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(Jumper: H&M)
In a over heated shopping centre I most definitely was not cold but when I saw this jumper I knew it will be very much needed. All my jumpers are somewhat thin even if they are wollen but with this one I don't even need to wear any other layer underneath it. 
(Cardigan: H&M)
Another big ball of fluff? Yes! This one is a longer cardigan and I couldn't put it off of me the other day I was wearing it even when I stayed indoors for a longer period of time and it began to warm up. I have to say even if I am a tiny person, sleeves are three quarter length and I have to twist my hand awkwardly to keep it from sliding up when I am dressing up my coat. Does this happen to any of you? :)

 (Top: New Yorker)
Santa Mum saw me eyeing this red, velvet, sleeveles top in the store and I was pleasantly surprised to get it. It is also great to keep you warm but since it's sleeveles you need to wear some jacket or cardigan over it.

As you may know from previous outfit post, I am into hats this winter so you shouldn't be surprised to see a new addition to the family. You can see my previous look in Burgundy for January.
 (Bralette set: H&M)
Not only have I seen bralettes all over blogosphere, I also read a few posts regarding this. I was very curious what bralettes are all about (apart from appealing looks). I especially remember one post where it was written that bras do all the support for you, whereas bralettes teach you to learn how to do it yourself. 
 (Dress: Dorothy Perkins)
Black and sequins? You may wonder why I bought this when the NYE just passed. Well, it just so happens that I bought this long dress (only crop top is covered in sequins) for an event coming up later next week. We are having an evening party where the theme is The Golden Twenties. I am sure there are a few among you who is a fan of The Great Gatsby- even I am. But I don't think we will have such a spectacular ball. I wish though :)

I hope you are having a nice weekend, 
xx Maja


  1. Odlične stvarčice! ♥

  2. wow love all the clothes *o*

    Ana ♥ N/POST

  3. Ajme preslatko je sve što si izabrala! Pogotovo mi se sviđa grudnjak. :)

  4. Amazing post dear!I love every piece of clothes. xx

  5. Marvellous these pieces :)) xx

  6. Obožujem vse tvoje nakupe, najbol všeč mi je temno vijoličen pulover!

  7. Some nice pcs you have bought yourself, love the lace bra :) Its beautiful.

    Greetings from FM

  8. great pieces

  9. I love the material of the red top. And I totally understand your love towards the sequin dress, I also own pretty much sequin pieces in my wardrobe! Also have the HM bralette at home, it´s very comfortable, I love to wear it :)


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