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One Day: Salzburg

You can see one city in a day. But getting through a city in a rush is not necessary. I had less than a day as I arrived at noon in Salzburg and it is true that I had a local tour guide. My friend waited me at the train station and we immediately start planning on where to go first. I had few main places in mind and I kept them at a minimum number as I realized we didn't had much time for everything. My first main choice was of course Mirabell Palace and Gardens where we arrives shortly after our lunch stop. There we walked through gardens and took photos of still bloomed flowers, regardless the season. Half of the gardens was closed and I wish I could see it in full blossom in spring time. 

From that point which was our start point, we proceeded to the city centre by foot where we passed the river on a fully decorated bridge with locks and Christmas lights. However, we did not turn towards the city centre but went to see the 'salty' tunnel to breathe in some salty air to open our lungs ;) Only then we passed around the centre, through early Christmas market time and headed towards Fortress Hohensalzburg. From where we were standing it looked like a long way up there and wanted to use the lift. Nevertheless, we still ended up going on foot as we realized the fortress isn't positioned up that high. More effort was needed at the end but we were rewarded with a beautiful view over the entire town. We snapped a few photos, drank bluberry flavoured Glühwein and enjoyed the view for a while. 

Next stop was Hellbrunn Palace and... we managed to go on a wrong bus so we ended up driving around and outside the city. We lost an hour here but it was a nice break from freezing and walking. When we came back to city centre we made a quick stop at Starbucks, did some shopping and headed to Christmas market. I snapped a few photos there, as much the crowd would allow me, bought souvenirs and slowly headed back home. We did had enough time to grab a dinner and then ate on our way to the train station. 

Salzburg is definitely the city you want to visit during Christmas time but I can only imagine how lovely it looks in spring season. I am positive that whenever you decide to visit the city, it awaits you with open hands. 
Have an amazing day, 
xx Maja


  1. What a perfect place!!! Everything looks so festive!


  2. Savršene slike!


  3. I visited Salzburg a couple of years ago. It looks the same. Beautiful city,I loved spending there.

    Love your pictures :*

  4. it's a sweet city;)xoxo


  5. wooow so beautiful!

    Ana ♥
    http://aruivablog.blogspot.pt/ N/POST

  6. Lucky you! I hope you had a great time. The photos are amazing!! Great post! :) xx


  7. Čudovite slike, upam da bom čimprej obiskala Salzburg.


  8. Wow such gorgeous pictures!! You look lovely!!

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  9. Looks divine. Great post!

  10. Res zelo lepe fotke! Mi je kar malo žal, da letos nisem šla gledat predbožični Salzburg:)



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