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Beauty Bits: Darks or Brights

s.he stylezone lip pencil
I have found my winter makeup look. Dark lips and bright eyeshadows or bright (as in frosty pink) lips and dark eyeshadows. But let's talk about the first one today. With my lip pencils piling up, I have added a shade 003 from s.he stylezone to my collection in a dark plum colour. Unlinke essence lip pencils this one tends to stay on for much longer while the pigmentation is the same. 

essence lip pencil
Classy red lips is a look you just have to wear from time to time. Think of era fourties and how glamurous red lipstick made every woman look. This particular shade is called 14 Femme Fatale from essence and is in fact a vivid red colour. Make sure you apply lip balm before applying lip pencil as it can dry your lips easily. 

s.he stylezone duo highlighter pen
One side of this pen is a champagne colour and the other one is rosy. Application is smooth when I swatch them on my hands but  it won't easily come on on my face. For that reason the first application is poor but you can build it up to get more product to show. 

essence kajal pencil
Kajal pencil in a shade 01 Black  was a purchase merely because I lend mine to my sister and I needed one for myself. I usually don't wear black (or any dark) kajal on my eyes but for smokey eye look it is a perfect choice. 

essence matt touch blush
Even if I'm more of a bronzer girl I always have a need to apply something else to my cheek. Bright blushes in shades from pink to red make me look unnatural or doll-like and that is why I am always careful when buying blush. I go for darker shades to match my bronzer and to fit the makeup look. It's called 20 berry me up! and like it says on the packaging, it is matt and has no shimmer in it whatsoever. The colour blends nicely with my bronzer and doesn't appear to be amiss. 

bebe more face moisturizer
It may look like I keep buying these without any stops but as we are entering deeper into the season, the weather conditions are harsher and my skin longs for protection. I have written about bebe more face moisturizer before and you can check it in a separate post.
Do you have any plans for the end of the week? 

Thank you for reading and I wish you all a great weekend! :) 
xx Maja


  1. Essence always have a good products :D
    I want to try this cream!

    Amazing review, dear!

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  2. Great post dear. Good products. :)

  3. Essence olovke za usne su pravi hit, odlične, pristupačne, što više poželjeti? ;) Ja popodne planiram u pohod na drogerije vidjeti je li stigla nova Merry Berry kolekcija i nadam se upiknuti nešto lijepo. Samo ne znam kako ću se odlučiti, jer mi je cijela predivna :D

  4. Super post. Možeš li molim te da se učlaniš u moj blog. Ja sam član tvog bloga odavno. Molim te. To mi jako znači. Usput ako želiš komentariši.

  5. Nice post :)

  6. Ohn sweetie, thanks a lot :D I'm very, very glad to read this <3

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  7. Beautiful post! :D

  8. great products ...would love to try them

  9. Great post dear! Good products :* ♥

  10. Divne su boje i super je sto su pristupacne. Odlicne fotografije!

    Adela Acanski


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