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Everyone has own organizing routine and priorities but if you're one of those who could use a tip or two, then keep on reading. 

Organizers and planners have always been my helpful companions. When I write things down, I know I will do them and how much time I'll lose for a certain thing. Your productivity will boost and you can be surprised at how much you can do in one day. Don't go overboard though- there's a big difference between being productive and being overburdened. Today you can find lot of free online versions of planners and timetables (such as here or here) or you can make your own. 

Decide what is important and what is urgent. You can use The Eisenhower Method for this or you can focus on other methods. One has already been mentioned in #1, that's writting down a list of tasks. Why not writing down a list of what you shouldn't be doing unless in free time (for example, status update on Facebook)? You need to know there are a lot of 'time stealers' and 'time savers'. Learn how to identify them. If you can make a telephone call instead of writting an email, then do it.
Other method is GTD (Getting Things Done): set tasks by urgency and start with those which are important but don't take much of your time. In the end you'll have all the time to focus on things that are time-consuming.

Plan things/make posts in advance. Sit down for a moment, take your planner out and write down ideas and dates of posting. Then take that extra hour from watching a new tv-show and take photos for this week's posts. I know some people feel very doubtful about this and worry how posts will turn out uninspired and how this will show in text etc. But if you write a post in a moment when you feel inspired then posting it a day or two (or week or two) later will not look like spiritless. Besides, see how weightless you will feel, having posts already written. 

Keep up with things and have everything scheduled. When you have your posting schedule figured out (let it be 6 or 1 post per week), don't change it every other week. It's good when a reader (me included) can anticipate a new post.

Reply to emails. When brands approach me, I first try to sort out those who are in the same 'industry' and those who are not. It's understandable if I own a fashion blog, I won't be writting a review on a screwdriver. Just an example. Still, I would be politely replying to emails wether it's a declination or acceptance.

What do you think of these tips? Should I include some more? 

xx Maja


  1. I have a blog organizer, and I pre-write posts haha :)

  2. Great post!

  3. i loved this post. right now i'm so much into organizing everything with my blog :D

  4. Great post!I made a blog organiser .It is really helpful.

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  7. Amazing tips and lovely notebooks :)) Love your blog! Just followed you on bloglovin and gfc :)
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  8. I need to start a blog orginizer!


  9. Such a cute and helpful post! I love stationary and organization tools!
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  12. I kind of relate to #1 and #2. I have a lot of things in my plate right now, but not just with blogging because I'm a full time engineer and part time financial planner and I try to squeeze in some time to blog everyday. It's really hard and I get overwhelmed and stressed out. And even though I list down all the things I need to do for a day, It's just so hard to prioritize.

    Anyway, I'm currently using Leonie's workbooks. It's an organizer, planner and calendar, and very inspiring. I'm not sure if you've heard of it. I haven't made a review for it. It was supposed to be for a few weeks ago (in January). Ha! This one relates to #3. But you're right, sometimes posts can be delayed for even more than a month.

    Great tips.

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  14. These are so youngest is obsessed with Cut the rope, haha :)) xx

  15. cool post! that was actually
    really helpful!
    thanks for sharing!

  16. Great tip - love these books, so cute!

  17. Totally enjoyed reading this post,Nice tips, I'm your new fan on GFC you are welcome to visit my blog Xoxo.

  18. odlični savjeti...meni planiranje pomaže da se organiziram...imam nekoliko tekica u koje zapisujem sve i svašta i već dugo mislim odvojiti jednu samo za blog.

    ja uvijek planiram objave unaprijed, ali ako znam da neću imati vremena odgovoriti na komentare onda ih obično i ne objavljujem neko čekam kad imam više vremena pa onda objavim post dnevno ( tako mi rijetko kada ostane nešto neiskorišteno). Mislim da trenutno imam oko desetak postova već pripremljenih.

    Sretan rođendan s zakašnjenjem.


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