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December To-Do List

1. Drinking hot beverages, mostly hot cocoa and hot chocolate. Let's not forget to put marshmallows inside. 
2. Baking! What is the best time of the year to go baking-crazy? :) Gingerbread cookies are a classic recipe and I will make those as soon as I get home (the oven here is very old and does not work as it should and I am not going to risk a cookie failure. Again hehe). 
3. Reading. I miss those moments when you light up candles or fairy lights, curl up in bed and open a good book. 
4. Ice skating is a tradition my sister and I have when the season for ice skating starts. I think I will leave this one when I get home too. I'd like to continue this tradition with her :) 

5. Seeing Christmas lights and decorated city! I have seen Steyr and love how much effort they put in Christmas decor. However I have to see Ljubljana as well. There is just somehing about wondering through town while sipping on a hot drink and enjoying the view. 
6. Candles. I am already a candle obsessed and this time I have an excuse to burn up all the candles I didn't get the chance to during the year. 
7. Visiting Christmas market is also something I can't imagine December without. I have seen the Christmas market in Steyr and I intend on visiting two more in Austria and another one in Ljubljana (obviously). 
8. And the best for last... having a Christmas movie marathon! Please share what is your favourite Christmas movie in the comments :) 

December has so many joyful things to offer. I realized there are things I am missing as we are already fully into the month and me being away from home makes difference. I have missed our Christmas tree decoration and I still haven't seen the lights of Ljubljana in this time of the year. These things are a sign of Christmas holidays approaching and since I am not in my 'natural habitat' the spirit isn't quite there. I do enjoy many things during December and here is a list of what I will keep in mind to do what I do every year. 

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What does your December To-Do list contains? 

Have a lovely day, 
xx Maja


  1. Strinjam se z vsem kar je na seznamu :D perfektna to-do lista :)

  2. I love December! Holiday, snow, presents, Christmas tree! So great!

  3. This is such a wonderful list :) I can't wait for Christmas!

  4. Truly December is the best time of the year to cuddle up in bed and enjoy hot drinks and good books:) .. I am already in this mood:)
    I totally loved this post. So inspiring. Loved all your pictures too!
    Epsita |


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