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Primark Haul | Valencia

Would you believe me if I told you that I've chosen Valencia as a holiday destination partly because of their Primark? Last day we went to the shopping centre in Bonaire, just outside Valencia. We had little time and a lot on our lists but we managed. We stayed mostly in Primark as we wanted to check everything. If only we brought bigger suitcases with us... You will see that a woman can always find enough  place in her suitcase and here's the proof. 

Everything purchased associates autumn and winter time. I was in need of a new coat and I am finally cured of my only-black-clothes zone. This camel coloured coat is in a small size and fits me perfectly. It comes down to my knees which is great as I need as much coverage as possible in those days of frost. Ankle boots with chunky heels were the best find. I have already tried them and spent a long period of time wearing them. I didn't get any pain from walking or blisters, nothing. I was so pleasantly surprised and I can proudly warn you that these will often show up in outfit posts in the next few weeks/months. 

Warm accessory couldn't be missed and I grabbed these gloves as soon as I saw them. I like the open part possibility and a tiny button in a shape of a bear. I've chosen white hat with a fluffy pom pom on top because it can be paired with anything and could be worn many times in a row just for that reason. 

Great pick of the day was certainly this bag- its sturdy shape bought me over right away and even though it's not very risky I still like the black and white colour combination. It comes with a long strap which is always a plus and the only downside is the weight. Trust me, this one is as heavy as my Zara Office and that one is quite larger than this bag from Primark. Still, it's not like I carry many items inside so I'm good. 

Coming to an underwear selection- I think I don't have to say how lovely these lace bras look. The detailing is very nice as is the little pearl in the middle hanging from a tiny bow. Both came in as a set of two for ten euros which is a bargain. My knickers and socks selection also have no real reason for buying them- I like the colours and as you can see, navy and turquoise is kind of my colour this winter. What do you say, can those two be winter colours? 

And lastly, I have a small collection of jewelry. First I have a set of three bangles. Delicate jewelry is my thing at the moment. This trio has a bit of added details that isn't very disturbing and can be styled with anything. Next set is a set of five bracelets. These are also thin and with only little details but enough to pair it with any outfit. 
Here's a tiny souvenir from Oceanografic in Valencia. I call him Flipper! :) 
 Last two pics are from Steyr, a place where I'm currently having my erasmus exchange student internship.
P.S.: My first catch of the sunset, I have to work on this. 

Tell me, what do you think is the best item from these purchases?
I hope this post didn't tired you out. I try to explain in little words but it doesn't seem enough. 

Happy Tuesday, 
xx Maja


  1. Really love the boots :3

    Ana ♥

  2. Nice items you bought!

    XX Nora / 1310bynora.com

  3. Primark <3 :)
    Tudi jaz sem po novem čisto navdušena nad njim! :)


  4. All great pieces and wonderful photos!

  5. Wow great purchases dear! *----*
    I love that coat and your hat is so cute! ^-^

  6. Divan postt :))

    Pogledaj moj blog ako želiš :)


  7. That Primark sounds amazing! Love love the boots and the coat!

    Hustle & Whoa

  8. You got some really lovely things! I'm going to have to pop down to Primark and have a look :) xx

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  11. such good finds, loving the bag! Also, your photography is on point! x

    Ariadna || RAWR BOWS

  12. Love your outfits :)


  13. Prelepe slike. Volim Primark, moze se svasta dobro naci :) Super!


  14. Ja sam prosto oduševljena stvarima koje si kupila.. Hoću ih! Odlične slike kao i uvijek.. :*

    Novi post -------> allforyou23.blogspot.com

  15. Amazing post..Well done! I really love your blog. Keep going.
    Many kisses
    Lady Fur

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  16. Love the shoes :) Super! www.kytkabart.com

  17. Ohh, kapa in gležnarčki. <3

  18. Love those chunky ankle boots!

  19. Nakupila si krasne stvari, vse bi z veseljem imela tudi sama :)


  20. Ne znam kako sam ovo prije propustila, ali sad mi je vilica pošteno otpala za ovim predivnim stvarčicama! Mislim, torba, grudnjaci, narukvice, ne znam što mi je ljepše! :) Nadam se da će Primark jednog lijepog sunčanog dana doći i kod nas..


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