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How To: Eyewear Make-up

If you are one of those who wear glasses, then you know how easily glasses cover and hide our entire face. To bring out features you would like to show off, you can use makeup just like any other time. I kept mine simple, starting off with a base and a concealer. I couldn't pass my eyebrows where I used an eyebrow powder set. Staying on eye area, I used two eyeshadows- natural brown on an entire eyelid and plum colour in my crease. I also used plum under my lower lash line whilst I used light champagne colour in my inner corners of my eyes. For a final touch I applied a coat of mascara and then I moved to my cheeks. I can tell you that if you are planning to take photos, more makeup is actually welcome otherwise it won't show on a camera. That is why I applied more bronzer than usually (and you still can't tell how much I have on). I applied highlighter between my eyebrows, above my cheeks, on cupid's bow and under my eybrows. Finally, I got to apply a dark lip liner to keep my makeup look seasonally appropriate. 

My glasses were a courtesy from Firmoo who were kind to send me a new pair of subscription glasses. I wanted a pair of big glasses for a while. Ordering online was an easy process and the only thing you have to be careful when applying for new (subscription) glasses is the information on your diopter and the width between your eyes. On the website you can find Daily Novelties and if you find something you like you can use 15% discount on your first pair of (sun)glasses. 
Wishing you happy holidays and Merry Christmas :) 
Hope you're excited as much as I am, 
xx Maja


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  2. So nice dress!!!!! ♥
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  3. Great post my dear☻


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