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Food Diary | September

As it's the last day of September I have to upload my Food Diary first and then my looks of this month so you can expect another post very soon. I remember having this ice cream and delicious lemonade from Vigó like it was yesterday and it was actually at the beginning of this month. I absolutely recommend this place if you ever plan on visiting it. 

Look of the day: Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias

My favourite look from Valencia is this one. Palm print jumpsuit with white sneakers. Combination that goes great together, in my opinion. I remember that day being my favourite day of my stay in Valencia, Spain.

Fall/Winter Fashion and Makeup Wishlist 2015

With so many items to choose from on this field, I went for the most warm ones and still attractive and fashionable. Just look at that statement coat from Asos, I had to share it with you. Or the bucket bag or cut-out ankle boots...

I have terribly dry hands in fall and winter and hand cremes have always been part of my skincare routine. The same goes for lips and hair. As for makeup, I don't own any Naked palette and would love to try it out already. Maybe Naked Basics is the best start...

I couldn't pass by this one. I thought why not include it since I use other things in my life too ;)

Drugstore Empty Hair & Body Products

I am one of those who likes to read posts such as this one to gain information what works right and what not. For the same reason I will post my own version of products and give my mark to each one. I will divide products into two categories like you can tell from the title and that are Hair and Body/Face. 

Starting off with Syoss hail oil which review can be found in one of my ooold blogpost Absolut Oil Beauty Elixir. As a final result I can say it makes my hair very soft and shiny but I can't say it moisturizes my hair. That is the feature I look in hair oils and this one didn't had it. Still, if you like to have something to nourish your hair, this one is great on that field. 

Next product was also bought ages ago for one specific reason: to tame my flyaways/baby hair. Schwarzkopf got2be anti-frizz hair lotion wasn't up for the job or it gave up right away when it saw my hair. The product was always applied on dry hair (after shower) and it vanished almost immediately. At the time my hair was still suffering from extreme dryness and damage and maybe that product wasn't enough. 

Switching to a better side, let talk about alverde hair butter. I remember not being much for it at the beginning. Its thick consistency reminded me that this is another styling product and I was looking for a hair treatment. More and more I used it I began to like it and I put it in my regular hair routine. It is used as a styling product but unlike the previous styling lotion, this one did the job and tamed my flyaways. 

Last one in this category is bumble and bumble tonic lotion. When I bought tangle teezer I stopped using this but I realized I need something on my hair before brushing it because brushes can sometimes damage your hair and create split ends. Therefore, I apply this one before brushing my hair out to give the brush an easier task and my hair a better day. 

In this category I have also four products and the first one is Balea After Shaving Cream. The product was always absorbed quickly and soothed my skin after shaving. Also let's not forget about the gentle scent, I always like those in body lotions, gels and whatnot. 

Balea body lotion is very thick lotion and meant for use in winter time when the skin is extra dry and needs better caring after. I like it because my skin is dry all year round and needs all the moisturizing it can get. 

This essence sponge nail polish remover has been repurchased- it is my second 'bottle' and I've been loving it. However, Leja and I made a Beauty Hacks (Nails + DIY) video regarding this product and because our edition is much smaller (and contains more nail polish remover), it is also easier to use and much practical. 

The last product in today's post is going to be bebe cleansing gel. I talk more about it in my bebe Young Care: back in stock post. Like written before, it doesn't dry my skin. It still feels a bit tight and I have to use my face creme afterwards but beside that, it works fine. This one I might repurchase but I may look for something similar in the same beauty range/brand. 
What is the product you recently bought and thought it was such a waste of money and which one pleasantly surprised you? 

Happy day, 
xx Maja

Fall/Winter 2015/16 Fashion Trends

With every upcoming season and fashion shows there are many possibilites and trends to follow. Because of a great response on my Spring/Summer Trends 2015 I decided to write a new trend's post. I rounded up a few favourites of mine and if you want to find out more you can see many other on famous online fashion magazines such as Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, Marie Claire and others. 

#1 Capes
Capes are not the only actor among outerwear. Coats, worn like capes were great on the runways too. My favourite was Burberry Prorsum.
Credits: Burberry (via Google) // Balmain

Trip to Valencia 18.9.- 22.9.

Photo credits: 1 (City of Arts and Sciences) // 2 (paella) // 3 (city panorama) // 4 (city beach) // 5 (park)

In less than a week I'll be sitting on a plane headed to Valencia, Spain. This trip has been planned a month ago and I cannot say how much I need it. This summer I had no real vacation and I am hoping to get a proper one in Valencia. 

We have planned trips to main museums and we also plan to visit the beach one day. There is a must-try list on which I put paella on, shopping centre El Corte de Inglés (I just don't know which one to visit), Oceanogràfic, Turia park, Central Market and a few more. 

Nevertheless, I would love to find out more spots that need to be visited before leaving and if you have been to Valencia or if you live there/nearby, let me know your recommendations to museums, restaurants, shops and anything else. Are you planning to go anywhere soon? 

I will keep you updated and will not return without a series of photos :) 

Stay tuned, 
xx Maja

Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies

Three recipes that I keep coming back to are brownies, muffins and chocolate chip cookies. I found a new recipe to try out from Soft and Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies by Martha Stewart. Nothing was too complicated and all ingredients were already in kitchen cupboards. If you have half an hour to spare, it will be just enough to make these cookies. I made minor changes in this recipe but only because I had no exact ingredients. I shall dive into the deliciousness as I am sure you cannot wait to try these out ;) 

500 g all-purpose flour
1/2 teaspoon baking soda
250 g unsalted butter (room temperature)
120 g granulated sugar
1 teaspoon salt
2 teaspoons vanilla sugar
2 eggs
150 g dark chocolate

1. Preheat the oven to 200°C. Mix flour and baking soda in one bowl. In another bowl mix together butter and sugar using an electric mixer (I melted the butter but you can stick to room-temperature soft butter). Add the rest of the ingredients but leave chocolate chips for last. 

2. Combine the two mixtures (add flour-baking soda mixture to the other one). Mix until thick and even. 

3. I used tablespoon to scoop dough onto the baking sheets (with parchment paper on top). Leave about 5 cm between each cookie dough. 

4. You leave the cookies to bake for cca. 10 minutes or until they're golden around the edges but still soft in the middle. They're best to eat when warm :) 

[Click to see the original recipe Soft and Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies.]
Let me know your favourite recipe at the moment. Have a great day everyone! 
xx Maja

Inspired look: Burgundy for Fall

I already say goodbye to summer previous week with a day by the pool side and All White Look outfit post. I snapchatted all day and if you wish to see what I do outside the blog, you can add me @majasmuffin (on Snapchat, that is). 

I was inspired by a look in a magazine (that has only ten pages and only comes to your mailbox). I borrowed this shirt and you can't see it but it was two sizes bigger for me. I threw over a trench cardigan in light beige colour and tied both with a tiny belt to outline my waist. Jeans are distressed and the bottom parts are rolled up a bit so the boots are visible. I used gold accessory (bracelet and rings) to match golden details on my boots. 

On to more news... I have a few things prepared fot this blog and the first one is maybe the most difficult for me. I decided (after a looong time) to cancel writing in Slovenian and Serbian and keep only English. I am aware that most of the 'kids' nowadays understand the language and while I love writing in all three languages it simply takes too much time. But I will reply to you in those languages when you leave a comment (or if I visit you). Second news regard blog design and I'd like to say no more and just leave you surprised :)
Cardigan: Choies (old) // Bag: Zara (old) // Shoes: Deichmann (old) // Jeans: Primark (old) // Bracelet: New Yorker // Rings: H&M

Photos: Leja

Let me know what do you think on my look and how do you feel on these new changes. 

Thank you for sticking around, 
xx Maja

Mix Of Styles

Photos: Leja

Have a great weekend, 
xx Maja

Style: All White Look

I finally got my turn to wear all-white outfit. In my wardrobe you can find white pieces, that's not an issue. But every white top I have is almost see-through. I don't know how and why but for some time now I have been seeing almost-transparent tops, shirts and blouses (those particularly) in shops and it bothers me because what is the point of buying a pretty clothing piece if you can never wear it? Unless you have a basic top underneath but let's be realistic- in summer, that's out of the question, right? Do you have a similar story to share? 

Končno sem tudi jaz prišla na vrsto in nosila vse-beli outfit. V moji omari se sicer najdejo posamični kosi bele barve, ampak vsaka majica, ki jo imam, je skoraj prozorna. Ne vem kako in zakaj, vendar se že nekaj časa v trgovinah nahajajo le skoraj-prozorne majice, srajce in bluze (te še posebej) in me zelo moti. Kaj je smisel nakupa lepega kosa oblačila, če ga nikoli ne boš oblekla? Razen, če imaš kakšen 'basic' top pod majico, vendar to ne pride v poštev v poletnih dneh, kajne? Ali imaš tudi ti kakšno podobno zgodbo, ki bi jo rada delila? 

Konačno sam i ja došla na red i nosila sve-beli autfit. U mom ormaru se nađu individualni beli komadi odeće, ali svaka majica koju imam, je umalo transparentna. Ne znam što i kako ali već nekoliko vremena u trgovinama nalazim na skoro-transparentne majice, košulja i bluze (te još posebno) što mi puno smeta. Šta je poenta, da kupiš lepu majicu koju možda nikad nećeš obuči? Osim ako nosiš 'basic' top ispod ali u letnih vremenima to ne dolazi u obzir. Da li imaš i ti koju sličnu priču za podeliti?
Photos: Leja

Thank you for reading, 
xx Maja