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Blue Floral

Or what I like to call it- white and blue porcelain print. A new pattern that has been seen on clothes lately and the one I like very much. It is because of the beautiful shade of blue and vivid blue is still my favourite. When I saw this dress in H&M I had to pick it up. And because of the change in weather I have finally been able to wear it. Its beautiful cut compliments my waist and while I don’t feel comfortable in wearing short dresses I find its length still appropriate. The only flaw of the dress is that it is a tad tight around chest area, even for me :) I styled it with orange accessories as a nice contrast to the blue. I kept jewellery simple and black. In the end I was happy to achieve a nice summery look. 

I kept my hair out of my face and made a crown braid (I actually made two braids starting from the nape of my head and unite them on top, one over the other). My hair has grown so much since previous year and I can finally do hairstyles for long hair. I am getting more familiar with making braids and I cannot wait to show you more.
Wishing you a great week! xx Maja
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  1. you look so lovely!!! perfect outfit :D

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  2. You look lovely! Love the dress, such a lovely pattern! xx

  3. Such an elegant look, greetings!

  4. Predivno izgledaš, kao i uvijek <3

    Vildana from Living Like V & Stalia Is BAE

  5. Cijeli look mi je predivan, ne mogu se odlučiti što mi je ljepše. *o* <3

  6. Ovo je prosto predivno, haljina ti stoji kao da je šivena po tebi! A dezen je isto jako ženstven i delikatan. :3

  7. You look gorgeous! Love the coral with the blue



  8. This dress is absolutely gorgeous!

  9. I love this look! There's something really great about the floral blue dress with the bright orange bag. Great touch with the choker too!


  10. Cute look, bright details cheer up!


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