Garnier Ultra Doux Repairing conditioner for dry and damaged hair. I apply it only on my ends and never on the root of my hair otherwise I get oily hair (surprise here) and increased hair loss. Before brushing my hair I spray Bumble and bumble tonic lotion first.
I always leave my hair to air dry. Then, I use Syoss (or Afrodita Great Burdock oil) Beauty Elixir hair oil on my ends again and Alverde hair butter (or got2be hair lotion, depends on what's at the reach of my hand) to tame flyaways.

I get tempted to wash my hands under hot water especially on a cold day. If possible, avoid that! Your hands will severely crack, become tight and not to mention pre-age. Nothing is wrong with lukewarm water and you can always heat your hands under a blanket or with a cup of tea (as long as it's not boiling hot). Wind is also an enemy for your hands. Cold razor sharp wind dries your hands and create tiny wounds that sting if you don't wear gloves. I get panicky if I only see redness around my knuckles. Best prevent than heal, I say. Use hand creme every few hours and you can also get a set of hand creme and a pair of gloves for a night treatment. I suggest moisturizing creme or a vaseline and if you don't find that enough you can also try body lotion or body butter.

Stay tuned for the last Winter Skincare routine post before some outfit posts come back in the game :) 
xx Maja

Winter Skincare Routine | Face

As temperatures are dropping, winter is coming nearer and that means heavy skincare protection against it. I divided Winter skincare routine into three parts: Face, Hair&Hands and Body. In this one I am going to show my winter routine which includes a lot of moisturizing. I'll go through steps in the afternoon when I get home because in the morning I only apply face creme and then makeup. So, after my day in Uni (which is the only life I have at the moment, how fun) I take off my makeup first with bebe makeup wipes and then Garnier micellar cleansing water on cotton pads. I never forget to use a lip balm and mine has a SPF in it which is great as winter can be insidious when it comes to the sun. We all have at least one acquaintance that came from a skiing trip all burned in the face. Therefore, don't forget to put on a sun creme if you plan on staying outdoor for longer period of time.
On my problem-free skin day I might apply bebe More face creme or Bübchen Milk (it protects against dehydration in mild version) as a finishing touch. If not, I go for Jardin Naturel body creme/vaseline which provides some heavy moisturizing that my face longs for. Once a week I use my recently purchased ES Basic Beauty face cleanser (read more about it here) with Balea wash gel. Face mask is also scheduled for once-a-week treatment. I'm using Afrodita Hydra Thermal moisturizing face mask at the moment and I find it very nourishing. 

This was my quick go-through skincare routine in winter. I want to put one extremely important thing out there and that's: keep yourself hydrated. In winter times we often forget to drink plenty of liquid and that loves to show on our skin. Always keep a bottle of water with you. Or if you like to take care of your health at the same time then- tea :) 

Let me know your skincare key ingredient in winter. 
Talk to you tomorrow,
xx Maja

Photo Frame Collage | DIY

I have seen these diys on Pinterest and curiosity got me. Everything I needed for this DIY I already had at hand. Photo frame, sheet of paper, magazine cutouts and some glue. You glue magazine cutouts on a blank sheet of paper, put the finished result in photo frame and voilà. Hang the masterpiece somewhere on the wall where guests can see it. Or have it in home office to feel inspired by it.
I might change the frame content before December for a more festive touch. What do you think?

Happy Wednesday (nearly Friday) ;-)
xx Maja

If I had unlimited budget... | Winter wishlist

Day Wear
Shoes: Gianvito Rossi (here)
Bag: Christian Louboutin (here)
Bangle: Frey Wille (here)
Scarf: Hermes (here)
Jumpsuit: DVF (here)
Photos are from: Net-A-Porter, Shopbop, Saks Fifth Avenue, Frey Wille, Hermes
Evening Wear 
(Outfit 1/on the left)
Dress: Theory (here)
Clutch: Judith Leiber (here)
Shoes: Gucci (here)

(Outfit 2/on the right)
Dress: Philosophy (here)
Earrings: Oscar de la Renta (here)
Clutch: Dolce & Gabbana (here)
Shoes: Manolo Blahnik (here)

The words from my last post made me wonder what would my picks be if I truly had an unlimited bugdet. I opened bunch of new tabs, entered Net-A-Porter, Shopbob, Kate Spade, Hermes, etc. and went searching and scrolling and resting my eyes on so many beautiful creations. I guess Coco Chanel's words 'The best things in life are free. The second best are very expensive.' are true. 

Is there any piece from the wishlist that caught your eye especially?

xx Maja

All black outfit

I let subconsciousness to dress me. No, no excuse. I prepare my outfits one day earlier these days. I save so much time in the morning. And yet somehow I don't manage to find time for makeup. Don't judge. The only makeup I'd like to see on my face is foundation right now (or concealer, I don't like too much makeup foundation). My outfits are always (or most of the times) too casual. If only I had unlimited bugdet [with that said my eyes become unfocused and my mind jumps to so many pretty things]... Anyway, I'm too attached to my Zara Office bag and I don't regret the day I bought it. Can you see two new pieces I got in my latest haul? I truly adore these trousers. 'Everything is in the details' is my motto. The outfit that pops into my head with these pants is actually a biker look- leather jacket, studded boots, basic white tee and a skull-printed scarf. I sometimes surprise myself. Honestly, where did that come from? Still, I wonder if I could pull it off ;)

Hope you're excited about the weekend as much as I am, 
xx Maja

Multifunctional face cleanser

I've been trying to look after my skin lately and new items can be found in my skincare routine every now and then. I recently purchased this electric (AA batteries) skin cleanser for unbelievable low price. I wanted to try it out on a friend's recommendation. I went to the store almost the same day I found out about it and bought one myself. It has four attachments, one being grater-like tool for scraping off dead skin cells on elbows or feet, the second is a round sponge to strenghten skin/face metabolism, the third being for massaging your face and last one is a face brush; the one I am using the most.
Results: It gets rid of dead skin cell- flakes, that is in my case, and consequently evens my skin tone, and not to mention it cleans off my pores. When I get home from Uni I take off my makeup first. I specifically use cleansing brush for... just that, cleansing and not removing my makeup- ah, the mess it would do to my brush!
Technique: I put it in use 1-2 per week and I love the way it makes my skin feel, refreshed and renewed. After cleansing, I use spongy attachment for about a minute to make my skin smoother. Last step: I switch to the massaging attachment. This one I use for maybe two minutes because I feel tingling sensation and almost don't feel my face anymore- not a bad thing, just odd. I'm sure to use the massaging adapter also under my eyes to reduce those huge under eye circles if possible.
Use: I've been using Balea cleansing gel on my face while using face brush and afterwards I always apply moistuirizing cream due to my skin type.
Conclusion: Apart from feeling my skin gentle and soft and refreshed I've seen approvement in my skin, particulary when it comes to dry flakes which was the main reason I bought the cleanser.
Similar product: ebay (here)

Do you use any type of cleansing brush, electric or not? And which cleansing product suits you best; gel, foam, tonic or milk?

Until Friday,
xx Maja

My day today

Right now: holding a cup of tea and youtube video playing in the background. That's a perfect end of the day, especially on a week night. I thought of bringing you a tiny bit of my day in a photo diary. I started with a test in Uni, luckily it took place in the morning so I had the rest of the day off and managed to convince my sister to come to town with me. We first went to have lunch before setting off on a long walk (on a shopping lane). I needed a few supplies for quite a special DIY for which you'll unfortunately have to wait until the end of this month (you read correctly, I'm organized person now; planning so long ahead :D). We stayed some time in a craft store, you know how it is. Anywhere you turn you wish to add another item to your shopping basket. We stopped in dm drugstore as well, did some window shopping, went through market place (very busy!) and then headed home. We prepared and crafted for a DIY post- you can see a couple of things we used in one of the photos above. The day ended with a cup of tea and a good book read (Lisa Jewell, The truth about Melody Browne, Amazon). 

How was your day?
xx Maja

Keep It Positive

All photos: via google and pinterest
October was a month of chaos. I had everything piling up, couldn't keep up with anything and my routine was completely thrown off track and I had nothing organized. To top it off, I was starting to feel a bit down, uninspired and ready to give up. All of that was shown in my bad writing and disastrous posts but some of you might not admit it because you're too kind:) I was impressed (and I still am) how you kept up with me on these dreadful days. So thank you all for this support. I, on the other hand, was feeling even worse because I always had that thought in the back of my mind, saying how I am letting all of you down. Until yesterday. I took notes, notebooks, markers, post-it notes and whatnot to seek ideas and inspiration. After Saturdays test I am going with full steam on. I have some really lovely things prepared for you and I'm hoping you will love it. 

Now that words of apology and thanks are out, let's move on to the topic: positivity. In my days of darkness (a bit of drama doesn't hurt) I was searching for light. It was a long journey but I managed to collect a few pieces of brightness along the way. It starts with saying and setting your mind to these words: 'I can do it' or 'I need a change' or even 'I'm done sitting around and feeling sorry for myself. Let's do something!' Of course you can't just dive right into your goals; you need to set them first. Clear your mind, get rid of negativity. You can do that by simply going out. Go for a walk, somewhere in the nature, take a deep breath and see where your thoughts take you. I would suggest to take a mp3/ipod/phone with you and listen to some music but you don't want to get distracted. Leave music for when you're at home- that's when your thoughts can get sometimes out of control. That just brought us to a second important point- listen to music. Not just any music, bring some beat. We all have days when slow music perfectly expresses our depressive moments but now it's not one of them. We need pep in our step (and in our brains). Little Mix- Move, Taylor Swift- Shake It Off and MKTO- Classic (listening to it right now!), 5 Seconds of Summer and many others can be just the right thing. Oh, and don't forget to turn the music up ;) I think neighbours can survive one or two loud songs. 
When something bad happens, get it out. I don't mean on others, in form of anger. Talk to your friends, surround yourself with positive people and go for a coffee and a good gossip if that makes you feel better. A note: »Just make sure people of your topics aren't in the same café.« It can happen that no one is available when you need them, even on the phone. In that case, I suggest you to turn to a good old friend- a diary. Why not? It's also effective, however, it may not talk back to you but you will let your feelings and emotions out. The last thing you want is to keep it all inside you until you burst out. 

This one cannot be more emphasized: Take time for yourself. When you turn off the outside world and stop worrying about anything, that's the time when you can truly relax. Physically and mentally if it's possible. Make it possible! You got a gift for pampering from your friend and never used it? Now is the time. Words such as 'I'm busy right now' or 'I can do this tomorrow' aren't acceptable. Take a bath but first go in Lush (or any other store), ask the salesperson to assist you in finding a perfect bath bomb for relaxation- »inhale exhale« sounds interesting but you're choosing now:) Evenings in bed, cup of tea and a good movie aren't bad either. I watched The Women (1939) just recently and had a good laugh. And besides, women in the early 20th century really knew how to dress and behave and do everything with such glamour. 
Plan ahead. That came great when I felt disorganized and had no routine. I bought myself a planner, two notebooks in which I'm writing ideas or anything worth checking or considering, and monthly calendar. I'm writing down which posts come first (outfit, beauty etc.) so I don't forget and have time beforehand to write it if the post is not yet written. You can also create a new file on your desktop, label it »Inspiration« and put in photos or quotes you feel inspired by or makes you motivated. Note: Pinterest is addicting. 

I hope I haven't bored you all to death. These are my go-to steps when I'm feeling discouraged and 'out of tune'. Sometimes we all have bad days but we don't count those. We count days when we did something excellent, days that are worth looking back at and remember them. We should all have in mind; such days don't come by themselves, we make them. 

P.S.: Please share your thoughts on this topic. You can invite your friends to debate it as well. What do you do when feeling sad? Do you like these key points I included or are there some more I should know about? Let me know. 

Stay positive,
xx Maja

New In: Winter Haul | 2014

As I cleaned out my wardrobe I needed some new clothing to fill in the space. And since it's winter I opted for chunky knitwear. I got most of these jeans and jumpers from C&A, surprising how sometimes only one store can satisfy customers needs? I got green jumper to add a bit of colour to the outfits since autumn/winter fashion season is usually colourless and dull. My favourite combo from this haul is the jumper in the middle (from the photo) and black pants (66% cotton, nice) with interesting material effect- it doesn't feel like cotton at all. You can find them here and see for yourself. I'm definitely sure this outfit will be worn and loved very often. I also got two pieces that were left out unintentionally; another thin gray jumper from H&M similar to the green one in this post and thick infinity/tube scarf, again from C&A with most exceptional material (knitted wool on the outside and faux fur on the inside, unless it's fleese, even I'm not sure at the moment).

Let me know your favourite fashion piece at the moment (from which store, colour etc. as I love finding out new fashion items) ;)

Hope you're enjoying the start of November,
xx Maja