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2014's Wrap

1 // 2 (from Klagenfurt, the weather was beautiful for that time of the season. 
P.S.: The second post is posted on 1st March but otherwise from February)
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Post from here
 ^^ This post was shot for autumn lookbook but the weather failed and it felt like 30°C. In September!
 ^^ When we were in Venice (here), mmm, I'd love to be there again and eating their delicious ice-cream!
^^ When we were in Belgrade in October (here).
One of my favourite outfit posts. I was happy how camera cooperated and made such wonderful photos. Of course, Leja did an amazing job as well :)
^^ This post from two weeks ago.

I can't end this year without looking back to see what are the things I've done. What is the thing you're most proud you've done this year?

SLO: Ne morem končati to leto ne da bi pogledala nazaj in videla kaj sem vse dosegla. Kaj je tista stvar, na katero si ti najbolj ponosna, da si jo izpolnila letos?

SRB: Ne mogu završiti ovu godinu bez da bi pogledala nazad i videla šta sam sve uradila. Šta je ona stvar, na koju si ti najviše ponosna, da si je uspela uraditi?

One last word coming up... 
xx Maja

This week's

 ^^ hot cocoa for a blissful evening
 ^^ chocolates with special notes
 ^^ setting up gifts
 ^^ choosing this week's nail colour
 ^^ sneak-peak of New Year's Eve lookbook
^^ you know it: baking cookies! :)
Apart from going to the Uni on Monday last time this year, here are snaps of what I was up to this week so far. Wish I could squeeze in some time to go and see The Hobbit but fingers crossed I'll have spare time soon. 

I had in mind to come to blog tomorrow to wish you all a holly jolly Christmas but just in case: Merry Christmas! :) 

xx Maja

Christmas outfit #1

Here's a snap of what I might wear for Christmas. For shoes, I'd go for dark brown boots. I'd add little accessory to bring the simplicity to the next level.

What are your outfit ideas for Christmas? Or do you decide on what to wear last minute?

xx Maja

New In: Makeup

As I recently emptied all my necessary everyday beauty items, I had to make a visit to a drugstore, usually dm that's so popular here. Besides the essentials I desperately need, I purchased a few other bits and I'd better focus on these today. I should tell you that I like concealers much more than foundations. Reason: lighter coverage. I'm used to stick concealers and s-he has the most similar shade to my skin tone. In the future I will try to redirect myself to creamy concealers so that my skin can be more grateful.
Even though I like Manhattan mascaras, I switched to Catrice this time. Simply because I felt like change. Manhattan mascara I usually use gives very natural look I'm so crazy about. Catrice Lash Extension volume mascara gives my thick and long lashes (which I'm very thankful for) even more length- that's instantly visible. It draws the attention to your eyes and quite frankly, I'm not used to that (getting attention, that is).
Lastly, Bourjois healthy balance pressed powder is used only where concealer is applied. The shade of this powder is 52 Vanilla and is very light. Besides mirrored compact, the promising words are what drew me in, truthfully. All the products are new but so far they've kept the word and brought satisfaction. 

p.s.: What do you think of my new header?

Have a nice day everyone,
xx Maja

Christmas lights | 2014

That's what our Friday evening looked like. I shall leave the photos to bring out the magical and Christmas spirit. 

SLO: Tako je izgledal petkov večer: kar slikam bom pustila, da prinesejo čarobno vzdušje in božični duh.
SRB: Petkovo veće: pustiti ću slikama, da pokažu magičnu atmosferu i božićni duh.

xx Maja


^^ Photos: Leja (here)
Yesterday was remarkably cold where frost was present the entire day. Today felt quite the opposite, like it was autumn again. Walking without a coat wouldn't be odd at all while yesterday I felt frozen after I took these photos.

We went to see the lights and Christmas market in town and headed to a shop or two. Busy as the day was, we came home late in the evening and I was too tired to upload a new post. Today was the same. I slept in today (and it felt so goooood :)) then went to town again and when I came home I spent filming the rest of the evening and now I'm focusing on these words. I should end this post with thanking you for the lovely words in previous post. You seemed to really like all those diy gifts and I couldn't be more happier :) If you want to see part 2, click here.

Hope your Sunday passes in joy, 
xx Maja

DIY Christmas gifts | 2014

It's been great reading your feedback on Christmas song list. I'm happy to hear you all love oldies the best- they are after all essential part of Christmas:)

As promised; another DIY. Coming closer to Christmas is when I feel very inspired to do everything by hand, if it's presents or pastry.

First one is Cookie Box. You can be more original and go for home-made cookies but for this DIY I went with ones from the store. If you're wondering- these are oat cookies with milk chocolate on one side and are too delicious!
Second one is Candy Sleigh. How cute is that? This one is made for children. When I saw it on Pinterest I knew I had to try it out. You only need candy- I've chosen candy cane and mini version of chocolate bar for a base. Then I just piled other candy on top. I used scotch tape to glue everything together. 
Third one is my favourite- Surprise Jar. I used crystals (red heart shaped, blue and clear ones), super glue, tea lights, candy and other gifts. I first applied all the crystals in random pattern I chose. This part took the longest because heart crystals were heavy and they kept falling off (or the glue was out of date). But after that it gets easy. I filled the jar with gifts and most importantly I made sure not to forget tea lights because when all gifts are used or eaten, you can reuse the jar as a decoration! When tea lights are lit, candlelight gives beautiful pattern on whatever base it's standing on.

What do you think? Which one is your favourite gift? Will you be making hand-made gifts this year?

xx Maja

Christmas song list | 2014

I'm humming 'Jingle Bell Rock' song every day now. It pops into my head whenever it feels like and I can't get it out. That's what Christmas songs do to me. But, to avoid having only one song in my mind, I created a song list which I let it play whenever I can. 

Wham!- Last Christmas
Bobby Helms- Jingle Bell Rock
Dean Martin- Let It Snow
Andy Williams- It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year
Brenda Lee- Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree
Bing Crosby- It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

Melanie Thornton- Wonderful Dream
Train- Shake Up Christmas
Michael Bublé- Holly Jolly Christmas
Glee- All I Want For Christmas Is You
Pentatonix- Sleigh Ride

What's on your playlist now?

xx Maja

Eyebrow routine

^^ I use light cream/champagne eyeshadow colour to define the eyebrows.
I just quickly wanted to say thank you for your comments in previous post. There's nothing better than to get positive feedback from you. Which gives me free path to post maybe another DIY project, it seems :)

So, my eyebrow routine. Eyebrows are probably one of the few things that I like about my face. If I had only one minute to do my makeup it would be my eyebrows. It's my favourite part when it comes to the makeup routine.

I don't do much about it. Pluck where needs to be plucked, cut with scissors if needs to be cut and then I take my essence eyebrow duo (the darker colour of the two) and outline the eyebrows. I only fill in at the 'arch' and the thin part that leads away from the eye. If I have very little time I might reach for an eyebrow pencil or mascara but so far I've been loving the brow powder. I set everything with a clear gel (but not when I have a brow mascara on) and I'm good to go! Or move on to the other makeup...

Are you just obssesed with eyebrows as I am?

xx Maja