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How To: Eyewear Make-up

If you are one of those who wear glasses, then you know how easily glasses cover and hide our entire face. To bring out features you would like to show off, you can use makeup just like any other time. I kept mine simple, starting off with a base and a concealer. I couldn't pass my eyebrows where I used an eyebrow powder set. Staying on eye area, I used two eyeshadows- natural brown on an entire eyelid and plum colour in my crease. I also used plum under my lower lash line whilst I used light champagne colour in my inner corners of my eyes. For a final touch I applied a coat of mascara and then I moved to my cheeks. I can tell you that if you are planning to take photos, more makeup is actually welcome otherwise it won't show on a camera. That is why I applied more bronzer than usually (and you still can't tell how much I have on). I applied highlighter between my eyebrows, above my cheeks, on cupid's bow and under my eybrows. Finally, I got to apply a dark lip liner to keep my makeup look seasonally appropriate. 

My glasses were a courtesy from Firmoo who were kind to send me a new pair of subscription glasses. I wanted a pair of big glasses for a while. Ordering online was an easy process and the only thing you have to be careful when applying for new (subscription) glasses is the information on your diopter and the width between your eyes. On the website you can find Daily Novelties and if you find something you like you can use 15% discount on your first pair of (sun)glasses. 
Wishing you happy holidays and Merry Christmas :) 
Hope you're excited as much as I am, 
xx Maja

One Day: Salzburg

You can see one city in a day. But getting through a city in a rush is not necessary. I had less than a day as I arrived at noon in Salzburg and it is true that I had a local tour guide. My friend waited me at the train station and we immediately start planning on where to go first. I had few main places in mind and I kept them at a minimum number as I realized we didn't had much time for everything. My first main choice was of course Mirabell Palace and Gardens where we arrives shortly after our lunch stop. There we walked through gardens and took photos of still bloomed flowers, regardless the season. Half of the gardens was closed and I wish I could see it in full blossom in spring time. 

From that point which was our start point, we proceeded to the city centre by foot where we passed the river on a fully decorated bridge with locks and Christmas lights. However, we did not turn towards the city centre but went to see the 'salty' tunnel to breathe in some salty air to open our lungs ;) Only then we passed around the centre, through early Christmas market time and headed towards Fortress Hohensalzburg. From where we were standing it looked like a long way up there and wanted to use the lift. Nevertheless, we still ended up going on foot as we realized the fortress isn't positioned up that high. More effort was needed at the end but we were rewarded with a beautiful view over the entire town. We snapped a few photos, drank bluberry flavoured Gl├╝hwein and enjoyed the view for a while. 

Next stop was Hellbrunn Palace and... we managed to go on a wrong bus so we ended up driving around and outside the city. We lost an hour here but it was a nice break from freezing and walking. When we came back to city centre we made a quick stop at Starbucks, did some shopping and headed to Christmas market. I snapped a few photos there, as much the crowd would allow me, bought souvenirs and slowly headed back home. We did had enough time to grab a dinner and then ate on our way to the train station. 

Salzburg is definitely the city you want to visit during Christmas time but I can only imagine how lovely it looks in spring season. I am positive that whenever you decide to visit the city, it awaits you with open hands. 
Have an amazing day, 
xx Maja

Put a Scarf On

How do you wear a chiffon or silky scarf? I admit I am not a person who wears them at all. I always have them in my mind as something for a middle aged woman to wear to go with her business suit/costume. The image is drawn from my mother who likes to wear them and I have never thought to wear them myself. But you know me, I have to try something new, try to incorporate it into my style and make it wearable for everyone. This is one way to wear it... casual attire on top with pattern trousers and glossy shoes at the bottom. Or as I prefer to call it: a mix of casual and office wear. But now, I want to hear how do you like this outfit styled?
Trousers: H&M // Bag: Jello // Shoes: Mass // Scarf: similar here and here

Talk to you soon.
xx Maja

December To-Do List

1. Drinking hot beverages, mostly hot cocoa and hot chocolate. Let's not forget to put marshmallows inside. 
2. Baking! What is the best time of the year to go baking-crazy? :) Gingerbread cookies are a classic recipe and I will make those as soon as I get home (the oven here is very old and does not work as it should and I am not going to risk a cookie failure. Again hehe). 
3. Reading. I miss those moments when you light up candles or fairy lights, curl up in bed and open a good book. 
4. Ice skating is a tradition my sister and I have when the season for ice skating starts. I think I will leave this one when I get home too. I'd like to continue this tradition with her :) 

5. Seeing Christmas lights and decorated city! I have seen Steyr and love how much effort they put in Christmas decor. However I have to see Ljubljana as well. There is just somehing about wondering through town while sipping on a hot drink and enjoying the view. 
6. Candles. I am already a candle obsessed and this time I have an excuse to burn up all the candles I didn't get the chance to during the year. 
7. Visiting Christmas market is also something I can't imagine December without. I have seen the Christmas market in Steyr and I intend on visiting two more in Austria and another one in Ljubljana (obviously). 
8. And the best for last... having a Christmas movie marathon! Please share what is your favourite Christmas movie in the comments :) 

December has so many joyful things to offer. I realized there are things I am missing as we are already fully into the month and me being away from home makes difference. I have missed our Christmas tree decoration and I still haven't seen the lights of Ljubljana in this time of the year. These things are a sign of Christmas holidays approaching and since I am not in my 'natural habitat' the spirit isn't quite there. I do enjoy many things during December and here is a list of what I will keep in mind to do what I do every year. 

Photos: tumblr, pinterest, google

What does your December To-Do list contains? 

Have a lovely day, 
xx Maja

Beauty Bits: Darks or Brights

s.he stylezone lip pencil
I have found my winter makeup look. Dark lips and bright eyeshadows or bright (as in frosty pink) lips and dark eyeshadows. But let's talk about the first one today. With my lip pencils piling up, I have added a shade 003 from s.he stylezone to my collection in a dark plum colour. Unlinke essence lip pencils this one tends to stay on for much longer while the pigmentation is the same. 

essence lip pencil
Classy red lips is a look you just have to wear from time to time. Think of era fourties and how glamurous red lipstick made every woman look. This particular shade is called 14 Femme Fatale from essence and is in fact a vivid red colour. Make sure you apply lip balm before applying lip pencil as it can dry your lips easily. 

s.he stylezone duo highlighter pen
One side of this pen is a champagne colour and the other one is rosy. Application is smooth when I swatch them on my hands but  it won't easily come on on my face. For that reason the first application is poor but you can build it up to get more product to show. 

essence kajal pencil
Kajal pencil in a shade 01 Black  was a purchase merely because I lend mine to my sister and I needed one for myself. I usually don't wear black (or any dark) kajal on my eyes but for smokey eye look it is a perfect choice. 

essence matt touch blush
Even if I'm more of a bronzer girl I always have a need to apply something else to my cheek. Bright blushes in shades from pink to red make me look unnatural or doll-like and that is why I am always careful when buying blush. I go for darker shades to match my bronzer and to fit the makeup look. It's called 20 berry me up! and like it says on the packaging, it is matt and has no shimmer in it whatsoever. The colour blends nicely with my bronzer and doesn't appear to be amiss. 

bebe more face moisturizer
It may look like I keep buying these without any stops but as we are entering deeper into the season, the weather conditions are harsher and my skin longs for protection. I have written about bebe more face moisturizer before and you can check it in a separate post.
Do you have any plans for the end of the week? 

Thank you for reading and I wish you all a great weekend! :) 
xx Maja