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Beauty Bits: dm Haul

I've got another one prepared for you and I also told you so in my previous Beauty Bits: Austria Haul post where I posted first round of beauty products since I got here. Two beauty bits will be left out because I will do a different post on these. Now let's dive into the products I've been enjoying very much. 

ebelin aceton free nail polish remover
In my crazy addiction to nail polishes I needed to pick one nail polish remover up unless I wanted to walk around with chipped nails (oh no) or keep layering one nail polish to another until I get home in February (uh-oh). I only hope this tiny bottle will suffice until end of semester. Contains: 50 ml. Price: 0,65 €. 

ebelin Professional Tangle Teezer
I left my Ulala Detangler Brush at home and I wish I hadn't because it is by far the best brush I've ever tried considering detangling my hair. I've run into dm to pick up another (that's where I found my detangler brush back in Slovenia) but they didn't have it, not this brand anyway. So I picked up ebelin one instead and been using it faithfully ever since. It works the same as my old one and when I return I will be exchanging these two. Price: 8,95 €. 

Rimmel London Lasting Finish Lipstick by Kate Moss Nude Collection
How much I wanted to try out the new lipstick range. In Slovenia you can't exactly walk in a drugstore and buy it. You see, our drugstores don't supply Rimmel. This beauty came with me from Valencia and I am finally able to show it to you (I needed other beauty items to put beside it for a better presentation). It's in a shade '42' and it is such a beautiful colour. On my lips it appears very subtle and soft. Its application is creamy and does not appear matte on my lips. However if you want more colour I suggest adding extra coats. Its only downside is that it doesn't last very long even if it says long lasting on the packaging. Price: cca. 6 € in El Corte Inglés (shopping centre). 

Catrice Cosmetics Ultimate Nail Lacquer (Nail Polish)
As I said a little earlier I like wearing nail polish. Curently this 'Nr. 93 Red Night Mystery' is my favourite because I have been looking for the perfect autumnal nail polish shade since a very long time. I prefer darker shades in autumn and I got my eyes on another nail polish that I believe will be my all time favourite. Stay tuned for that. Contains: 10 ml. Price: 2,75 €. 
What are your current favourite beauty bits? Or tell me which lipstick from Kate Moss collection is your favourite if you have one :) 

Thanks for reading, 
xx Maja


  1. Wonderful nail polish kiss

  2. I am in love with this blog post!

  3. Preljepa nijansa ruza i laka.. Odlicno

  4. Lak za nokte je preeleep :-) jeleninkutak24.

  5. Ta lak mi na prvi sliki tko na rdečo potegne, na zadnji pa kr na rjavo.. Na katero baarvo v realnosti povleče?

    x, Katja

    1. Popravek: temno rdečkast je ;P

  6. So many lovely products..I want that lipstick!! :))

  7. That nail lacquer is lovely!


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