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Trip to Valencia 18.9.- 22.9.

Photo credits: 1 (City of Arts and Sciences) // 2 (paella) // 3 (city panorama) // 4 (city beach) // 5 (park)

In less than a week I'll be sitting on a plane headed to Valencia, Spain. This trip has been planned a month ago and I cannot say how much I need it. This summer I had no real vacation and I am hoping to get a proper one in Valencia. 

We have planned trips to main museums and we also plan to visit the beach one day. There is a must-try list on which I put paella on, shopping centre El Corte de Inglés (I just don't know which one to visit), Oceanogràfic, Turia park, Central Market and a few more. 

Nevertheless, I would love to find out more spots that need to be visited before leaving and if you have been to Valencia or if you live there/nearby, let me know your recommendations to museums, restaurants, shops and anything else. Are you planning to go anywhere soon? 

I will keep you updated and will not return without a series of photos :) 

Stay tuned, 
xx Maja


  1. sjajan post!
    ako zelis pogledaj i uclani se na moj blog :)

  2. Španija zgleda kot res čudovita država in je definitivno na mojem seznamu držav, ki si jih želim obiskati. Upam, da boš res uživala in si ogledala čim več znamenitosti! xx

    Sara Wallflower

  3. Wow! Have a safe trip! Looking forward to a lot of pictures and travel post soon :)

    Have a nice day!


  4. Divan post! Ja sam oduvijek željela otići u Valenciju. *--* ♥

  5. Divan post <33 Ako zelis pogledaj i ti moj 3

  6. That's so exciting. Have fun!

  7. I hope you have a lovely time and I can't wait to see some photos :) xx

  8. valencia tiene muchas cosas bonitas para visitar

  9. Super post :) Ako želiš pogledaj i ti moj blog :)

  10. Mogu misliti koliko si ti uzbuđena, kada se sad i ja veselim! ;) Uživaj!!!


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