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How To Style a Sleeveless Coat

It was sooo windy when we took these pics. We couldn’t keep up for long as it seemed like the wind is only getting stronger. I always admire the professional photos taken in similar conditions (taken by professionals and real models for posing). I don’t know how they can take such incredible pics- always facing the right direction, even when the course of wind changes. For instance, my hair is already behaving crazy; I only have to brush them and they’re already like an overgrown bush on my head. With windy conditions… well, they’re quite something to look at as they’re hard to miss.

Anyway, I kept my look of the day clean and simple. I wore my sleeveless coat from boohoo (you’ve already seen it in this post) and my sister loved to regard it as a cape every time a fresh breeze hit us and sent my coat floating around. Zara white top is light material and great for summer time. It has two layers- bottom one is in grey and in the same chiffon material as the upper one. What I like about Zara jeggings I’m wearing is high waist and stretchy material. They’re acting great as a contrast to the rest of the items and the bright sun (isn’t the entire outfit somehow too shiny). I am still up for a challenge to style an entire look all-white, similar to this one here, only elegant.
I wish you a lovely day and thank you for reading, xx Maja

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  1. You look fantastic :)

  2. všečen outfit! Brezrokavnik pa je absolutno top <3

  3. I've been eyeing a sleeveless coat for a long time too. You styled it so well!

    xoxo, Christina

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