Highlights of 2016

Outfit posts (some of my favourites)
1. I remember purchasing this varsity jacket from Terranova at the beginning of this year and I still love to wear it! (see full post
2. Ordering this bomber jacket from boohoo wasn't as I expected it to be (I wanted a puffy one) but I ended up styling it in many different ways. (see Deep Red Velvet & Bomber jacket post here) 
3. In the same boohoo order came the sleeveless coat I've showed you a few times (and probably will show it a few more times as it's a classy piece). (White sleeveless coat)
4. I wanted to style this blanket scarf ever since autumn came. (Two Sided Wrap Scarf)
1. I managed to keep uploading a couple of recipes on my blog this year too. Gingersnap cookies have been tried out for the first time in May but certainly not for the last time. (see the recipe)
2. Some people don't like fruits in cakes (my sister for example) but I love the juicy fruity bits! In blueberry cake you can taste the perfect baked deliciousness of berries without any skin coming of the fruit. 
3. Easy recipes are my expertise (not really though) and coconut slice cake is a sugar explosion. I recommend to try it out. (Easy Coconut Slice
1. At the end of August I wrote to LJFW, wanting to attend fashion shows but I never really expected to get an invitation! You can imagine my excitement when I read the email. (Ljubljana Fashion Week)
2. Right after the fashion week I was lucky to attend another blogger event, organized by Avon. (Avon Life Perfume Launch)
3. With so many amazing events happening in that time, Beautiful Bloggers event was the one my sister and I got signed up for ourselves. It was definitely the most anticipated one. (Beautiful Bloggers Meetup 2016)
1. Parriisss!!! Can't we just leave it at that? My sister, mum and me went to a five day trip to Paris at the end of September and I have to say we all enjoyed ourselves. We all agree that five days is not nearly enough to see everything but you still get to see A LOT. It's beautiful and it was great to come back after eight years since my last trip. (see posts here: one, two, three)
2. Getting a new phone. My old one was too slow to work properly anymore so I went and bought a new one and I have to say, I haven't been more satisfied with a phone. All the functions, speed, screen... it's been a great companion so far. (Samsung Galaxy J5 2016)
3. Wedding in August. Last year my cousin got married in August as well and this year it's been her brother's turn. I only have an outfit post to show you- Wedding Guest Summer Edition

There has been so many great things happening and I'd be lying if I said 2016 wasn't good. It was great! I had ups and downs and I might write more about it soon. But today, I want to thank you all for sticking with me this year and I hope I will manage to bring you better and versatile posts next year. 

I wish you a good ending of the old year and a successful beginning of the new year πŸ˜„πŸ’–
Happy 2017! 
xx Maja

Universal DD Cream SPF 25 | DermEden

DermEden DD Cream has been praised a lot which at first got me thinking: "Isn't every product supposed to be the best of the best?" Especially today with many blogs and vlogs raving about almost every product they/we get which is how products are presented today at the market. They change from shelf to shelf quickly, they come and go and they have to keep the standards up. The competition is quite insane and being adverse is almost impossible. 

Being told that DermEden Daily Defense Cream was a universal product, containing high SPF (mine has SPF 25 but you can find fifty as well) and was a great barier against daily pollution. Even better was the information that the same product was made for every women out there. It means that DD Cream doesn't come in various colours, nor in various packaging for different skin type but that there is only one product which can be used and shared by your group of friends if needed. (However, there are also options for normal/mixed or dry skin only). 

Another sceptical question arose here. I tried out a few products before that claimed to be for all skin type but that usually excludes sensitive skin, no matter what it says. So, with all my questions in mind I reluctlantly but hopefully tested it out. I got a small amount of product out first on the back of my hand and found its consistency to be thick but very light weight (almost fluffy). It is beige-white and has tiny pearls inside, with different colours that supposed to adjust to your skin tone. When I spreaded it out, you could see the product was nicely blended and adapted to my tone. 

It reacted well on my hand but when I applied it on my face, the story remained successful but slightly different. The colour pigments managed to adapt there properly as well but the coverage was poor to medium. I could still see most of the redness around my nose. This doesn't bother me now though because I think the beauty product is meant to be worn as a primer before your full foundation routine (unless you wish to wear it by itself). It does an amazing work of moisturizing throughout a longer period of time which is very welcomed for me. 
Have you come across this DD Cream before? 

Thank you for stopping by, 
xx Maja

Combat Winter Boots

What a turn of style... I avoid wearing anything military inspired because it is simply a style I don't see myself in it. There would be a certain amount of style I'd gladly dig into and that is much older inspired fashion (for example uniforms from eighteenth until late nineteenth century). Dark khaki or olive green jumper (or any other clothing) also aren't considered in the same category because this is just another colour that has been around since centuries. But camouflage print or combat boots evolved in the early twentieth century is something that seems too drab. 

When I got surprised one day with mum coming from her shopping trip and saying she found very exciting boots that I'm going to love (sometimes she guesses but sometimes I am surprised by her choices). When she pulled these out of her bag, I immediately said I'll never wear them (not in a snobbish way- if my sister wouldn't like them either, I'd personally go and return them myself). But when sister admired them and giving them great remarks (maybe to change my heart), it caught my attention and I started to wonder if/how I could style them. And with that, I am here- with another post wearing new shoes from New Yorker. 
How do you like them? 
Thanks for reading, 
xx Maja

Thank you Leja for the photos. You can see her new post on Leja's Moment.

Christmas Feels So Far

First week of December has gone by and so far I have brought up a few routines I do every year. 

1. Light up candles. I limit myself to buying a couple of candles and then lighting them up almost every day or evening until they run out. Right now I have one that is vanilla scented and the other one is slightly floral. 

2. Eating typical goodies for this time of the year- gingerbread cookies, chocolates from advent calendars and also consuming hot drinks such as tea (lots!), hot cocoa or chocolate. 

3. Baking! My love for baking grows in this month. I like to stick to simple but new recipes. 

4. I will try to avoid buying gifts at peak of the month. I don't always succeed as I like to avoid the capital in this time of the year (it's filled with tourists. And shoppers). 

5. Natural makeup prevails anytime but at around Christmas time I only wear reds and glitters on my nails. Classic red, deep red, golden glitters... all are at (on) hand(s). πŸ˜‰

I have other customs too but I will aquire them soon enough. It's only sixth of December and there are a few weeks to go before the New Year's Eve. 
What are your traditions you like to relieve at Christmas time? 

Talk to you soon, 
xx Maja

Makeup Revolution Precision Contour vs. Real Techniques Miracle Sponge

If you remember these brushes from my Christmas Gift Guide, you'll know I recommend oval brushes to anyone who seeks easier and faster application. My set consists of three face brushes: foundation, blush and contour/bronzer. From another 'set' I have tested out Real Techniques foundation and concealer sponges and here is the comparison between the two. 

Makeup Revolution London Precision Contour Set
The biggest brush is meant for foundation and it is my most used one. Its bristles are extremely soft and it feels like a feather swiping on my face. It takes little time to put on makeup- I apply a few drops of my Catrice HD Liquid Coverage foundation on the back of my hand and swipe the brush over it to collect the product. Then I dot the brush on my cheeks, forehead, nose and chin and blend it all out. To my greatest surprise, it is that simple (easy blending is also for creamy contouring or powder bronzer and blush). It fits perfectly into my hands and you're supposed to hold it like a toothbrush- I have to be careful not to hold it too tight because the handle near the bristles is thin and therefore fragile. The handles are made of plastic but the rose-gold gives it a high end look. 

You can buy them separately (link) or in a set of three (face or eye brushes) or an entire set (link). Slovenian readers can get them here. I think you get a lot for the price and I am sure they will change your makeup routine. 
Real Techniques Miracle Sculpting and Mini Eraser Sponges
Just as it is important to pick a suitable foundation for you skin, it is important to pick the proper tool to apply it too. Makeup sponge is with its soft made material appropriate for any foundation (oil or water based). My most used oil based foundation from Alverde tends to leave a greasy residue on my face and even if it keeps my skin hydrated, it feels too heavy on my skin. It is harder to get rid of it with my brushes but makeup sponge soaks up the access and leaves the right amount of foundation on (with enough hydration throughout the day). I can comparing the Real Techniques with ebelin sponges and say the texture of the first is much softer and gentler to the skin. They are also bigger and shaped differently- round and sharp edged for certain areas of your face and for certain use (applying or fixing your makeup). 

You can purchase them here (international) while Slovenian readers can dive into this link
I gave both good reviews based on trying them all out and being honestly open. I have always used a flat brush or my fingers to apply foundation but flat brush always left brush marks and I had to go back with my fingers to blend it out. Neither oval brush nor sponge leave any marks so I am glad I needn't fix anything. I do have one poor remark for both. I was cleaning all my brushes a couple of days ago and it took me a while to clean the oval brushes and sponges. The bristles are dense and the cleanser can hardly reach through the 'brush bush'. I needed a few time to really scrub and press the bristles down. Sponge has a similar situation- it has to be squeezed a good few times to get all the dirt out but I can say it looks like a new one once you succeed. 

Do you have a favourite tool for applying makeup? What are your thoughts and experiences with makeup sponge or oval brush? 

Thank you for reading, 
xx Maja

Sweater Weather | Roundup + Wishlist

Post: Bonjour

Maybe you are one of those who think winter is just too short or those who think winter could ditch a month or two. Either way, we face frosty and cold weather and in most cases that requires thick jumpers, cardigans and coats. My collection vary and I have jumpers mostly from high-street clothing brands such as H&M, New Yorker and C&A. In this post I have rounded up my most worn jumpers recently and some that have made up on my wishlist. 
Strap Choker Oversized jumper - Boohoo // Pink ruffle jumper - Missguided // Oversized jumper - Shoptiques // Kina Faux Fur sweater - Storets // Cold Shoulder jumper - Boohoo 

Have a great week!
I will talk to you on Friday,  
xx Maja

10 Affordable Christmas Gifts for Him and Her Guide

I admit, I watched a few videos on Christmas gift ideas already. It is addicting and it is better to be prepared, right? Gift-giving is a part of the holidays. In my family we love to receive gifts but expensive gifts never made such importance. Small tokens are what counts more and we (myself included) better include a few but small/inexpensive items as a gift than an expensive, let's say tech product. Greater gifts are reserved for birthdays and other occasions (graduation, getting a driver's licence etc.). 

You can never go wrong with gift sets of body products, makeup, clothing or even books and food (chocolates and other sweet goodies). You only need to know a bit about the person you shop for. If she loves floral scents, then s.Oliver for Her (it is more gentle) or Avon Life for Her (much stronger) would be great for her. The same goes for a man you are shopping for- does he prefer very musky essence? If he loves spicy and elegant masculine scents but nothing too overpowering, this Eau de Toilette from s.Oliver for Him would be perfect. The prices differ from 21 € for Eau de Toilette (30 ml) to 31 € for EDT 50 ml. 
Newest find in a category of bath products is CD brand. Everything from their range is fruit based- their Orange blossom edition is absolutely breath-taking but my personal favourite is pomegranate. You can find various products such as shower gels, deodorants, body sprays, body cream, hand cream, body lotions and face products. You can also find other ranges and scents: waterlily and lemon. All their products are vegan and retail from 1,55 € to 2,95 € in dm and MΓΌller drugstores.  
Also new on the market are the oval brushes. These from Makeup Revolution retail at around 30 € at licila.si (for Slovenian readers) and at Tambeauty.com (for international readers). Of course you can get an entire set for 63 € (they have a 26 % off at the moment) which is a good deal compared to some other makeup brands. I have tried the face brushes and I must say they have changed my makeup routine. It takes me only a minute or two to apply foundation which gives me more time in the morning to get ready and focus on other things. This is definitely my favourite of the year. 

Accessories are amongst favourite items for gifting at Christmas. Scarves, gloves and hats are all good choices. I am one of those who think men wearing (the right kind) bags can be very fashionable. Many still avert from wearing an everyday bag and if you think that kind of a bag wouldn't suit the person you're buying a gift for, then weekend bags are another choice. It is definitely needed, especially when love travelling. I have chosen these two, one from Fred Perry simply because their designs are amazing and this one is even in my brother's collection (I helped choose it of course πŸ˜‰). The other is by John Lewis and is a classic and vintage-looking weekend bag. Neither is made of real leather. 
For a woman, this bag from Zara is very much alike the classic Chanel bag and apart from being much affordable and equally pretty, it isn't made of real leather unlike most of the designer bags. 

Every year there is a fine selection of slippers that are cozy and soft. I wouldn't mind getting a new pair every time to keep me warm. H&M has soft slippers in pink where the inside has a faux fur lining (extra warm! πŸ‘Œ). Felt slippers also from H&M are a version for men that also have a faux fur lining inside. They look super comfortable and great too! 

Next is a small but at certain times can be a very luxurious product, a candle. I would chose one that is scented in a way that can bring a peaceful and relaxing moment when required. Wintery scents are very calming and so is vanilla, an all-year-round popular scent. Much (much) milder essence of men perfumes can be found in candles. It can be anything from spicy or woody to herbal scented. A selection of such can be found at Diptyque Paris (a mini-sized version one can be found for 25 € and large ones for 46 €).
I hope you got an inspiration from this gift selection and if you have any other gift ideas, please share them in the comment section 😊

Have a lovely day, 
xx Maja

Christmas Makeup Look | Avon

Is it too soon to talk about Christmas looks? Because in the next few posts I have prepared a few ideas that go along the same theme. I mean, I have to write about it and test it soon enough for you to see and decide whether to use some of the suggestions given to you (or recommend me some ;)). For today I did a simple and classic makeup and nail look, using mostly Avon products. 

Two of the nail varnishes couldn't have been more suited for the holidays. Red and sparkly silver screams Christmas! I couldn't decide if I wanted to use one or the other seperately and in the end I applied the silver only on my ring finger to give the look a pop. Silver shade is called Starry Sky while on the rest of my nails I used Red Bombshell from Perfect Reds collection. What is amazing and has been my ultimate favourite ever since I got it, is also a product from Avon- Quick dry nail spray. After I paint my nails, I use one spray of the product on each nail. Then I wait a few seconds and voila! My nails are dry! It has been a 'life saver' in the time-department. I don't need to wait excruciatingly long minutes anymore which is satisfying. 

When it comes to the entire look, I kept it simple. I applied a full-face foundation and I used a black liner close to my lash line that I then smudged to achieve a soft look. I used two extra natural (one grey, other brown) eyeshadows on my crease and eyelids from Beauty Bay eyeshadow palette. The highlight here is a classic red lipstick, called Berry Berry Nice and this one too is from the Perfect Reds edition. I first applied Essence lip liner to help lipstick stay in place. Its duration is acceptable but I'd recommend to keep the lipstick somewhere close for a reapplication. It has a bit of a shimmer but it is visible only from up close. It dries up after some time and appears more matte but otherwise gives more of a glossier look. It has a pink undertone and if you prefer only all-pink shades, you can opt for 'Extreme Mauve' Ultra Colour Bold Lipstick (same brand). Its shade can be seen in one of the photos. 
Write to you soon, 
xx Maja

A Christmas Day Look

Instead of going directly for bright and obvious Christmas colours, I wanted to include them in details while I kept my style the same. First things first, a cozy white jumper is cropped which is suited for my petite figure. I didn't want anything too long so my legs won't get lost.😁 

Trousers were an elegant mix of neutral tones, including something beige-like to match the coat. Nothing is better at elegance than a fine sewn, wool coat. Mine is from Primark and I haven't worn it as much as I expected it to but I am hoping to do so this winter. I put a checked scarf around me and it looked better to wear it loosely- more as a 'I am here only as an accessory rather than having a function to keep someone warm' hehe. It will get colder in a month and in that case I would most certainly wear it around me.😏 

To finish this look off, I put the hightlight of the outfit in an actual full-red coloured item- a shoulder bag. I love the size of it- it holds all the necessities I usually need. 
I will talk to you on Friday. Until then, 
xx Maja

Hand Care in Winter

It may be too soon to say but my hands have been soft so far! I know every time we launch ourselves into the winter I face red, irritated and scratchy skin (mostly around my knuckles). I have a habit of not wearing gloves and that leaves a tool on my hands. This season I have prepared by keeping a stack of hand creams close by to provide me moisture until the end of May if necessary. 

How can that be relevant, you may wonder. For me, who loves to wash her hands too many often, is crucial. Besides avoiding hot water, soaps have had an important part in giving my hands as little damage as possible. There is a type of soap bar that while in use, I risk tightness of my skin and sometimes even peel off dead skin cells (that aren't even there). I avoid soap bars for that reason (although not every one turned out the same) and I have been using liquid soaps for a while now. It has gravely improved the condition of my skin (and kept it that way too). Cotton and Silk cream liquid hand wash from Afrodita is one of many I have found in line with my hands. Besides its divine scent and creamy consistency, it has proven great. 

Remember me talking about Lip Care during winter and how I have a certain number of lip balms so I can keep one in each (most used) bag? The same story goes with hand creams. I am used to apply cream after each hand washing and when going to bed- those are the times I need it the most or I want to use it as a mask for deep conditioning. Caudalie hand and nail cream has a fine and almost thick texture that provides my hands everything they need. While I prefer scent-free products, this one has a soft citrusy essence that I don't mind at all. Cotton and Silk is the same range as the soap and smells just as well. I keep bigger version in my bag and frankly, it is almost gone. If you are a regular reader of this blog, you are familiar with L'Occitane Arlesienne Velvet hand cream. I will leave a link to its previous mention so I can move on to the last moisturizer: Le Couvent des Minimes- Gardener's Hand Healer (this name though!). I am currently using it at home but unfortunately not because I am gardening.πŸ˜‰ This one reminds me very much of Caudalie I mentioned earlier. They both have similar, semi-light consistency, citrus scent and they both do an amazing job. 
What are your go-to hand creams? 
xx Maja

8 Fall/Winter Lipsticks To Wear

In one of my recent posts, I told you I like wearing darks in colder seasons whether it is in my outfit or makeup. And since I keep showing you outfit looks, I decided to dig into makeup and scrap out prettiest and best lipsticks for Autumn/Winter season. 

I think reds are classic colour for any season. But to tell you honestly, I reach out for red more often in fall and winter than in any other time of the year. I have picked up two shades, one is my recent aquirement from Trend It Up (the new makeup range in dm drugstores, very affordable, good quality and most important- cruelty-free). It is called 080 and is in fact a liquid matte lipstick. It takes some time to dry up and even after that it never completely dries up. Personally, I like it so as my lips feel extra dehydrated in this time. Second one is from Rimmel Kate Moss in 01 (numbers again) and has been in the collection for some time now. It is also matte and longlasting. It won't dry your lips much but it won't moisturize them either. Both are great products and often in use. 

This is probably the most popular colour scheme in the collection when it comes to dark lips. Plum Shock from Avon is a shine gloss stick which you can see in photos. It is indeed very glossy but is not longlasting. I have a habit of pressing my lips together all the time and that way I loose the lipstick quickly. But when I manage to keep myself away from this, I feel moisturizing effect set in. I do need to reapply it after a while and that is why I have to have it in my bag when wearing it. Freedom Professional London is a new brand to me but I have to say I am impressed by it. I have included two lipsticks from Freedom makeup brand in this post. Dusk Till Dawn is a purple shade, lighter than the others but very pretty to wear. Pigmentation is in order and I admit I didn't expect it so when trying it out. Quelle Surprise from MAC is also an oldie. It isn't matte and can endure long time wear (perfect combination, right?). It is certainly one of the best out there for the season (or any other, if you feel like it). To wrap this section off, NYX soft matte lip cream in Transylvania has been raved about on this blog a few times already. To achieve a deep purple look, I always apply two layers and apart from that, I have no objections on this product. It is my favourite. 

I admit, I didn't know where to place Misslyn lipstick in 119- under purples or browns- but decided to leave it here. Its texture is slightly heavier than the rest and it isn't matte either. It is very pigmented however and rarely needs a reapplication. Definitely worth trying out. Last pick in this article is another one from Freedom, called Now 120 True Power (if that is a reference to anything, let me know because I have no idea what is that supposed to mean). This one is the same as its sister, same texture, same qualities. If you don't like wearing bold lipsticks, this one is perfect as it is more natural looking. 
But before you start applying lipstick, click to see my lip care in winter ;)

What are your favourite lipsticks for the season? I'd like to know.

Until next time, 
xx Maja