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bebe Young Care: back in stock

Maybe you remember me talking about it six months ago and how complimenting I was? I bought it on my cousin's recommendation whilst in Austria and when I got back home (some drugstores in Austria and Slovenia are the same), I found empty shelves of bebe Young Care. I urgently needed a face creme to keep me moisturizing otherwise I could get serious skin issue- it would start off with redness, then flakes and it would slowly progress to scabs- if I were to try and peel it off it would sting horribly (it happened to me once and I do not wish for it to repeat).

For the time being I had to satisfy myself with bebe More brightening face creme. My skin reacts great to both cremes but I find Young Care a few steps ahead and onto the next level. I am not going to go to much into details, the review can be found in the link I provided (for both cremes). I can only add that this creme is bound to be used on a everyday basis, perhaps even more than once a day.

I tried three bebe products so far and I liked the results so why not try another one? I needed a new cleanser and I went for Wash gel & Face-water from the same range. I was in doubt if this might work better than my previous wash gel because this one was also for normal to combination skin and while I always got my makeup off and my face clean with my previous cleanser, my skin also felt tight. But it exceeded my expectations. My skin has never felt more grateful for switching the cleanser. Not only is tightness gone but my skin feels smooth without feeling dry. I still apply moisturizing creme afterwards, no denial here, but my face is not cracking anymore and I do not have to apply face creme as my mask anymore ;) 
Please share your skin problems and solutions. I find that very few people have dry skin, I usually hear how oily skin is such a problem etc. but never about dryness. And speaking of dry skin, I also do not think there are much products, especially makeup, on the market. 

Have a happy day, sunshines!
xx Maja


  1. nice product <3
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  2. Never tried this product out But it looks really nice, great review hun X

  3. Never tried these before, but they look wonderful :) xx

  4. puno je gore imati suhu nego masnu kožu, meni je skoro cijeli život bila masna, a sad se mučim sa mješovitim tipom i često mi je koža lica jako suha (pogotovo zimi). Stalno nešto mijenjam, ali konstanta mi je ulje od kokosa (ono jestivo što ima za kupiti u trgovinama zdrave hrane) i maslinovo. To dvoje u kombinaciji dobro pomaže, ali mažem se baš nekoliko puta dnevno. Drugo rješenje nisam našla.

    ove proizvode nisam probala, obično kupujem kreme za bebe za kožu laktova.

  5. Love to try this product! Nice post <3

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  8. Die Creme mag ich auch sehr gerne, habe sie aber jetzt schon länger nicht mehr verwendet. Eine tolle Review!

    Liebe Grße

  9. Wow ! I wonder if I can find it in Belgium !
    I'd like to try it !


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  11. I have really bad combination skin, so it's oily in the T-zone but dry everywhere else :/ I have to buy a moisturiser for dry skin and apply it all over my face, and use mattifying primer on my T-zone. So much effort!!
    Maya x | Vogue By Maya

  12. This looks great. I really need to start taking care of my skin, I will have to look out for this in my local drugstore.

    rebeccamariee.blogspot.com xx

  13. Great post

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  14. Must work wonders!

  15. Great post - I really love your new blog design!

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  16. Lovely products!

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  17. I've been looking for a face moisturizer for sometime now. I have oily but dry skin. I'm in my twenties so when my face is dry, my wrinkles come out. And because it's oily, I get pimples a lot too. To be honest I haven't really found the right moisturizer for me yet. I was thinking of dropping by Etude House this weekend. I'm such a fan of Korean beauty products.


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