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How many times have you been a bridesmaid or a wedding guest? This summer it will be my third time and I am already thinking of what to wear. For a summer wedding it is best to wear a dress of a thin material but it doesn't necessary needs to be short. Last summer I wore a blue long dress you already saw me wearing in Blue Lace Dress post.

However, this time I am thinking of wearing something similar to these bridesmaid dresses in the photos above. Just today I have been discussing with my sister how difficult it would be to be unique, wearing a dress or a colour that no one else among guests have. I think you would have to be a genius, trying to stand out in the crowd but not daring to overshadow the bride (obviously). 

From the selection I have made, my all-time favourite is the pink dress. From the first sight you can see it is a light-weighted material and made for summer, outdoor weddings. I like that it is not a formal dress which means the dress would certainly get another wear. Off-the-shoulder is the trend I root for and if I can (trust me, I can) picture myself wearing this somewhere on the sand beach... Of course, it would be a blast if the wedding took place on the beach but one can dream, right? 

Which one do you recommend and which one would you wear? 
xx Maja


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  2. Beautiful! Kiss from Serbia!

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