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Summer Sale 2016 | H&M, Zara, Orsay, C&A

Here is a peek into my recent sale buys. It’s been a while since last shopping spree. I’ve been busy with this and that and honestly, I didn’t feel like going shopping. Lately it presents quite an energy consuming. Spending all afternoon or day is necessary to go through many shops to find a few pieces and it wasn’t enough reason to draw me in. Now I finally gathered my powers and went to Ljubljana to see what good summer pieces I could find.
H&M: I will start with H&M because this sweater you’ve already seen in my What to wear on a chilly summer day post. It has been bought just in time for a sudden drop in temperatures and proven to do a good job. Running sports tights found themselves in my shopping basket due to lack of sportswear in my wardrobe. I can proudly say I have tested them out and went for a run in them. I’ve chosen 7/8 length so I can wore them in autumn as well. 
ORSAY: I haven’t been planning to stop here at all but my mum love to go in when she gets the chance. Its colour and size were enough for me to buy this handbag. It’s been long since my last bag purchase (and I love pretty bags!).
C&A: I was looking for shoes in C&A. It’s amazing how fast goods can go out of shops- in another C&A I’ve stumbled upon a pair of plain black high heels but they hadn’t had them in my size (38 EU). I found ones that were (so so!) amazing but the heel was too high and I knew I’d never wear them. Instead I found myself in other shop looking for heels but found these two tops instead. Printed top seems simple but has an open back which I love. The other top is very light and flowy with embroidered details in front as well as tassels- this top I grabbed immediately. I’ve seen it on girls on Instagram and other social media and knew I wanted one for myself.
ZARA: Main trip was to look for a dress that is summery and pretty but not simple. In August I have a wedding to attend to and need one new dress. Last year I was all about vivid blue, but this year it's yellow that draws me. It was standing right in front of the entrance door like it was waiting for me. I like the lace (if you remember I had lace last year too) for wedding or special events. I will wear handbag from Orsay and too bad I couldn’t find shoes in my size in C&A. I like to think I was meant to find something better ;)

Have you done some damage in shops lately? xx Maja
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  1. Beautiful haul, love the things you bought ! :)xx

    Vildana from Living Like V & Stalia Is BAE

  2. Beautiful things you got! I like the bag! <3

    The Fashion Spell

  3. beautiful things ♥

  4. waw...rumena oblekica je čudovita :)

  5. Wow! Sjajan post draga! Torba mi se baš dopada. ♥

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  6. love your picks! great shopping <3

    Capturing Life Memoirs |

  7. jako si lijepe stvari kupila:)


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