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DIY Distressed Jeans

Hello everyone! I am sure you’ve noticed the new blog look which I am still working on and editing it. HTML code is different with every new blog template and I am trying to be patient when looking for every detail I want to change. By the end of this week I am expecting to be done with it and I hope you will find it easier to manage.

For this blog post I have dug into a new area- DIY. I haven’t done any home fashion project where I transformed old clothing into a new, wearable one. I had these jeans for a few years and for some reason I had difficult time parting from it. Instead I decided to transform them and what better trend was than boyfriend, distressed jeans. It allowed me to change them easily where I didn’t need to worry about precision.

If you decide to do something similar, here is what you will need:
scissors or Stanley knife (scissors were okay in my case because of thin jeans material) and 
thin wooden board. 

I started off with cutting the jeans at the knee area twice and once below knee on the other side. Once I was satisfied with the length of the cut, I took sandpaper and grind the cut to achieve more distressed look. You don’t have to stop here. You can add more cuts or even rip some parts for bigger effect. I did a few holes under the pocket on one side and finished there. I stayed clear of the back side of jeans but that is not a rule you have to follow. I just didn’t want to risk a hole or a cut where my panties might show (hehe).
For a final touch I rolled jeans up and sew it together. You don’t have to do this if jeans fit perfectly but mine were always too big for me.
Have you ever tried anything similar- to change a piece of clothing or maybe even jewellery?
xx Maja

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  1. very lovely jeans dear

  2. Super DIY! Farmerke su predivne :)<3

    Vildana from Living Like V & Stalia Is BAE

  3. Loving this DIY - thanks for sharing!

  4. Zelo lepo narejen diy! Hlače zgledajo kot iz trgovine :D.
    J. ♡

  5. super DIY! odlično izgledaju traperice u ovom novom izdanju:)


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