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Beauty Bits: AVON

If you’re following me on snapchat you have seen this beauty package from Avon last week already. Since blog posts need time to write and upload and stick to the schedule, I am bringing a full and close up review to you today.

Avon Face Pearls
In the catalogue and online I’ve seen only concealer/correcting and bronzing face pearls. The ones I’ve got look like a mix of highlighter and blush. Highlighter prevails and that is how I am using it. I actually use it with the blush brush I also got and apply it on top of my cheek bones.  It gives a natural sheer (but shimmery) glow and doesn’t need any extra powder setting.

Avon Advanced Techniques Leave-In-Treatment
I always get excited over any hair product and this time it was not different. A bottle contains Moroccan and argan oil and is meant to be for all hair types. It says you suppose to apply it on damp hair but it made no difference to me applying it this way. I use it on dry hair and while the bottle has a pump for more practical application I need four pumps to apply it evenly and effectively. I am down to ¾ of a bottle and I’ve already used it three or four times. It comes in 30 ml glass bottle.

Avon Perfectly Matte Lipsticks
Lipstick is my favourite makeup. I have four shades to show you, from lightest to darkest: Perfectly Nude, Au Naturale, Pure Pink, and Adoring Love. Two I already know will be my daily lipsticks- Au Naturale and Pure Pink. They’re easy to apply and they go on smoothly. It’s very much like creamy consistency while applying them and once they’re on, they gain matte effect (however, they still feel creamy). You need a lip balm as a base before applying a lipstick. From four shades I find the lightest unsuitable for my skin tone. It must be the shade but unlike others, this one (Perfectly Nude) show all imperfections- chapped lips and wrinkles. Others I am very satisfied with and I keep them close to reach for them often.
*I need to improve close-up shots, especially face shots. Until then, please bear with me. The lighting here is odd but the lipstick shades are very close to what they look in real life. 
Are you familiar with Avon (international site) products? Do you have a favourite? xx Maja

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  1. I absolutely adore Avon products! From the products you reviewed, I am using Leave-In-Treatment, matte lipsticks (love adoring love and berry blast shade) and always trying new shower gels. With their products it's always kinda of a mystery. You see it in catalog, but when it comes to shaded products (lipsticks, eyeshadows etc.) it is usually so different from the picture.

  2. I love AVON. AT the moment, Planet Spa is my favorite line from them...
    I also use some make up brushes, they are pretty good too.

  3. Predivan post <3

    Vildana from Living Like V (I HAVE A GIVEAWAY ON MY BLOG SO BE SURE TO CHECK IT OUT) & Stalia Is BAE

  4. The au naturale lipstick shade is so pretty! The face pearls look amazing too :)

  5. I love Avon products :) <3

  6. I like your blog, its really dope.
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    If you want, than follow me, and let me know in comments, so I can follow you back with pleasure.

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  7. So in love with your blog! You've got such a fresh style and it really is a pleasure to read it!
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  8. Draga, uzvracam follow na GFC #1719 i vec te pratim na Instagramu :*

  9. Avon je stvarno super i obozavam sve njegove proizvode :) Posebno moram da pohvalim slike iz tvog posta, neverovatne su, zaista <333 Sve u svemu, bravo!

  10. Amazing lipsticks - I've been obsessed with mattes lately!


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