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Spring/Summer Trends 2015

It seems as spring is delayed this year. Which gives us extra time for trendy preparation. Fashion weeks always give us quite a selection, and this time mostly inspired by the 70s.

#1 Colour code.
Brights- or what I like to call it- typical spring and summer colours. You have different shades of blue on one side and oranges/yellows on the other side. Colours that will bring a shine to not only your outfit but also on to your face. I am not hundred percent if royal blue is amongst them but I am in a search to find a perfect blue dress for spring/summer.
Even if you don't wear much colours, don't worry, black & white has got you covered (Christian Dior). 
Credits: Dior
#2 Prints.
Flowers are still trendy this year and this time they come in different varieties. Either they are big and spread on every piece of clothing or minimized to only a few. Oscar de la Renta particularly caught my eyes in this area.
Gingham you have seen everywhere, I am sure. In red and white, blue and white or black and white form. Diane von Furstenberg is a favourite here.
 Credits: Oscar de la Renta
#3 Wearable. 
Is it just me or it seems like this season clothes are about to make our lives simple? Shirt dresses (Rebecca Minkoff), jumpsuits, co-ordinates, trouser suits ... all these types are easy to wear. It comes in a set and you are dressed! No worrying or spending quite some time in front of a closet to choose an outfit for the next day. Of course, it still gives you many options to style and choose from, whether it is a leisure or an elegant wear. Whichever piece you choose, it is possible to dress it down or up.
Jumpsuit: Rebecca Minkoff, Two-piece suit, Oscar de la Renta: top & shorts

You can find many more options on lot of fashion web sites. I included some of my favourite. 

Do you feel going along with the trends or you like to stick with classics? Or maybe it depends on your mood?
xx Maja


  1. Bas si lepe modele izabrala za ovaj post :) Posebno mi se sviđa prva slika, a boje su fenomenalne :) Mislim da sve jedva cekamo da ih nosimo :)

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  6. Im so excited for spring! Such pretty colours!

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  9. What pretty items. The black jumpsuit looks amazing.
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