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Finger food | Recipe

^^ caprese tarts (inspired by this recipe)
^^ Sandwich bites (inspired by this recipe
Having guests over and you don't feel like cooking or baking? Well, order something from a restaurant ;-P If you have guests coming over at less than half an hour, finger food will save you. There are bunch of recipes you can choose from and I will write two that I made recently and loved it. 

First one - Caprese tarts
What you'll need: tomatoes, puff pastry, mozarella, basil (I used parsley)
Cut the dough into squares, cut tomatoes and mozarella into such sizes to comply with mini doughs. Sprinkle with basil. Bake only few minutes - cca.10 minutes (I had the oven on 200°C) or until dough is golden brown. 

Second one - Sandwich bites
What you'll need: toast bread, ham, tomatoes, salad. Or ingredients of your choice. Don't forget toothpicks.
First cut ham to chosen size, then bake it (for yummier snack). Cut toast bread into tiny squares and everything else too. While you keep bread at the bottom and on top, place the rest of the ingredients inbetween. Stick it with toothpick to hold everything in place.

There's really no rules with these simple recipes. Just add what you like and create something of yours. If you do, let me know whether you like it or share some of your best finger food recipes. 

Have a great start of this week!
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  1. Yum, I love finger foods :)) Happy monday dolls xx

  2. the sandwich bites are a great as starters or evening snacks
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  3. mm yummy!
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  4. They looks so cute and yummy, will definitely be giving these a try! x

  5. yummy :) i need to try these caprese tarts ;)

  6. This little sandwiches look sooooooo yummy..great dear :)

  7. Yum yum!

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  8. I need to try these, they look amazing! :)

  9. Preprosto & zgleda okusno, tako da super ideja za objavo ;)

  10. Great post

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  11. Looks SO good!!

  12. yumm!! they look so scrumptious. Great finger foods.

  13. Great recipe! I love finger food!

  14. These look amazing! Perfect for the Superbowl ;)

  15. That looks so yummyy. I'm gonna try making those. Thanks for sharing the recipe. -

  16. this looks yummy! i will try this at home..
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