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Organic Face Skincare | eccoverde

Akamuti Sweet Orange Facial Scrub
A combination of almond oil, mango butter, brown sugar and oranges does a job of removing dead skin cells and is supposed to provide optimal care for dry skin complexion. Even though the content of Akamuti Facial Scrub comes in 50 ml, I only need the tiniest amount of product (a size of a walnut is totally enough) to apply and massage in circular motions. As recommended I avoid eye and mouth area. I rinse it off with warm water/damp towel. I use it one to two times a week. After use I can feel smooth and soft complexion without making my face any tighter than it already is. It cleanses my face and makes it fresher and rejuvenated.
Khadi face mask
This mask maintains natural moisture level and provides smooth and youthful appearance. Sandalwood gets rid of dirt and reduces and cleans large pores. The only thing I haven’t be able to witness is a protection from the sun and preventing pigmentation. This one is going to need much more time to test.

Khadi mask comes in form of a powder. Two teaspoons are supposed to be mixed with four teaspoons of water, milk if you have dry skin (in this case you can also add a spoon of honey) or rose water. I recommend one teaspoon of powder and one (or two) teaspoon of liquid, depending on how thick you want the mask to be on your face. I noticed increased tightness only when using the mask with water. And even then it shows only around nostrils area. I prefer using it with milk and honey.

You can apply the mask on the rest of your body too. Either way, creamy paste should be left on your skin for 10 to 15 minutes. There is 50g of product for which I can tell will last me a long time. 
Weleda Balm with calendula for the cold and wind
At first I thought Weleda Balm with calendula was a crème but it is a mix of oil and gel and therefore makes it long to absorb. I applied the product on areas that needed moisture the most (nose and forehead) before bedtime to leave it on overnight. When it gets absorbed it leaves oily residue behind but makes no bigger difference to my skin.

I picked it up because any product against the harsh weather is usually effective and exactly that- harsh. But baby products are gentle to your skin and I figured the combination of the two should be an ideal product. However, it is skin friendly and nourishing but I wouldn’t say it is suitable for extremely sensitive skin, not mine anyway.
Out of three products, I would recommend the first two. They work great for me and I haven’t found any grave flaws. I craved for a scrub that is nourishing and gentle at the same time and the same said for a face mask. All products are made out of organic ingredients. The entire site ecco-verde (where these were purchased) holds only organic products, actually. If you want to see more or what exactly the products hold inside, you can visit their site (here and international one here). 

Have you tried any of these products? Do you have any favourite organic beauty product in your skincare collection? 
Have a lovely weekend,
xx Maja


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