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Wearing: Faux Leather Peplum Top

I could easily dress this look down with a pair of jeans but wearing magenta coloured trousers from Zara have the same effect with a pair of high heels as jeans would have. Across the top I wore a shoulder bag from Accessorize in similar colour as trousers. Golden details allowed me to pick a cuff bracelet from H&M to match the bag. Coincidentally, buckles on boots (Deichmann) match as well. To top this look off I wore a pair of round sunglasses with a bit of baroque detailing on sides. 

I wore a faux leather peplum top from Colloseum that I haven’t yet had a chance to show it. Sides are in fact made out of stretchy material that cling to your body and accentuate your waist. Second thing as you might already know with peplum tops, is a wider bottom part that also helps with thinning a waist line (or at least appear to look so). The zipper in front isn’t very appealing but is necessary to put on/get out of the top. 

My hair is lately always put up in some kind of braid. At first I wanted to do a crown braid but it simply wasn’t my day for braiding. So I opted to braid my hair from top to the nape of my head and then braid it normally and bring it to the other side. That way it stays out of my face because the sunglasses are big enough and if I were to wear my hair down, it would cover it completely.
Top: Colloseum (similar) // Trousers: Zara (similar) // Bag: Accessorize (similar) // Bracelet: H&M (similar) // Boots: Deichmann (similar)

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  1. Top je presladak, torbica također. Super izgledaš Majo <3

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  2. You look fantastic :)

  3. Divno! Torbica mi se baš dopada. :D ♥

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