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Fall/Winter 2015/16 Fashion Trends

With every upcoming season and fashion shows there are many possibilites and trends to follow. Because of a great response on my Spring/Summer Trends 2015 I decided to write a new trend's post. I rounded up a few favourites of mine and if you want to find out more you can see many other on famous online fashion magazines such as Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, Marie Claire and others. 

#1 Capes
Capes are not the only actor among outerwear. Coats, worn like capes were great on the runways too. My favourite was Burberry Prorsum.
Credits: Burberry (via Google) // Balmain

#2 Pleats
Pleated look was shown in skirts mostly. Wide selection of those had Balmain but Marc Jacobs went for skirts and dresses.
Credits: Balmain // Marc Jacobs

#3 Be furry
Faux furry, that is, if you are a big fan of fluffy coats or boots. Dsquared2 used it more as an accessory and put it in form of a hoodie, outside of pockets and collars while Marc Jacobs decided to add furry sleeves. Others had it on the runway as coats and while many stuck with traditional looks, Versace went bold. Colour bold, I mean. You can see it in yellow and green version. 
Credits: Marc Jacobs (via Google) // Balmain // Versace (via Google)

#4 Lines
Vertical, horizontal or diagonal. Linked or unlinked, it doesn't matter. Marc Jacobs had them on coats and it looked like they were painted and sprinkled with glitters. Artistic was also Mochino with their lines but you could also see other patterns and animated figures inbetween. 
Credits: Moschino

#5 Patchwork
Burberry Prorsum wins in another category. Coats, dresses and over-the-knee boots were a fantastic mix of different textures, colours and shapes. 

#6 Colour me...
Red is big this season and it's not the only among brighter colours. Light brown and dark purple stepped in as well. All three of them were big on Balmain fashion show and not only seperate. This trio was combined in many outfits and worked great as a team. Green was popular at the Versace fashion show and yellow peeked there as well. The good old black and white are still fighting for their place and succeding. 
Credits: Pantone

What caught your attention? 

xx Maja


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