Summer Sale 2016 | H&M, Zara, Orsay, C&A

Here is a peek into my recent sale buys. It’s been a while since last shopping spree. I’ve been busy with this and that and honestly, I didn’t feel like going shopping. Lately it presents quite an energy consuming. Spending all afternoon or day is necessary to go through many shops to find a few pieces and it wasn’t enough reason to draw me in. Now I finally gathered my powers and went to Ljubljana to see what good summer pieces I could find.
H&M: I will start with H&M because this sweater you’ve already seen in my What to wear on a chilly summer day post. It has been bought just in time for a sudden drop in temperatures and proven to do a good job. Running sports tights found themselves in my shopping basket due to lack of sportswear in my wardrobe. I can proudly say I have tested them out and went for a run in them. I’ve chosen 7/8 length so I can wore them in autumn as well. 
ORSAY: I haven’t been planning to stop here at all but my mum love to go in when she gets the chance. Its colour and size were enough for me to buy this handbag. It’s been long since my last bag purchase (and I love pretty bags!).
C&A: I was looking for shoes in C&A. It’s amazing how fast goods can go out of shops- in another C&A I’ve stumbled upon a pair of plain black high heels but they hadn’t had them in my size (38 EU). I found ones that were (so so!) amazing but the heel was too high and I knew I’d never wear them. Instead I found myself in other shop looking for heels but found these two tops instead. Printed top seems simple but has an open back which I love. The other top is very light and flowy with embroidered details in front as well as tassels- this top I grabbed immediately. I’ve seen it on girls on Instagram and other social media and knew I wanted one for myself.
ZARA: Main trip was to look for a dress that is summery and pretty but not simple. In August I have a wedding to attend to and need one new dress. Last year I was all about vivid blue, but this year it's yellow that draws me. It was standing right in front of the entrance door like it was waiting for me. I like the lace (if you remember I had lace last year too) for wedding or special events. I will wear handbag from Orsay and too bad I couldn’t find shoes in my size in C&A. I like to think I was meant to find something better ;)

Have you done some damage in shops lately? xx Maja
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Casual Wear on a Summer Day-Trip

My summer’s been really busy and last Sunday I finally got one day off and decided to go on a trip to a local castle. The drive was about 20 minutes long and we then walked for about 10 minutes. The view of the Turjak castle opened before us quickly and it was something to see. Once we finally got to it, we were surprised and disappointed to see that it was closed due to changing of the owner. But my disappointment lasted a short while. We still went to see around the castle and then we turned to go on a hike to see the nearby waterfall. It took us 40-50 minutes to get there and back to our car but I can say it was worth it. There aren’t many people and the nature here seems untouchable. At this point I was glad to wear slip-ons and comfy clothes. At first I wanted to wear a dress since the visit to the castle was a first priority. But you see how things can change.

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Thank you for reading,
xx Maja

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Beauty Bits: Summer Freshness

There are only few beauty products I use in summer. I like to cut loose most of the makeup and face products. I let my skin breathe and leave it to soak in the sun. The only issue I have to deal with is to put on enough hydrating crème and an SPF on my face and the rest of my skin. The same is with my hair- I use oils, hair milk and masks. I was pleasantly intrigued when I received Sun-Light Spray to protect the hair from the sun and heat. I haven’t properly tested it yet as I had it on only once. But I can say it is light-weight and smells lovely.

You know I can’t stand sweet and floral scents (in perfumes anyway) but this Coconut and Starfruit Shower Gel is heaven. If someone was to bottle this and turn it into a perfume, I’d buy it right away. I’ve never smelt (nor eaten) a starfruit and it’s amazing. Smells so anyway. Nailwear Pro nail varnish is in a lovely mint shade and is also called so: Minty. I wore it already and I can agree that one layer can be sufficient. However, the duration could be long-lasting. My nails got chipped relatively quickly. Still, it’s a perfect summer shade that I’ll get much use of.
*PR products
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What to Wear on a Chilly Summer Evening

It started last week. After continuous boiling days we got a fine change when temperatures dropped. Right now it’s a good 26°C (79°F) - my ideal summer. But at the beginning we were facing twenty-two degrees in the afternoon and with a chill breeze it seemed like we were already in autumn. I didn’t want to freeze when out and that’s when I put on my recent found on sales; an H&M sweatshirt. It’s not padded inside as I am used to which proved to be great for this look and weather.

Blazers are pieces that bring your look to the next level. Wear a light top underneath and a blazer (preferably in bright colours since it’s summer :)) with jean shorts and trainers. Or you can style a blazer with a dress (maxi or short). Both looks would be much more chic that the one I wore if you want to look dressier.

It would be better if I wore longer bottoms but it was manageable. It’s fine to wear only one warm piece; it was then at least. Obviously, check the temperatures and if it’s freezing outside, wear a jacket if you must (health comes first). I was glad to wear closed-toed shoes though. I can catch a cold easily if I don’t protect my feet in chilly days. My old Adidas trainers are still in good use and are the shoes I reach for most often lately.

I usually just throw a light jacket on in the evening and if I am somewhere near seaside I wrap myself in a beach scarf (usually made of chiffon). Unless I am by the lake or a river where mosquitos make camp, I tend to cover up only my arms.
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What is your favourite piece to wear in the evenings?  
xx Maja

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Summer Vacation Essentials

I am planning a few trips at the end of this summer (fingers crossed that everything goes as planned). I will talk more about them once they’re confirmed but for now I’d like to show what I had in mind taking with me to keep me occupied when relaxing or going exploring. Why, every chosen trip is different.

I know I will spend every minute being busy with this or that. When I visit a certain city, I want to see every bit of it. It makes me want to see every corner, street, café and shop. That means I will be out most of the day. I need to be comfortable, first and foremost. Comfy shoes are most important and sneakers during a day out are a great option. Summer days are mostly sunny and hot but I like to keep a sweatshirt with me in case I get surprised and temperature drops. Speaking of surprises, there’s one more that can happen- rain. I need to keep an umbrella with me no matter what. We’ve all got unexpectedly poured on, at least once, haven’t we? If we talk about water in other form… water in a bottle. If you know you’ll spend most of the day walking, you need to keep hydrated. I like to have one from the start and that means to bring one with me from home/hotel/place I’m staying in. In the city that isn’t a big problem; there are shops you can walk in and buy some. Next: a practical bag. My mum is always cautious and she is trying to make her children too. She always says how important it is to have your stuff in visual area. Backpack is something she’s not fond of unless you have travelling companions. There are usually more of us on trips so this isn’t a problem. I opt for a shoulder bag when I can, big enough for a few essentials. I wear it in front of me and I usually always have a hand (if not both) on it to keep checks. Is it just me and my mum being silly or does anyone else have an entire (mental) guide ‘how to stay alert and safe when travelling?’ Please share yours.  

I shan’t keep this section too long. I associate seaside time with fun time. Don’t get me wrong, strolling through the big historic cities is incredible too. It’s just that when you’re on the beach, you relax and let your mind be. With cities there is so much to see and to do. It is a different style of living/travelling. Both are special in its way. First thing I would take with me to the beach is a beach bag full of food :) If I could, I would. I go to the beach to sunbathe, swim and observe the surroundings. I save the eating part when I’m back in the house/hotel. So, a beach bag is something I would take with me (Please read the ‘safe’ section in previous category. If I had time, I could just be creative as those Pinterest girls and store everything in an empty shampoo container. But I’d need a very big shampoo bottle to store my goods). I am used to wearing a beach wrap instead of a cover-up. I am on the lookout for the very first one to own and I’ve found this one as a potential candidate. Books! It’s such a cliché, I know. But if you’re not a book lover, you can go for a magazine of your choice. Again, I cannot stress this enough- a bottle of water. And a typical one for the beach is an SPF cream.

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Where will you be spending summer vacation? xx Maja
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Highly expected package arrived this Tuesday. I was highly devoted to my previous two year old Prestigio but it started to work very slowly and I was losing patience trying to open any data. I was searching online, trying to find a substitute. I had a wish to return back to Samsung so I limited my choice immediately to only a few phones. I have finally chosen Samsung Galaxy J5 for a few of its functions.

Round edges were something I wanted. It reminds me slightly of an iPhone but it also gives a pliable look to the phone. Golden colour is yet another feature I had in mind when buying a phone. Phone case is made of plastic and while I only heard black and white Samsung appear plastic even in looks, golden ones give a metallic effect. The back/battery cover is very thin and needs careful attention when trying to take it off. Charging entry is located at the bottom of the phone as well as access for headphones.

5.2 inch display or 720x1280 pixels allow great performance. If I have to compare brightness to my old phone or Huawei 8 LTE, it is much better when on its highest setting and it also has an option for outside conditions. The same goes for contrast with high ratio. Images are good quality with 13 MP front camera and 5 MP back camera. Responsiveness has proven to be amazing as well. So far not a single application made the responsiveness lack.

Battery is 3100 mAh Li-Ion and is removable. It charges quickly to the fullest (from 35 percent to 100 takes about an hour). It also discharges relatively quickly, at least when/if using certain apps. Otherwise it can consume only a couple of percent when in sleep mode.
Internal memory reaches 16 GB and 2 GB RAM. There’s also a micro SD slot for up to 256 GB (not tested though). Like written in the title of this post, it has an option for two SIM micro cards.
Inside the package you get a pair of headphones and a charger (cable and adapter separate).

Samsung Galaxy J5 6 has been on the market for a long while now. I was not looking for a computer in a small appearance and therefore I wasn't demanding a lot. My preferences were good-looking design, fine quality camera, great responsiveness and satisfied battery life. Battery is losing power quickly but can be manageable when using the phone sparingly. All in all, I am satisfied with new phone and has proven excellent for my needs. It is in fact a computer in small package.
*more specific info
Enjoy the weekend to the fullest, xx Maja

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Simple Blueberry Cake

300g blueberries
2 cups all-purpose flour
1 cup brown sugar
1 cup oil
1 cup milk of your choosing
4 eggs (1 egg= 1/3 cup unsweetened apple juice/applesauce= 1/4 cup soy yoghurt)
1 tbsp baking powder
1 tbsp vanilla sugar

1. Preheat the oven to 200°C.
2. In a large bowl mix eggs and sugar together.
3. Add in oil, flour, baking powder and vanilla sugar.
4. Carefully add blueberries and slowly even them out. #1 Note: Blueberries will reach the bottom of the pan while baking. If you want to avoid crushing them while stirring, you can just sprinkle them first before pouring the batter over them. #2 Note: Use the berries in the batter, pour one half first and leave it to bake for 5-10 minutes before pouring in the next half. This way you will have blueberries evenly spread in the cake.
5. Grease the baking sheet and sprinkle the flour in as well. Pour in the batter. #3 Note: Instead you can use baking paper to avoid greasing.
6. Bake for 30 minutes.

#4 Note: Link to other egg substitutes

Happy baking! xx Maja
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