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Put a Scarf On

How do you wear a chiffon or silky scarf? I admit I am not a person who wears them at all. I always have them in my mind as something for a middle aged woman to wear to go with her business suit/costume. The image is drawn from my mother who likes to wear them and I have never thought to wear them myself. But you know me, I have to try something new, try to incorporate it into my style and make it wearable for everyone. This is one way to wear it... casual attire on top with pattern trousers and glossy shoes at the bottom. Or as I prefer to call it: a mix of casual and office wear. But now, I want to hear how do you like this outfit styled?
Trousers: H&M // Bag: Jello // Shoes: Mass // Scarf: similar here and here

Talk to you soon.
xx Maja


  1. amazing outfit, dear :D
    I really love your pattern pants :D

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  2. What a pretty combination!

    Xx Annora /

  3. lovely pull dear

  4. It looks lovely :)

  5. Such a lovely outfit *-*

    Ana ♥ N/POST

  6. Predivan outfit.. Marama je baš slatka, a posebno mi se dopada žuta torbica. :)

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  7. I love the outfit, particularly the trousers! The scarf is gorgeous as well. :)

    Georgia | Beauty Inside Art


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