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BeautyBits: essence & s-he

Catchy packaging is the first thing that draws my attention. Either it is a makeup product or food, I can't resist checking the product out. I am very visual person and I like to have things in front of me to know what I think about it or whether I like it. Essence is what I would call a brand oriented on young girls but even so it has won over many older hearts too. Every month they come up with new limited edition and this month they got a range called 'Like an unforgettable kiss'. I got essence duo blush in 01 Pink Me where you get a bright pink blush that doesn't show very vivid when wearing it. Highlight that comes with a blush is great for a finishing touch. 
I first got essence highlighter Big Bright Eyes before duo blush and where the first one is in pencil form it is also creamy and very easy to apply. I was expecting a hard pencil where I would have difficulty blending but it over exceeded my expectations and I can add it on my favourites list. It isn't in white colour as most highlighters but in nude and I use it on my lower waterline sometimes too. 
S-he bronzer appears quite dark and with my skin tone someone might think it will make an ugly distortion on my face. Most difficulty I have with choosing bronzers and so far I have been purchasing lighter toned bronzers and those have made me look like I got a really bad tan. This one has been the first to accept as 'a passed product'. The pigmentation isn't strong but you can build it up. So far I have been using it only under my cheek bone area (no temples, upper forehead and so on). 

These three are my go-to makeup products lately and I apply little of each whenever I go somewhere. 

What do you think of essence and s-he? Have you tried them before? 

Happy Saturday! 
xx Maja

Fashion Haul | Part 2 (Zara)

These are the last pieces from my few shopping trips. And so it happens these pictures are the last on my memory card. All I can do now is to schedule my ‘photo shootings’ and do it carefully, after all, new semester starts tomorrow. And there goes my break I was so hoping for. 

Magenta trousers are the same as the ones from my previous haul; the same length, thickness and material except print/colour is different. The top is light weighted and has short sleeves and is more appropriated for spring or summer. And the last- my new handbag is an excellent find- the shape, size… there is nothing I don’t like about it. I think it will go great with the top above since the print colour is almost exactly the same.

Everything: Zara (on sale)

P.S.: You can go and check out Leja's blog as well. She has also posted a fashion haul and I cannot wait to see that gorgeous Topshop backpack in action!:)
Have a nice Sunday!
xx Maja

Room details

Spring is approaching and I need to bring freshness and cleanliness to my room. That means closet cleaning as well hehe. I only started but I am held by last exams at the moment. I had one on Tuesday and I still have one to go, and that one is tomorrow. And here is my apology for not posting yesterday. You shall have my full attention from Saturday or Sunday on. I need a little break after all ;) 

xx Maja

New In: Fashion haul

Sales might still be going on but I have bought myself basic pieces I wanted. I am slowly piling up my trousers/jeans and jumper section. I am also trying to buy less blacks and go for colours in order to make my outfit posts more daring and less dull. The most unusual pick are blush trousers (Two Way) which are part trousers part jeggings. The material is thicker than you are used in seeing with usual jeggings but still thin enough to make them elastic. The best part is there is no zipper or buttons, just an elastic waist. My second purchase is not that unexpected, jumper in burgundy colour (Two Way) is something I definitely feel comfortable in and I have been wearing it a few times already. 
My last two picks are my favourite. I am most happy with faux leather jacket (Two Way) because it has been a while since I threw my last one away. I have been searching for the right one ever since. And this one I am saving for better weather. 
Have you seen these pattern trousers (Zara)? I'm in love. I would never go for pattern and many different colours in one piece but I need to be daring and growing in style as well. I am thinking of wearing them with basic slouchy tee with a blazer over and some beige or white pumps. 

Which is your favourite piece? And do you have a certain piece in your wardrobe that says: 'Yes, I can be daring too'?

Happy weekend!
xx Maja

Spring/Summer Trends 2015

It seems as spring is delayed this year. Which gives us extra time for trendy preparation. Fashion weeks always give us quite a selection, and this time mostly inspired by the 70s.

#1 Colour code.
Brights- or what I like to call it- typical spring and summer colours. You have different shades of blue on one side and oranges/yellows on the other side. Colours that will bring a shine to not only your outfit but also on to your face. I am not hundred percent if royal blue is amongst them but I am in a search to find a perfect blue dress for spring/summer.
Even if you don't wear much colours, don't worry, black & white has got you covered (Christian Dior). 
Credits: Dior
#2 Prints.
Flowers are still trendy this year and this time they come in different varieties. Either they are big and spread on every piece of clothing or minimized to only a few. Oscar de la Renta particularly caught my eyes in this area.
Gingham you have seen everywhere, I am sure. In red and white, blue and white or black and white form. Diane von Furstenberg is a favourite here.
 Credits: Oscar de la Renta
#3 Wearable. 
Is it just me or it seems like this season clothes are about to make our lives simple? Shirt dresses (Rebecca Minkoff), jumpsuits, co-ordinates, trouser suits ... all these types are easy to wear. It comes in a set and you are dressed! No worrying or spending quite some time in front of a closet to choose an outfit for the next day. Of course, it still gives you many options to style and choose from, whether it is a leisure or an elegant wear. Whichever piece you choose, it is possible to dress it down or up.
Jumpsuit: Rebecca Minkoff, Two-piece suit, Oscar de la Renta: top & shorts

You can find many more options on lot of fashion web sites. I included some of my favourite. 

Do you feel going along with the trends or you like to stick with classics? Or maybe it depends on your mood?
xx Maja

Simple brownies | Recipe

I was craving for brownies this weekend and since there has been a while since I had them, I also had an excuse to bake them. After all, it was my birthday on Saturday and I didn't feel like baking a cake. Some of you might have noticed a little number change in a sidebar. Or maybe you didn't. I am never up for 'bragging' about my b-day and certainly not for being in a center of attention. That's why we will jump right into this recipe. 

You will need: 
- 250 g butter
- 250 g dark chocolate
- 250 g (brown) sugar
- 10 g vanilla sugar
- 180 g flour
- 50 g powder cocoa
- 5 eggs
(- 20 g butter for baking tray)
The recipe inspiration comes from here (but the site is Slovenian).

1. Preheat the oven to 180°C. 
2. Pour butter and dark chocolate in a saucepan and melt until smooth texture. Set aside to cool.
3. Mix dry ingredients together; flour, brown sugar, vanilla sugar and powder cocoa.
4. Add (cooled) melted chocolate and eggs to the dry ingredients and mix until the mixture is combined (and thick).
5. Spread 20 g butter to a baking tray (or use baking spray or backing sheet) and pour in the chocolate mixture. Bake for 15-20 minutes. 
6. When the cake is baked and cooled, slice it into tiny squares.

In my version I added grated walnuts in the mixture as well as I sprinkled them on top (since it was very thick I wasn't worrying about walnuts sinking in). You can go for crushed walnuts or any other nuts, I'm sure the taste will be brought to another level.
As I like to keep my recipes simple and quick, I hope this wasn't a dissapointment to some of you. If I stick to recipes like this one today, I know there is a very little chance for me to get anything wrong. 

Please, share your favourite dish, whether it is a main course or a dessert, I'd like to know :) 
xx Maja

Organizational Tips | Blog Organizer

Everyone has own organizing routine and priorities but if you're one of those who could use a tip or two, then keep on reading. 

Organizers and planners have always been my helpful companions. When I write things down, I know I will do them and how much time I'll lose for a certain thing. Your productivity will boost and you can be surprised at how much you can do in one day. Don't go overboard though- there's a big difference between being productive and being overburdened. Today you can find lot of free online versions of planners and timetables (such as here or here) or you can make your own. 

Decide what is important and what is urgent. You can use The Eisenhower Method for this or you can focus on other methods. One has already been mentioned in #1, that's writting down a list of tasks. Why not writing down a list of what you shouldn't be doing unless in free time (for example, status update on Facebook)? You need to know there are a lot of 'time stealers' and 'time savers'. Learn how to identify them. If you can make a telephone call instead of writting an email, then do it.
Other method is GTD (Getting Things Done): set tasks by urgency and start with those which are important but don't take much of your time. In the end you'll have all the time to focus on things that are time-consuming.

Plan things/make posts in advance. Sit down for a moment, take your planner out and write down ideas and dates of posting. Then take that extra hour from watching a new tv-show and take photos for this week's posts. I know some people feel very doubtful about this and worry how posts will turn out uninspired and how this will show in text etc. But if you write a post in a moment when you feel inspired then posting it a day or two (or week or two) later will not look like spiritless. Besides, see how weightless you will feel, having posts already written. 

Keep up with things and have everything scheduled. When you have your posting schedule figured out (let it be 6 or 1 post per week), don't change it every other week. It's good when a reader (me included) can anticipate a new post.

Reply to emails. When brands approach me, I first try to sort out those who are in the same 'industry' and those who are not. It's understandable if I own a fashion blog, I won't be writting a review on a screwdriver. Just an example. Still, I would be politely replying to emails wether it's a declination or acceptance.

What do you think of these tips? Should I include some more? 

xx Maja

Frost and snow

^^ Photos: Leja
Why you don't see much of my fashion posts anymore? Because it is winter and all this frost, snow and cold makes my mood unfit for shooting. It is not because I don't like it and if you might think that I am done with outfit posts, that is not the case, I promise. I went on a city bus the other day and you know how jumpy it can be especially if a road is battered? It so happened that that bus didn't had heaters turned on and at the end of a ride I was not sure it was a ride or a road causing me trembling. 

When looking for a spot for photo shooting I realized I don't know much of a city except the centre and a few other places. This is also inconvenient and location is relevant for taking photos because it is one of the important reasons what makes photos look good. That is why I decided to book a date with my sister to explore the city first before having another shooting. It will do us both good and I can say there is nothing better than being a tourist in your own (or the nearest) town. 

Have a nice, sunny or snowy day and I hope you decide to explore the city nearby too. You never know what treasures it may be hiding. 

xx Maja

New In: Catrice Re-Touch Light Reflecting concealer

Concealers in a stick were always the ones I kept buying. Usually because the shades were perfect and it was so easy to apply them. Creamy/liquidy concealers are the ones I need to go for and I've chosen Catrice Re-Touch Light Reflecting concealer. The name sounds so catchy and promising, besides the sleek packaging. I'm in a shade 005 Light Nude which is the lightest colour out there in this range and I wish there was bigger selection. The colour is the same as my skin but I always look for one or two shades lighter concealers (best for hiding those big and dark under eye circles) . The brush applicator is what makes it easy to apply but I have to work quickly when blending the product in because it dries rather quickly. The only downside is that it isn't hydrating even though it says so on the product. I apply moisturizing creme underneath it when wearing it but that doesn't keep it hydrated all day long.

Have you ever tried this concealer? What is your go-to concealer? 

Talk to you soon,
xx Maja

bebe Young Care: back in stock

Maybe you remember me talking about it six months ago and how complimenting I was? I bought it on my cousin's recommendation whilst in Austria and when I got back home (some drugstores in Austria and Slovenia are the same), I found empty shelves of bebe Young Care. I urgently needed a face creme to keep me moisturizing otherwise I could get serious skin issue- it would start off with redness, then flakes and it would slowly progress to scabs- if I were to try and peel it off it would sting horribly (it happened to me once and I do not wish for it to repeat).

For the time being I had to satisfy myself with bebe More brightening face creme. My skin reacts great to both cremes but I find Young Care a few steps ahead and onto the next level. I am not going to go to much into details, the review can be found in the link I provided (for both cremes). I can only add that this creme is bound to be used on a everyday basis, perhaps even more than once a day.

I tried three bebe products so far and I liked the results so why not try another one? I needed a new cleanser and I went for Wash gel & Face-water from the same range. I was in doubt if this might work better than my previous wash gel because this one was also for normal to combination skin and while I always got my makeup off and my face clean with my previous cleanser, my skin also felt tight. But it exceeded my expectations. My skin has never felt more grateful for switching the cleanser. Not only is tightness gone but my skin feels smooth without feeling dry. I still apply moisturizing creme afterwards, no denial here, but my face is not cracking anymore and I do not have to apply face creme as my mask anymore ;) 
Please share your skin problems and solutions. I find that very few people have dry skin, I usually hear how oily skin is such a problem etc. but never about dryness. And speaking of dry skin, I also do not think there are much products, especially makeup, on the market. 

Have a happy day, sunshines!
xx Maja