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Summer Beauty Essentials

This post is coming up late because I spent an entire day on a course (from 7 a.m.) until now. Hence the last minute writing. Luckily, I have all photos prepared; only words are coming up together now.

Last week I got this package* from Avon and if I have to give an award to an amazing PR, Avon would get it. Besides summer being here and those products just in time to test them out; I would also bring these four essentials with me when on a summer vacation (somewhere near beach that is). Avon hydrating Aloe & cotton face spritz would be in use all day, every day (already is) as a cooling treat to my sweaty face. I tend to wear no makeup in the summer and face is bare and exposed to the sun. Here comes in the face sun crème and Avon’s one is meant only for face and for sensitive skin- very thoughtful and practical- with SPF 30. Just today I had a misfortune when I was standing in the sun for a short period of time (it wasn’t that long, I could swear) and I still managed to get sunburnt. The only good thing about it, is that it started to notice when I arrived home (and no one else could see it). Learn from my mistake guys. Five, ten or fifteen minutes in the sun is enough to get burned. Another product I got was a lip crayon in a shade ‘notice me nude’ (sassy, right) that is a beautiful neutral colour with bronze shimmer. Lastly, I found Avon Joyful Tropics shower crème in scents of papaya and peach to be a cherry on top of a cake. If they could only know how to bring the beach to me… ;)
*PR products
Thank you for reading, xx Maja
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