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Highly expected package arrived this Tuesday. I was highly devoted to my previous two year old Prestigio but it started to work very slowly and I was losing patience trying to open any data. I was searching online, trying to find a substitute. I had a wish to return back to Samsung so I limited my choice immediately to only a few phones. I have finally chosen Samsung Galaxy J5 for a few of its functions.

Round edges were something I wanted. It reminds me slightly of an iPhone but it also gives a pliable look to the phone. Golden colour is yet another feature I had in mind when buying a phone. Phone case is made of plastic and while I only heard black and white Samsung appear plastic even in looks, golden ones give a metallic effect. The back/battery cover is very thin and needs careful attention when trying to take it off. Charging entry is located at the bottom of the phone as well as access for headphones.

5.2 inch display or 720x1280 pixels allow great performance. If I have to compare brightness to my old phone or Huawei 8 LTE, it is much better when on its highest setting and it also has an option for outside conditions. The same goes for contrast with high ratio. Images are good quality with 13 MP front camera and 5 MP back camera. Responsiveness has proven to be amazing as well. So far not a single application made the responsiveness lack.

Battery is 3100 mAh Li-Ion and is removable. It charges quickly to the fullest (from 35 percent to 100 takes about an hour). It also discharges relatively quickly, at least when/if using certain apps. Otherwise it can consume only a couple of percent when in sleep mode.
Internal memory reaches 16 GB and 2 GB RAM. There’s also a micro SD slot for up to 256 GB (not tested though). Like written in the title of this post, it has an option for two SIM micro cards.
Inside the package you get a pair of headphones and a charger (cable and adapter separate).

Samsung Galaxy J5 6 has been on the market for a long while now. I was not looking for a computer in a small appearance and therefore I wasn't demanding a lot. My preferences were good-looking design, fine quality camera, great responsiveness and satisfied battery life. Battery is losing power quickly but can be manageable when using the phone sparingly. All in all, I am satisfied with new phone and has proven excellent for my needs. It is in fact a computer in small package.
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Enjoy the weekend to the fullest, xx Maja

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  1. Predivno izgleda. Sjajan post!♥


  2. Interesting! I like your blog and I'll be happy if we start following each other! :)

  3. Divno izgleda, dizajn mu je predivan, nadam se da ce te dobro slusati :) xx

  4. Trenutno imam Galaxy J7 i zaista sam oduševljena. Super fotkice, kao i ceo post! :)

  5. Beautiful post, I have similar phone :)

  6. Nice post)

    I`m following ur blog with a great pleasure via GFC

    Please join me -

  7. I bought J5 too, and I really like it. It's a good phone, I am using it for 2 months. So I think you will like it too. ♥

    I am following you, so check my blog and follow me back.:)

    1. I hope so too! It has proven amazing so far :) xx


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