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Beauty Bits: Avon

Avon Glow Bronzing Pearls
After I got Avon Face Pearls (see a post about those here) I was anxious to try Avon Pink Bronze when I received it. Pearls inside are the same size as Face Pearls- they’re tiny but sturdy. I use them with my contour angled brush, swirl in the pearls and check if any got stuck in my brush (does that happen to anyone else?). The last photo does it no justice but it gives a nice sun kissed look and even though I was worried at first how peachy toned bronzer could make me more orange than bronzed, I realized it wasn’t really an issue. 

Avon Dual-ended Kohl Eyeliner
Nothing is more practical than more-than-one product. If I got to choose which two colours could I put on each side it would be these two: beige/nude for everyday look and black for an evening look. While I find it difficult to apply the first one- it takes several applications for the colour to stick, I have no trouble with black one. 
Do you have either (or both) of the products mentioned? 
Until Friday, xx Maja

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  1. Great post, I like avon products <3

  2. ja isto volim dva u jedan proizvode, imam jednu takvu olovku od alverde (srebrnu/ tamno zelenu) i često je koristi. Ove perle divno izgledaju:)

  3. I use Avon, quite a lot. It has really good cosmetics!

  4. Predivan post! Takođe, jako volim 2 u 1 proizvode, haha. :) Slike su odlične! ♥

    Spomenula sam te u novom postu pa bi mi značilo da pogledaš ->

  5. Love Avon products, and i want that eyeliner, such a perfect double piece xoxo

  6. Volim Avon imaju divni stvari! xx


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