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Leather on Leather (faux)

Leather-on-leather look can work just the same as denim-on-denim look. I cheated a bit here and wore a white jumper in between the layers but if I ditched the jacket and used a leather top it could work great too. I wore a knitwear underneather, it's just approapriate for the weather. And with that, I put on white sneakers to match the jumper. As much as I like black and white outfits, I wanted a bag that wasn't in that colour and this one from Accessorize was more than perfect. 

Short update: I had many things going on this past two weeks, I went back home for almost an entire week, then by coming back I missed the last train and had to stay at my friend's place for overnight. I was running around, doing errands, doing Uni work and studying for two exams. I was all over the place (or countries, you could say). I still have regular work to do but it has tuned down a bit so you can expect regular blogging schedule :) I hope you are all doing fine and that everything is going as planned. 
^^ look at the difference between my natural hair colour and colour at that time -.-
Jacket: Two Way // Jumper: H&M // Pants: H&M // Bag: Accessorize // Necklace & Rings: H&M (similar necklace)

What have you been up to lately? 
xx Maja

Beauty Bits: Shades of pink and plum

essence Mono Eyeshadow
Darks are perfect for autumn. I needed an eyeshadow that is dark (but not black) for a makeup look I had in mind. I have found this essence mono eyeshadow in 21 keep calm and berry on which is this pretty dark plum colour. It is a new colour among mono eyeshadows from essence and has a matte effect. I used it in my crease as a blending and final colour. It's great for an evening out but also for a toned-down everyday look. 
Price: 1,55 in dm drugstores. 

essence The Darks I love Trends Nail Polish
Do you remember me talking about Catrice nail polish and back than I said I have another nail polish in mind which would be equally good or even better? I was talking about this shade '16 well plum!' that is well... plum :) Even if the colour is amazing and is almost the same as one from their old range of limited edition, I have to say the coverage is not great. All right, I admit, I expect every nail polish to be good and provide enough coverage with only one coat. This one's first application is almost sheer but second coat fixes the situation and gives you the expected results. 
Price: 1,75 € in dm drugstores. 

ebelin pencil sharpener
With all my lip pencils I brought with me from home, I forgot to even think about a pencil sharpener. This one from ebelin has a cute pink look and is meant for slimmer and thicker pencils. It comes with a plastic case which you can fill up with a waste and empty it later. 
Price: cca. 2 € in dm drugstores. 

Do you have any beauty/makeup product on a short-term wishlist? 

Have a blissful weekend, 
xx Maja

Gift guide for any occasion

Do you need an inspiration for gifting? Either it is Christmas, someone's brithday or just going to visit someone, gifts are always difficult to pick. That's where I jump in to fill you in on a few ideas. I have tried to look for something versatile- things you can gift anyone. You might think gift such as these can't be much good but I can assure you if you look hard enough, some can be just that and fun too. From the Banggood wishlist I have decided that my personal favourite is a happy & sleepy mug that changes its mood by pouring a hot or cold drink in it. How great is that! 

Which item do you find best? 

xx Maja

Outfit: Vienna + Photo Diary

Happy November everyone! I hope you had a lovely Halloween night, if it was indoor or outdoor. I spent mine in Vienna, not as a member of a crazy party but as a visitor to this beautiful city, for the second time. I went on a one day trip with my school colleague to see the Schönbrunn palace and the gardens. We were lucky enough to have nice and sunny weather even if it was a bit chilly. I don't mind palaces but believe it or not I mostly prefer to see the gardens around them. Maybe it would be best to see it in spring time with flowers overflow but you should know that autumnal colours have its magic too. 

As I was there for only one day, I didn't need to fully look like a tourist, only the camera gave me away. This is my first chance to show off my newly purchased Primark coat from Valencia. I wanted to stay in autumnal spirits with mix of colours. Brown coat is more than suited for this job and while I wore red simply for a more noticeably outfit, I wore grey for the opposite effect- to tone down the red which can be very striking in different styling. 

There were also The Imperial Treasury and St.Stephen's Cathedral on the agenda and we managed to squeeze some free strolling in the city centre too. The only thing I regret now is not having purchased a beautiful dress I've seen in Forever21 ;) If you want to follow more of my stay in Austria, you can add me on snapchat for more adventure (majasmuffin).