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Halloween Easy & Quick No Bake Party Treats

What you'll need: 
- baby pretzels
- soft honey cookies covered in chocolate
- white chocolate 

This one is very easy and the best part is that is very efficent for Halloween without being too scary. 

First you will crack baby pretzels into pieces and use only curvy parts for spider legs. Once you do that decide how many spider legs you will put on one side of the cookie- mine was ideal for three on each side. Stick it in. As the cookie is very soft, legs easily slide in. The only thing left to do is to melt down the white chocolate, use a toothpick or anything else for an easier application of the eyes. I drew three eyes for more scarier effect but you can go wild here. For example, one of my chocolate spiders had a mono eye because I drew eyes too close to each other so in the end it all turned out even better. 

Note: If you can't find similar cookies, try to buy (or bake) any other soft cookies and then cover them in dark chocolate yourself. 

For extra ideas, my sister and I made a video '3 Quick and Easy Halloween Party Treats' that you can check out on our channel. 
Enjoy the treats! :) 
xx Maja

Black is the new black

With black being on the runway all the time and being possible to style it with everything, I'd say that is (always) true. I used to be one of those girls who wear black all the time and I felt good in it. Not because it made my figure slender or my waist slim but because it made me invisible. That was my style back in high school. When I enrolled in University, my style started to take turn and still is. Black may have got lost in my wardrobe but that doesn't mean it is not a good colour. On the contrary, it is very important and amazing colour and everyone can find themselves in it. Just like I did this time. Black no longer represents invisibility for me but confidence. It means strenght and dareness and that's how I felt when these pics were taken. Edgy. 
Photos: Claudia

What are your thoughts on black colour? 

I wish you a great day, 
xx Maja

Beauty Bits: dm Haul

I've got another one prepared for you and I also told you so in my previous Beauty Bits: Austria Haul post where I posted first round of beauty products since I got here. Two beauty bits will be left out because I will do a different post on these. Now let's dive into the products I've been enjoying very much. 

ebelin aceton free nail polish remover
In my crazy addiction to nail polishes I needed to pick one nail polish remover up unless I wanted to walk around with chipped nails (oh no) or keep layering one nail polish to another until I get home in February (uh-oh). I only hope this tiny bottle will suffice until end of semester. Contains: 50 ml. Price: 0,65 €. 

ebelin Professional Tangle Teezer
I left my Ulala Detangler Brush at home and I wish I hadn't because it is by far the best brush I've ever tried considering detangling my hair. I've run into dm to pick up another (that's where I found my detangler brush back in Slovenia) but they didn't have it, not this brand anyway. So I picked up ebelin one instead and been using it faithfully ever since. It works the same as my old one and when I return I will be exchanging these two. Price: 8,95 €. 

Rimmel London Lasting Finish Lipstick by Kate Moss Nude Collection
How much I wanted to try out the new lipstick range. In Slovenia you can't exactly walk in a drugstore and buy it. You see, our drugstores don't supply Rimmel. This beauty came with me from Valencia and I am finally able to show it to you (I needed other beauty items to put beside it for a better presentation). It's in a shade '42' and it is such a beautiful colour. On my lips it appears very subtle and soft. Its application is creamy and does not appear matte on my lips. However if you want more colour I suggest adding extra coats. Its only downside is that it doesn't last very long even if it says long lasting on the packaging. Price: cca. 6 € in El Corte Inglés (shopping centre). 

Catrice Cosmetics Ultimate Nail Lacquer (Nail Polish)
As I said a little earlier I like wearing nail polish. Curently this 'Nr. 93 Red Night Mystery' is my favourite because I have been looking for the perfect autumnal nail polish shade since a very long time. I prefer darker shades in autumn and I got my eyes on another nail polish that I believe will be my all time favourite. Stay tuned for that. Contains: 10 ml. Price: 2,75 €. 
What are your current favourite beauty bits? Or tell me which lipstick from Kate Moss collection is your favourite if you have one :) 

Thanks for reading, 
xx Maja

Beauty Bits: Austria Haul

I have been in Austria for almost a month now and like every other girl I had to make a visit to the drugstore. It's not like there aren't any dms and Müllers in Slovenia but you're always curious how similar or different the stores are. I have picked up things I usually need for everyday routine.

Syoss Anti-Dandruff Extreme Shampoo
My dry skin extends to scalp as well which is no fun. This is one thing I hate seeing on anyone or having myself: dandruff. With this shampoo I had only positive outcome which I hoped to see. After first use I already noticed exeptional results- no trace of dandruff and what's best- no irritation. Contains: 500 ml. Price: 3,85 € in dm drugstores.

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water
Garnier Micellar Cleansing water is the same as I had back at home except the packaging is a bit different. My previous one has been for normal skin with the same effects and uses. This one is meant for sensitive and dry skin so it is supposed to be better for me. But truth to be told, I see no extreme difference. As for the packaging, my previous Garnier Micellar Water for normal skin is in light pink while new micellar water is in bright pink packaging. Contains: 400 ml. Price: 4,95 € in dm drugstores.

Balea Anti-Transpirant Deospray
Another beauty product is Balea Active deodorant. I am usually buying roll-on deodorants as I prefer avoiding polluting whenever I can. This time I had to be satisfied with this 'armpits freshener' but I won't be sticking to it in the future. Scent of this deodorant is not too strong and does not last very long unfortunately. Contains: 200 ml. Price: 1,15 € in dm drugstores.

Listerine Total Care Anticavity Mouthwash
Leaving best one for last, right? No, all of the products so far have been fine and this one is no exception. Dental care is very important to me and part of my current routine is also Listerine Total Care Anticavity Mouthwash. I bought the smaller one as I am not going to be away for so long and it's going to be easier to empty. Contains: 95 ml. Price: 1,45 €.

I wish you a great start of a new week, 
xx Maja

Primark Haul | Valencia

Would you believe me if I told you that I've chosen Valencia as a holiday destination partly because of their Primark? Last day we went to the shopping centre in Bonaire, just outside Valencia. We had little time and a lot on our lists but we managed. We stayed mostly in Primark as we wanted to check everything. If only we brought bigger suitcases with us... You will see that a woman can always find enough  place in her suitcase and here's the proof. 

Valencia Photo Diary

It was two weeks ago when we left for Valencia. We were deciding between Barcelona and Valencia but as we did our research mostly on the latter, we said we'll have time for Barcelona some other day. We visited everything we planned and some more. Our exploration started with wandering around the city. First destination was Mercado Central (Central Market), the largest covered market out there. It was incredible to see such large space full of people. Everyone was buying something, even us- that was when we tried out our first Horchata: Spanish local drink of tigernuts which has a taste you can't find anywhere else. With only a few buildings away, we visited Lonja de la Seda, a building dating from Middle Ages in which many merchants did their business. Continuing our jurney, our quick next stop was Parroquia de San Martín. Someone was interesting in seeing the architecture of this church from inside and we arrived just for the daily ceremony; that's why we didn't linger around. We rather passed Valencia Cathedral and head for a drink on Placa de la Verge