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Nude lipsticks

Lipsticks with natural, earthy tones are simple to wear. They have always been easy and quick to reach for. When wearing one, you don’t have to worry if it looks good on you because it does. They are mostly great to wear on everyday basis and risk it wearing it at work, even if it’s not allowed to wear any makeup. Nude tone lipstick could just get away with anything. Just as a little black dress is a classic piece in fashion world that we cannot bypass, nude lipstick is an important classic among makeup.

Every colour has many various shades and nude is no exception. From lightest to darkest, the latter is more suited to me. The oldest one I own is from essence called ‘Nude love’ and is no less loved than the rest. This one is the most subtle and cannot really be seen wearing which I like on days when I don’t want to draw attention or when I feel self-conscious for some reason. You can see many lipsticks from essence here and I like the creamy texture they all give. Next two from essence are in ‘Cool nude’ and ‘Velvet matt’ and are from long lasting range of nude lipsticks. ‘42’ Rimmel lipstick from Kate Moss Nude Collection is somehow most precious, probably because of the packaging. Texture is creamy and glides on almost effortlessly. Most recent ones are ‘Rich Truffle’ from MeMeMe and ‘Au Naturale’ from Avon. The first is the one I reach for often lately. It is so easy to use because it is in a crayon packaging and it doesn’t require too much attention when applying. With this one, mishaps with application don’t happen.

As much as I love nude lipsticks that doesn’t mean I don’t keep a special place in my heart for other colours. Natural is what I wear regularly recently. Do you have a favourite of yours? Let me know. xx Maja
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  1. Au naturale-je divna! Posedujem i je obozavam je :)

  2. Predivan post Majo! Meni lično se najviše dopadaju 'nude' ruževi :) Fotke su fantastične! ♥

    Novi post na mom blogu ->

  3. Lovely tones - nudes are such a must for this season. So fresh and summery :)
    xx, Carmen -

  4. Predivne nijanse karmina ! Super post <3

    Wonderful post dear! xo

    Vildana from Living Like V & Stalia Is BAE

  5. Vsak odtenek je po svoje čudovit! :) Sem imela obdobje, ko sem nosila samo nude :P

  6. Lovely post. This lipsticks are amazing

  7. I love lipsticks... I need to check out the lipstick you mentioned!


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