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Summer Vacation Essentials

I am planning a few trips at the end of this summer (fingers crossed that everything goes as planned). I will talk more about them once they’re confirmed but for now I’d like to show what I had in mind taking with me to keep me occupied when relaxing or going exploring. Why, every chosen trip is different.

I know I will spend every minute being busy with this or that. When I visit a certain city, I want to see every bit of it. It makes me want to see every corner, street, café and shop. That means I will be out most of the day. I need to be comfortable, first and foremost. Comfy shoes are most important and sneakers during a day out are a great option. Summer days are mostly sunny and hot but I like to keep a sweatshirt with me in case I get surprised and temperature drops. Speaking of surprises, there’s one more that can happen- rain. I need to keep an umbrella with me no matter what. We’ve all got unexpectedly poured on, at least once, haven’t we? If we talk about water in other form… water in a bottle. If you know you’ll spend most of the day walking, you need to keep hydrated. I like to have one from the start and that means to bring one with me from home/hotel/place I’m staying in. In the city that isn’t a big problem; there are shops you can walk in and buy some. Next: a practical bag. My mum is always cautious and she is trying to make her children too. She always says how important it is to have your stuff in visual area. Backpack is something she’s not fond of unless you have travelling companions. There are usually more of us on trips so this isn’t a problem. I opt for a shoulder bag when I can, big enough for a few essentials. I wear it in front of me and I usually always have a hand (if not both) on it to keep checks. Is it just me and my mum being silly or does anyone else have an entire (mental) guide ‘how to stay alert and safe when travelling?’ Please share yours.  

I shan’t keep this section too long. I associate seaside time with fun time. Don’t get me wrong, strolling through the big historic cities is incredible too. It’s just that when you’re on the beach, you relax and let your mind be. With cities there is so much to see and to do. It is a different style of living/travelling. Both are special in its way. First thing I would take with me to the beach is a beach bag full of food :) If I could, I would. I go to the beach to sunbathe, swim and observe the surroundings. I save the eating part when I’m back in the house/hotel. So, a beach bag is something I would take with me (Please read the ‘safe’ section in previous category. If I had time, I could just be creative as those Pinterest girls and store everything in an empty shampoo container. But I’d need a very big shampoo bottle to store my goods). I am used to wearing a beach wrap instead of a cover-up. I am on the lookout for the very first one to own and I’ve found this one as a potential candidate. Books! It’s such a cliché, I know. But if you’re not a book lover, you can go for a magazine of your choice. Again, I cannot stress this enough- a bottle of water. And a typical one for the beach is an SPF cream.

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Where will you be spending summer vacation? xx Maja
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  1. Sviđa mi se što si podijelila sve ove stvari na tipove putovanja. Planiram put početkom avgusta pa je ovaj post bio od pomoći :)
    Lijep pozdrav...

    1. Baš mi je drago. Volim da posjetim gradove i more pa sam tako dobila ideju, da podijelim post :)

  2. Love the post, i was on my vacation, and absolutely every piece you mentioned where part of my bag..xoxo

  3. Predivan post draga Majo! :)
    Zapratila sam te na instagramu, pa ako možeš uzvrati @vildanasuta :) <3

    Vildana from Living Like V

    1. Hvala! Već sam te zapratila :) xx

  4. Super post i ideje! :)
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  5. Great post. Makes sense to have them with you during vacation

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