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Study Tips | Exam period

The stress begins right after new year starts. The presentations, more classes, exams... everything is crammed and takes all of your time. Sounds familiar? That's how I know University works. No fun, it's all about work. Since exams are just around the corner, I decided to write down a few tips on how to survive it. 

I always schedule my time. I set exams into two parts- I arrange them by difficulty and start with the most challenging one. This year I will be taking first exam at the end of this month, then I will have one week time to study for another one and two weeks more before my last two exams. Studying starts in the first week of January. Unfortunately, I still have two more presentations to put through so I shall be focusing on those as well.

If you take your studies serious than you know how important time and place is. If you get distracted too easily I suggest you take your books and go to the library. Silence there is obligated and you're forced to follow the rules and stay focused. No computer, no phones, snacks etc. to keep you distracted. If you're studying at home, pick a room that is empty, let your family (or friends) know that you're not to be disturbed (until dinner's ready;)).

Preparation is connected to the previous tip: the same moment you decide to sit down and open you book, you remember you haven't fed the cat. Wrote a long sms to your bff either. You're kinda thirsty too. Ok, you're all set now. Do all of that before you sit down. Take calculator, highlighters, markers, blank paper and extra pens out of your bag and put your phone on silent. Then decide that nothing shall will have your attention until you're done for the day.

Set a goal. Again, this one, too, is continuation of the previous tip. You can set study time for each day beforehand or you can plan long-term and write it down for the entire month. This can be more complicated since anything can come inbetween and you don't want to stress about how much time you lost. Take each day seperately and think what else you have to do that day. If you're free the whole day, don't set your goal to 12 hours of studying- you'll crack. I wouldn't recommend more than 8 hours per day.

Now you closed all of your books and you understand every chapter, it is time for a revision. As much as you hate it, it's necessary. The information stored in your head will imprint and you won't forget things easily.

Note: Don't forget to take frequent breaks so your brain can recharge for a new study session. 
If you have difficulty with memorizing a certain part, try to move around- if you're explaining things aloud and imagine to be in front of an audience you'll storage the information better and quicker.

Do you have a special method you're using for studying?
Good luck to all students with their exams! 

xx Maja


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  8. These are great tips that I'll definitely be practicing in the new year. Ugh! I've gotten so rusty over the holidays and I'm so not ready...

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